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Friday, October 10, 2014

Food Network Mag Giveaway

"Listen! The wind is rising, 
and the air is wild with leaves, 
we have had our summer evenings, 
now for October eves!" 
by Humbert Wolfe

There's a last gasp on harvest and produce; we're leaving red and heading into orange season so I decided to do something with cherry tomatoes. Dave told me...hmmm... memory is shaky but I think it was either General Patton or General Eisenhower used to read cookbooks to relax. I bet it was Eisenhower...can't really see "George C. Scott" reading cookbooks, can you? grin Anyway, I adore reading cookbooks for inspiration, ideas and, sometimes, recipes. Although, I think recipes are suggestions and have never been married to one in my life. 

 When I found some good looking cherry tomatoes, I brought them home and thought bout it for a day or two. I finally decided to slice them in half and put them into a shallow baking pan and sprinkled a few finely diced rosemary leaves over the top.
 Some cracked pepper and sea salt were added,
then everything drizzled with EVOO and put the pan into a slow oven to roast. It was left there for about 4 hours at 300 degrees F. which was long enough for the flavors to meld.
 Meanwhile, I sliced up a small, rustic loaf of Italian bread and drizzled each slice with EVOO.
When the tomatoes were almost finished, I sliced up a log of goat cheese, dipped each slice into milk, then fine bread crumbs. A tablespoon, or three, of EVOO were put into a hot iron skillet and began to brown. If more crispy brown was wanted, I would have dipped the cheese slices into an egg wash.
When the cheese was a melted, delicious mess, each round of goat cheese was married to a bread slice, then topped with the roasted tomatoes. A taste test revealed another crank of the pepper and salt grinders was needed, but... it was wonderful! 
So wonderful, I've had it for supper, several times, in the last week. The tomatoes are also good when added to soups, stews, scrambled eggs. I'm still finding out ways to use the roasted tomatoes and have frozen one batch to use later. 

The Food Network Magazine has been around ages but I just discovered it recently and have read it cover to cover. It's great and has recipes from a wide variety of folks as well as recipes pertinent to the season. I subscribed and want to give a year's subscription to someone. Preference goes to followers...meaning only those who follow my blog are eligible to win. It's not that I'm trying to gain more followers, I'm saying thanks to those who are followers.

The October issue has lots of lovely pumpkin recipes, apple recipes and bread recipes. November's issue has lots of Thanksgiving recipes and Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa on the cover. Her latest cook book is Make It Ahead, and I'm all about making it ahead. My favorite kitchen tools are my slow cooker, enameled covered cast iron and plain cast iron cookware. I'm not sure I could do without any of those; surely don't want to imagine trying!

Leave a comment, telling me your favorite Autumnal recipe. It can be your recipe, someone else's, one from the magazine...doesn't matter; just tell me your favorite recipe for this time of year. A stateside winner will be chosen one week from Friday at 5:00 and will be notified by e-mail. You'll have 24 hours to acknowledge and send me your address. If 24 hours pass and that's not done, another name will be chosen. Good Fortune be yours!

Blessings ~ cherry tomatoes ~ EVOO ~ goat cheese ~ Humbert Wolfe ~ Food Network Magazine ~


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It looks like this is the season for tomatoes. I chopped some of my dehydrated tomatoes and stirred them with a pasta and olive dish. Yum!

    Have a peaceful weekend.

  2. Favorite autumn recipe? Hmm, any of my go-to soups/stews; all thick and hearty and flavorful (and vegetarian).

  3. MMM, sounds delish.. I used to used Colavita, but now use Kirkland (Costco brand) EVOO.. it was tested as one of the purest oils on the market, many (including Colavita) mix different types of OO together, diluting their EVOO... can't remember where I read that recently. As to my Orange/Cranberry Jam, it is sort of by guess and by gosh, fruit about 4#, a bit of water, sugar to taste and the zest, juice and pulp of one orange... that's it, just let it cook down like you do sauce for Thanksgiving, put it into freezer containers and it is done! Sorry I've been so silent, I've just been trying to get my feet on the ground from early retirement with chronic pain and my severe asthma. But lately I've come to the realization, I cannot just sit, must get up and move, do things.. I hurt regardless so I might as well get going, right? I am really loving having the time to be in the Word since being off work, both studying and teaching a Precepts class, we're in Chapter 7 of Romans... thanks for stopping by, I'll try to do more of that too...

  4. That is a very inspiring post, Sandra. It makes me want to cook, which is always good, since we do have to eat...;-)

    My favorite recipe for this time of year would use a LOT of tomatoes, because the end of September and the beginning of October around here always give us more tomatoes than we know what to do with. I'll choose my California Tomato Pudding recipe that can be found here:

  5. As fall approaches I think of pumpkin, cranberries, turkey and stuffing. :-)

    Pumpkin Tiramisu is a decadent desert that DH and I both loved. Maybe I'll make that again this year.

    What you did with those tomatoes sounds so delicious! I've never had goat's cheese that I can remember. A nice peasant meal to have with a mellow glass of red wine.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. good morning, thank you for the chance of an awesome giveaway-I love food network and have not picked up one of their magazines of yet.
    I love tomatoes like that too ours have now ended but I have canned several recipes with them this year.
    My favorite recipe for this time of year would be homemade soups with a ham bone. we love split pea soup, bean soups, and potato soup with a ham bone.
    thanks for the chance

  7. That has got to be my mamas Fried Apple Pies! She's the best cook
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  8. This sounds so yummy. I will have to try it. I have some grape tomatoes in the fridg. Also a french baggett in freezer.
    Renee is off to NYC on honeymoon. I am dog sitting his and her dog. David's dog can sing. Enjoy the day.

  9. I like the idea of warming the goat cheese in this fashion, we usually just melt them on the toasted baguette-pretty dull compared to this :-) I've not a favourite fall recipe, I know what is wrong with me!

  10. My favorite fall reciepe is Butternut Squash Soup and caramelized apples shaunie -

  11. Everything looks and sounds absolutely heavenly.
    My favorite recipe is anything my husband fixes. I don't cook, I'm the cleanup crew. *ha ha*
    Hope you've heard positive news from the prospective buyers. ~:)

  12. ...that looks yummy!....and I'm loving the shadows in your header too!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  13. Oh- That sounds sooooo good. And now I am hungry. lol I can't do tomatoes but the rest of my family can. This sounds wonderful and so does that cheese!!!!! xo Diana

  14. Simple AND tasty! Please count me in on the giveaway, please! Love Ina Garten and will put her new book on my Amazon wish list.

  15. oops, forgot to tell you my favorite autumn recipe. Chili!

  16. My favorite recipe this time of year would be apple pie , I don't tend to make it often and when fall arrives and the fresh apples appear I love to make pie and applesauce . Your tomatoes sound yummy .

  17. Your dinner looks delicious.

    One of our favorite meals for autumn is Montana Potatoes. (red potatoes, onion, mushrooms and zuchini topped with feta tomatoes and a friend egg.)


  18. Hmm. So many yummy autumn recipes! Well, I think maybe my good ole plain pumpkin pie, but I also love the cranberry pumpkin bread I make. One from the label of the Libby's can and the other from a friend, which I changed a good bit. I follow your blog on feedly. Does that count?

  19. I love baked sweet potatoes in their skins,pumpkin bread,chicken or turkey chili,cornbread baked in an iron skillet,fried apples for the fall.


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