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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Thistle Cove Farm - For Sale!

~ TCF, seen from hilltop across Rt. 608 ~

Yes, it's true; Thistle Cove Farm was listed on the Wall St. Journal print edition, yesterday morning and on their on-line edition, here. For more photos and information, please visit here.

Southwest VA has, according to an ag agent, one of the three finest grazing in the world. Kentucky and Argentina are the other two, and The Cove is renown for raising cattle. At one time, Cove cattle were shipped to England, destined for tables in all of Europe.

~ hand built birch Welsh type cupboard,
shelves can be re-positioned ~

Oral history says the original land was a King George I land grant and, around 1870, after The Late Great Unpleasantness, this property was sold for $300 in back taxes. Thomas Hawkins, Master Builder, started the house in 1900 and finished in 1902. It's said he weighed 350 pounds and would stand in the window frames; if they jiggled, he'd have his workers tear them out and re-build them. Mr. Hawkins said his houses (and he built many) were his lasting legacy. During renovation, in one of the upstairs rooms, a board, signed and dated by Mr. Hawkins, was returned to the place it was found.

Oral history also tells, Mr. Hawkins also like to drink and play poker as well as eat. When he was finished building this house, he sat down with the owner, Shadrach White, to play poker, winner take the money for the two years of work. Mr. Hawkins lost and walked away with the whiskey and food in his belly for those two years. 

Since Mr. White purchased the property in, approximately, the 1870's, it's been owned by three families, either passed down or sold within the families.

~ kitchen fireplace with propane logs
and wormy chestnut mantle ~

Fireplaces are either built, or rebuilt, with slave made bricks which were found inside the walls, being used as insulation, an R factor of 1. The house now has R-19 insulation in exterior and interior walls. 

1914 Acorn cook stove, 7 burners
3 ovens
1 warming oven

Living room has a Woodstock soapstone stove with fireplace made of slave made bricks. This valley is where the Lassie movie was filmed in 1994.

The front porch with magnificent view of The Cove valley. Hundreds of meals and celebrations have taken place on this porch, at this table.

The hand crafted sun room takes advantage of the same view as the header photo. This room has an adjoining bathroom and is off the kitchen. The walnut floor is also handcrafted; a porch is through the door to the right. Throughout the remainder of the house, are the original heart pine floors.

~ the dream God gave me as a six-year old girl 
came true here ~

There is more information and photos on the website; please go here. If it pleases you to pass along this information, please refer people here; there's also an e-mail address associated with this site wherein they may contact me. Please do not give the farm blog address.

Viewing by appointment only with bank pre-approval letter. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed; buyer to verify. This is an historic property and being sold As Is.

Please keep me in your prayers; thank you.

Blessings ~ being allowed to breath new life into this wondrous property ~ living here for so many happy years ~ 


  1. Amazing-- what an incredible history your farm has had-- what a legacy. As hard as this is for you-- it is time my friend. Allow this beautiful farm to be loved by another family with the resources and energies to keep it magnificent as it deserves-/ have no regrets-/ you have done your part and made many wonderful memories.

    Sending you much love--

  2. If you knew how much I would love to buy your farm. Farming isn't a dream of mine but it is definitely where I would love to live. I read the ad and the house is lovely. Wishing you success and I will be praying.....

  3. I can't help but repeat the other comments, an amazing home and property Sandra ! I pray it sells quickly to someone or some family who will love it as much ( if not more )as you & Dave.

    The history alone makes your place a treasure.

  4. I wish you well in your new life Sandra. I know it must be very hard for you, just as it was for Larry last year when he gave up everything he knew of his life in America,at the age of 68,to come to England to live with me. Be pleased for him that now, a year on nearly, he says he is ecstatically happy. I know it can't have been easy for him and it won't be for you, but as you say, when one door closes another opens.

  5. such a gorgeous home with history-love that-good luck to you in your new beginning

  6. Thinking about you and wishing you well. I am a tad bit saddened that you will not be there, but we have to do what we have to do.

    Love your stove!

    God bless you and may you be happy,

  7. It's so wonderful! It's absolutely fascinating as well!

  8. Such a wonderful place! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  9. I am so surprised that you are selling your beautiful farm. Hope you get a buyer soon so you can move on with your life. God bless you!

  10. Beautiful place. Beautiful history. God has an exciting future for you! Praying!

  11. Sandra, you have been the perfect steward of your beautiful home and property, as you and Dave were in earlier times. What a history and what a home for a new family to make their own. I believe you are doing the right thing now and you have a new and wonderful future waiting for you. Blessings to you, my dear.

  12. I wish you luck for the sale, it is all so beautiful and what an interesting history. Fingers crossed for you....

  13. Dear Sandra, first, a huge pat on the back for all the hard work you've done getting your beautiful place ready for market. What a massive achievement! It looks like a dream.
    As for the leaving, Vicki said it better than I could, in the very first comment, so I won't try to repeat. I can say, though, that there was a time (about 20 years, in fact) when I could not have imagined selling my little shack in the woods, but circumstances and needs change, whether or not we would prefer it otherwise.
    I hope you will find your next home to be a haven for yourself and the four-legged family who will be sharing it with you.

  14. Beauty as well as interesting history.

    I pray that it will sell quickly for you and your critters so that you can settle into a new home and not have to work as hard as you have.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  15. Dearest Sandra:

    Well, the decision is taken! This is going to be a huge wrench for you, such a wonderful house and situation, but we are certain that this is the right thing for you to do and, this we believe, the day will come when you will look back on all of the happy times which you spent there with Dave and any regrets at leaving will be a thing of the past. What we so much hope is that you will find a buyer quickly so that you may begin not a new life but a different one soon.

    The pictures which you link to show a superb house, steeped in history, and beautifully maintained and furnished. We knew it would be like this, but it is even more so.

    Take care and keep your spirits running high! xxx

  16. Sad to say that I don't live near enough or I would love to make this my home. Your home is beautiful and I love the history behind it. I pray the right family comes along to take over where you left off. Best of luck!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful... awe inspring. What an incredible piece of history, precious land, those views!!!...

    I wish you the best in your new endeavors, Sandra. I know this has been a very difficult decision. A toast to new horizons ahead!...

  18. My best to you Sandra . . . I hope it sells fast for you too. Once we make the decision . . . we know it is time . . .
    I have some friends who just might be interested . . .

  19. Oh my goodness... I have loved visiting you here at Thistle Cove over the years. God bless you Sandra and I will be praying for you for sure.

  20. Your home is lovely and I'll pray that good people will buy it and be the right caretakers of it and its heritage. You have been a good steward of it, Sandra.

  21. Your home is lovely and I'll pray that good people will buy it and be the right caretakers of it and its heritage. You have been a good steward of it, Sandra.

  22. What a beautiful home you have! I pray it sells soon to someone who will love and care for it as much as you and Dave did.


  23. I'm just getting caught up on your postings. I can only imagine what a difficult decision it was for you list the farm for sale. But I know that it has been rough for you alone and I hope that you are facing this new chapter as an adventure. Blessings to the next chapter

  24. What a beautiful home and view. I'll be praying for a successful and quick sale so that you can move on as you need to. Do you know where you will be living next? Big hugs to you - I know this has to be bittersweet.

  25. Hallo, dear Thistle, till now I did not find the right words... Greetings. love, prayers!

  26. Oh Sandra, What a bittersweet post. I can't imagine all the emotions going on inside you from good to sad. I'm sincerely praying this transition will be a smooth one for you. I don't believe I've ever seen such magnificent views. I believe I'd cry at the breathtaking beauty created by God on a daily basis if I lived there. Amazing.

  27. Sandra, what a beautiful home you have! I can't see any reason why your place won't be snagged in a heart beat. I would love a place like this. Of course, DH wouldn't like the steps. I like the idea of having a stair case, but I know it's not all that practical as you age. I see the struggles of my in-laws with their home. So, our dream home may have a basement, but it won't have an upstairs as in a second level. I know the decision to sell was a painful one. God will lead you to your new destination, though. ;)

  28. It is a treasure of a place, and some lucky soul will come along and happily buy it from you!

  29. Your home and farm are exquisitely beautiful, and not just visually -- you have made it a stunning example of how God's earth should be in its gentleness and peace, and in preserving a wonderful, interesting past. May God guide you.


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