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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I Very Nearly Lost My Story

Taking some time off was a Very Good Thing but I can't report that anything wonderful happened. Life went along as usual...rescued another dog, rescued another kitten, made some delicious snacks that turned out to be supper, was going to visit family but ended up spending two weeks sick. It's some sort of upper respiratory infection and I'm in the middle of the second week of antibiotics, feeling some better and expecting a full recovery. Still and all, a blog break let me rest and breath and just be. I highly recommend it!
~ Tigger ~ 
I wouldn't put my hand on the Bible and swear but the facts are...a man and woman parked at the bottom of the hill, in front of gates (stoopid, stoopid), and got out with their dog. (The Cove is a favorite place to walk in Autumn.) I looked away and, a few seconds later, looked again. I could see a small critter winding around the legs of the dog and the man would stoop down, do "something" and then stand. This went on for a bit so I got the spyglasses to have a look see. What I saw was the bit of fluff above...the man was trying to get himself and the dog away from the kitten. 

I am so proud of ME! I didn't say any bad words...not a single, nary one! What I did was run to the garage, get the car and speed down the road...dressed in my Lanz nightgown and Ugg bedroom slippers, morning coffee breath and hair sticking everywhere. (I have almost absolutely no shame when it comes to an animal rescue!) When I got to the bottom of the hill, I saw a flash to my left. I stopped the car, got out and started calling, "here kitty, here kitty, meow! meow!" and the bit of fluff ran to me! He was meowing, cold, wet and totally unafraid which makes me think he was dropped. Also, his ears are clean, his coat is clean and he hasn't any fleas. A feral cat will not approach a human and this little thing absolutely threw himself at me! So, I drove on to the nasty mean wicked disgraceful humans and said, "The next time y'all visit the Cove, please don't block gates. We're a farming community and trying to get silage and hay put up; when you block our gates, you make our job so much more difficult." The woman replied, in rather a snitty voice (at least to my ear), "Well, I suppose we could go move our car." I smiled sweetly grimaced at her, "Oh, it's okay for now but this is your only warning. The next time it happens, we'll just have it towed."  Then I snugged the kitten and said, "Come on, kitty; this time you've found someone kind to love you." Then I drove home, leaving the nasty humans to talk about the crazy woman me.
~ Daisy Mae Redbone ~
This beautiful girl was dropped on the mountain and looks to be a pure bred Redbone Coon Hound and is about a year old. Redbones are used for hunting coon, bear, and even cougar. Daisy Mae has a beautiful red coat, lovely expression and feet the size of Montana. smile She's had her shots and is scheduled to be spayed next week. I'd love to find a great home for her but not around here. Around here she would be kept on a chain and beaten...shudder! The centuries old breed dates back to red foxhounds brought over by Scottish immigrants in the 1700's and, prior to the War Between the States, red foxhounds imported by Irishmen. Redbone's are easy to train, eager to please and Daisy is a love bug! Yes, she sleeps with Sadie, Sam and me and I wake to Daisy throwing her front leg over me, snuggled in as close as she can get, giving sloppy kisses in a frenzy of delight. Please, do you know someone who could give this girl a loving home? I'm willing to travel a ways...

So, what do you think of OCTOBER?  I dearly love October , although it's very confusing as it's name means "eighth"...?...but my absolute favorite month is the one I'm in. Forrest and me...we're alike thataway. (BTW, have I ever mentioned Dave's first name was Forrest? Yeah, he was a Gump too! LOL) Winston Groom's book, made into an award winning movie and, I believe, is Tom Hanks' best work. Ever. He was brilliant as Forrest, in virtually every scene and never fails to astound, delight, bring me to tears and laughter. Brilliant!

As the poet said, "I have been younger in October than all the months of spring..." and it's true. Is it the crispness of the air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the last gasp of harvest before the deep sleep? I'm not sure but the air has a quality of absolute clarity that is stunning and overwhelms my senses. The Milky Way is seen on cloudless nights with stars cast as glitter from overhead to the far distance; its beauty devastates my heart. 

If you want a challenge, the Shepheardes Calender for October may be read here but I should warn isn't an easy read but it is an interesting one. 

~ bread, goat cheese, evoo, tomatoes ~
Later this week, I want to give you a recipe suggestion for a tasty meal snack  hors devours or, as my SIL likes to say, horsey de overs. Let me give you a involves EVOO, tomatoes and goat cheese. I'm also going to giveaway a year's subscription to the food network magazine. I love magazine subscriptions and only today, found the food network magazine (yeah, yeah, if it doesn't hit Walmart, I'm the last to know) and that magazine is going to ruin me! Oh mercy. October's cover is quick still my heart! I'm going to make quick bread every day of this month! (Not really but it sounded good.) I am going to make's that time of year...bread making and my hands need some dough. (Oh goodness. I can go so many different directions with that one! Someone, please stop me!!!) 

AND...PUMPKIN SPICED COFFEE and NUTS and BREAD and...quick, help me! I'm hyperventilating! Around here, only Mickie D's has pumpkin spiced coffee but the FNM (yeah, I'm cool new favorite mag is now called FNM...snicker, snort, guffaw!) has a recipe...wowza! You'll get that as well with the mag giveaway post so stay tuned.

Not really all that much happening for taking a few weeks off, eh? Even so, that little break kept me from losing my story...losing my touch. In the end, it's just life and God being good, that's good enough. 

That's all, y'all! Bye for now...

Blessings ~ good food ~ Daisy Mae ~ Tigger ~ October ~ Forrest Grump ~ a good life ~


  1. It's so good to see you back!

  2. So nice to see a new post, Sandra! I've thought of you often as I go about the daily rounds of chores and repairs, and squint at the likelihood of Winter coming again this year.
    LOVE the kitten, and the image of you flying down the drive in your flannel and fleece :)
    And my, that is one handsome hound! Has she got a great big coonhound voice to match those feet?

  3. oh, my, you sound like I did when I was raising my little ones after having no adult to talk to all day- so much to share! city folk are idiots about boundaries in rural areas. now, even though I now live in the city, you've given me a subject for my blog. thanks! oh, and good for you for not responding snippily to those folks!
    I hope you are better soon. a Bible Study friend of mine is on her fourth round of antibiotics. of course, she and I are of the senior age.

  4. I've always loved coonhounds, but I think I'm going to stay dog-less for now. Hope you find a great home for her!
    The tourists are beginning to fade away here, but they do tend to think they own the place. (ATV's everywhere!) I can feel your ire from here and I don't blame you a bit!
    I'm loving fall, too. I'm not much for hot weather. Enjoy!
    Glad to have you back!

  5. Welcome back...glad to see your 'story' line on my sidebar, and even though you said it wasn't so, I knew there would be a story in there somewhere. Sure enough there's an E I E I O with cats and dogs and drama at the gate. Thank goodness for 'Just Life'....there's your title! Lovin' October here in Texas, too. I'm already winding yarn and getting out the sticks and hooks. Get Well and Be Well...see you again soon.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  6. Hope you have fully recovered, Sandra. I cant understand why anyone could be so cruel as to dump an animal. That kitty and gorgeous hound are so lucky to have found you ( or you found them...) Hugs Sue

  7. It's so good to hear about you again Sandra! :o)))
    We rescued a kitten, too... she is a great cat! I will send you a photo of her :o)
    It's so beautiful what you said about October! And it's so true! I love autumn!
    Take care!!!

  8. Dear, dear Sandra ~ It was 'great' to see a post from you this morning. I am glad you are rested and recuping from your illness. I'm also glad to see that you have kept your wonderful, zany sense of humor.

    What two sweeties you have rescued. You are giving them love and comfort and that's huge.

    Love and hugs to you dear one ~ FlowerLady

  9. Welcome back my friend!! So good to see a post from you!! October is my favorite month as well. I love the crispness in the air, the smell of pumpkins and leaves and cinnamon. YUM!!! We are still having summer like weather here in Missouri (temps near 90) but a big cool down is coming this weekend and we've had some very much needed rain! Blessings to you!!!

  10. Oh, I DO love your story, Sandra! I'm so glad to see you back here. I missed you a lot.
    Can I have that kitten? I wish my granddaughter wasn't so allergic. That little kitten looks like he or she belongs to Pom Pom.
    I hope you have a hope-filled day, good friend!

  11. Glad you were able to get a much needed rest...nasty bugs are everywhere this year (including at our house)and I'm glad you are feeling better. Thank you for rescuing the kitty and dog...I DO NOT understand how people can just abandon animals...

  12. I'm glad you're back in blogland after your nice little break. I'm sorry you've been ill and I hope you get well soon. Cute lil furry friends you have there.

    My mom was showing me the October Food Network mag and it really is an excellent one! I was thinking I'd go to W-mart and see if I could get that one. I love me some pumpkin and some bread too.

    Happy you're back!

  13. I am so happy you found those little darlings. The dog looks completely at home and settled in, doesn't she? I am exactly like you and would stop traffic at a major intersection to protect or rescue an animal. And, I love fresh tomatoes and feta cheese. My favorite snack. So happy all is well by now, and that the nasty sickness was driven away by the good spirits. xx's

  14. Bless you for rescuing!!

  15. So glad you are back and it seems with new vision and spirit! I missed your posts especially the Sabbath Keeping! I had to laugh when reading the story of the kitten.. you go girl! I can just see the scene in my head... have a great Fall week... yes, love October..its my birthday month....many blessings and Welcome Back!!!

  16. Glad to see that you are feeling like posting to your blog again. I wish I knew someone who was looking for a dog or kitten. Very sad to think about people dumping their critters when they no longer want them. There are shelters that will take them so they aren't left to fend for themselves. Some people can be so selfish. I am glad that you were there to help Tigger and Daisy Mae.

  17. Welcome back. Why do people think because it's country they can just dump their animals where ever they can find a wide spot in the road.

  18. You're back. I'm glad the break did you good (minus the illness). :)

  19. I have to find me some pumpkin spiced latte. Must be some hereabouts somewhere!

  20. So glad you're back, Sandra! Enjoyed this post, and esp. all that yummy stuff at the end :) I make a pretty mean pumpkin spice latte, which I guess is the same thing. SO VERY GOOD, and healthier than Starbux, and it makes the house smell divine. You're a gem to adopt those sweet animals. They are very lucky God led them to you. Enjoy October! I love this month too.

  21. I have heard way too many stories of abandoned animals. Fortunately, I hear just as many rescue stories. Thank-you so much for taking in those sweet little animals. They are so lucky to have you.
    October is absolutely my favourite month.
    I wish months were like hours, and I could just follow Octobers across the country.

  22. Welcome back, Mrs. Gump! ;-)

    Thanks for visiting Boulderneigh, too.

  23. I really do wish humans would stop being so selfish. There seems to be so little respect for life and land. I just don't understand at all. Lucky critters to have you on their side. Hope you get to feeling 100% very soon. Blessings, Tammy

  24. glad you are back - on my goodness it would be hard to separate oneself from that gorgeous hound!

  25. Sorry you were sick, that's a fine looking dog. We like the same things. I can't get enough of October. It makes me feel alive I thank God every day for giving us the beauty.
    Love goat cheese and french bread.
    I have a wedding Sunday, so excited.

  26. you bring such a smile to my heart of hearts. my heart tugs at daisy mae... :)

  27. Glad to see you back Sandra and I hope you feel completely better real soon. I would love to take Daisy Mae off your hands. We lost our Lucy a couple of months ago and although I have been saying for several years that THREE DOGS IS ONE TOO MANY, now that she is gone, I'm hankering for another. Still love our boys Shadow and Buddy to death but maybe three IS the right amount LOL I'm a volunteer for Kindred Hearts Transport and they transport dogs from one place to another when they are being adopted. It's a really fun thing to do and making sure the dogs and cats get to their destination safe and happy is so rewarding. Maybe I could see if we could get a transport up for Daisy Mae? Take care and you have my email. Hugs!

  28. I do hope you're feeling better? I've had those infections before and they're not fun.
    And you're not crazy, you're sweet. I probably would have taken a ball bat to their car headlights if they dump an animal near my house. I had a mini-campaign going on here, where I was writing letters to the newspaper, getting our alleged police involved, got an animal shelter built, etc. to stop people from abandoning animals at the trash pick up sites or on our lonely country roads. Seems to have slowed by bringing all this to people's attention that IT'S NOT NICE to be this cruel, not only to the animals but to your neighbors! Thank you for being so kind to those that depend on us so much.
    Sorry, got verbose.
    The food looks heavenly. Now I'm hungry.
    Luv ~:)

  29. Ah, this was an action-packed post! Hope you find a good home for the dog. Looks like a really good one. And I guess you are keeping the cute kitty. I am at a loss as to why people will dump animals.

    I hope you get to feeling better! At least your appetite is good, LOL. I don't like to cook, but I enjoy some of the cooking shows (Ina Garden is a favorite), so go figure! Jim is the resident chef.

  30. Awesome sauce, Sandra's back!!!

    Sorry you are sick, but glad you had a good rest.

    We missed you, welcome back!

  31. Resting is great, but sorry to hear you were also sick. I loved your post ... the crossed out words were hilarious. :)


  32. what a horrible and wonderful story all mixed together. people are just so very cruel.. there is nothing i hate more than a chained dog.. why have one is my question. Daisy is wonderful and I am thinking you should keep the kitty and the Daisy... if you can't i pray now that the perfect human will come along..

  33. I know what you mean by taking a break from blogging. I love blogging, reading and writing blogs, but sometimes stepping away from all social media is refreshing and cleansing. I am not so vain as to think I am missed in the blog world, but I do miss it all myself.

    I laughed at so many things you wrote in this post and enjoyed it immensely. I suspect Daisy Mae will become part of your family, and actually, it seems she is already. She is a beautiful dog and little kitty is a charmer too.

    I hope you are getting better Sandra and also that your home sells soon...but we know it is al in the hands of our Master, and good thing too, He knows what is best for all of us.

  34. How wonderful that these animals found a loving home with you :) Glad that you are starting to feel better and that the break did you good :)

  35. Such a sweet little kitten, oh my isn't D-M-Redbone ever gorgeous-hope she finds a home or gets to stay with you.

  36. Sandra-- there are never any dull moments around your farm-- ever!! Bless your heart for stepping up to rescue that beautiful dog and precious little kitty. You are an angel to God's four legged creatures.

    I'm so so sorry you've been sick- I hope by now that you are well on the mend., you sure need a rest-- but getting sick is not the ticket for that!

    The goat cheese goodies look amazing---

    We've been on travels you know-- it's good to catch up with you:)

  37. Late to the party as usual. Good for the kitten, the dog, the food and the new foodie mag, new to you. Glad you are back!


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