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Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Doables to a Daily Wonderful Life...

~ the bliss of October ~
Little did I know when I took the month of September off from blogging, it would turn into October and most of November as well. The computer hard drive crashed and, through friend Mary, I found someone to fix the problem...for a day or two. Then, other problems began and the computer stopped working, again, leaving me in a muddle. In October we celebrated Mom's 80th birthday (photos and story at a later date) and her and Daddy's 63rd wedding anniversary! My siblings always want me to be master of ceremonies and the single most on point thing I said was, "Mom and Daddy's lives are a long obedience in the right direction." The most wonderful memory I have of them both are when they read their Bibles. Daddy reads his every morning, before breakfast, and Mom reads her Bible sometime during the day. They've both studied God's word for decades, used the Bible to guide them in making sound decisions about all of life and, by example, taught their children, other family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances what it means to "live a life of long obedience in the right direction."

Other folks spoke up and one comment was, "When I think of Jim and Gladys, I think of the word "faithful". They are faithful to God, to each other, to their family, to their community...". Everyone should have a time in their lives when they hear the good stuff; don't save it for a funeral or wake. Make it a point to tell someone ASAP what they mean to you; what a fine example they've set, what a blessing they've been to you or how much you appreciate them.

Do Not Wait because it's later than you think.
~ the view in November ~
Now...I'm in a list making kinda mood so here are my suggestions for things to do everyday to add life to your years, quality to your life and joy all 'round.

10 Doables to a Daily Wonderful Life

1. Move, if possible, outside. Walk, run, bike, jump on a (mini) trampoline, lift weights... do something physical every day. Leave the ear buds behind as you take a walk or run; watch and listen to nature, to what's around you. Look, listen and be attentive and where ever you are, be fully there.
~ Daisy, full gallop ~
2. Encourage others and don't forget to encourage yourself as well. Hand write notes or letters and mail them, send a free e-card, make an agreement with yourself to never return to the house without giving at least one compliment to a stranger. Watch their face light up and know you've done a Very Good Thing. Encouragement can be such a small thing to do yet such a huge gift, both to give and receive. Cast your bread upon the water and know it will return, full fold, to you.

3. Practice gratitude. In your journal, save a few pages to being thankful in all things. You don't have to be thankful for all things but there's always a blessing peeking around the cloud. The small things in life are the bricks that make love's foundation.

4. Make something. Be crafty and, knit, crochet, weave, use textiles, fiber, paper, found objects, make a meal from scratch, garden, can produce, tie flies for fishing, woodwork...there's no end to being crafty and creative. Stifle that (bad) teacher's voice who told you, "You're no artist, give it up" and make something anyway. Don't worry about'll never be perfect but you can make it perfectly yours and that's a good thing.

5. Be judicious in watching television which can be a time suck that devours minutes, hours, days of your one precious life! Watching television leaves not much to show other than more creative things being left undone. Television is a trade off; be careful what you trade because, essentially, you're trading your life...

6. Be kind. Everyone has struggles that make life challenging. No matter how others behave, be kind to them. If they aren't kind in return, if possible, as soon as possible, remove yourself from their sphere and negative influence. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with gentleness and respect in what you say and do and how you act. Practice being kind with yourself so it becomes a habit with others.

7. Read uplifting material. Light a candle, make a favorite beverage and prepare to fuel your life with goodness. An old term is GIGO which means garbage in, garbage out; what you put into your head and thoughts will come out through your mouth and life. Now, that, my lovelies, is a frightening thought!

8. Get plenty of rest and sleep. An interview with Martha Stewart quoted her as saying she didn't need more than four or five hours of sleep a night. P'raps so but I need a solid eight and will, when bone weary and exhausted, dip into nine or ten hours. The results are the next day I'm better able to handle what life throws at me.

9. Eat and drink healthfully. Women's bodies are approximately 50% water while men's bodies are approximately 60% water (adults). There's a reason we're told to drink 64 ounces of water a day; it keeps headaches and constipation at bay, gives a more radiant glow, flushes toxins from our body and keeps us healthier. Eat servings of fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and carbs every day; if you have allergies, stay away from that which negatively affects you. There are almost as many diets as they are people and I once heard someone say, "Everything in moderation, including moderation." I've also heard the best exercise is a "push away" in we should all eat more slowly and, when we feel full, push away from the table.

10. Be a generous giver and gracious taker. Mom has always said, "There are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers and most fall into the second category." I maintain there's a third category and that's a "generous giver and gracious taker." Do you find most givers are dreadful takers? I think it's difficult for givers to take with grace and I've often wondered why; do you know? (I ask because I'm a giver and know it's difficult for me to take without doing/giving something in return...which, rather negates and, more than likely, takes pleasure from the original giver. hmmm...and, I should add, I've stopped giving to those who are mostly takers. That is a deep well of misery that I choose not to dip my ladle into these days.)

What are your 10 Doables to a Daily Wonderful Life?
Want to share?

Well, Blog Buddies, this is what comes of not having a computer. My brain goes all introspective and I come up with list after list after list... you have been warned...

October was brilliant in color but extremely rainy and the first weekend in November, six inches of snow fell on the farm. So far, November is a reminder winter is close and closing in. Tonight, it's snowing and I started a fire in the wood stove so the house is warm and cozy. The kitten is giving the evil eye to Miss Emma who is responding with threatening growls of, "Try it and I'll kick you to Tuesday." The dogs are crashed out on sofas and floor and (other than the absence of Dave) all is right with my inside world. Earlier, the kitten was snugged against Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent who has had a name change to Sam P. Spade, Secret Saint. Some readers may remember I rescued the kitten from roadside ditch, brought him home and, bless me! if he doesn't keep growing. Even so, he was thrown away young, misses his mother and Sam was the only family member who allowed nursing and cuddling.
~ Sam P. Spade, Secret Saint with "his" kitten ~
Meri Go Lightly, my easy keeper mare, has laminitis (again) and has been on a short lot with short rations and meds twice a day. Last night in the bitter cold, Dr. Anne came by to say it's time for new meds, which she ordered today and I bought straw bales to put on the ground so Lightly could have a barrier against the cold earth. My horses are American Curly horses and giving free choice shelter which, generally, they choose not to use. Their winter coats are heavy with curls and provide excellent insulation against the elements.
~ Meri Go Lightly ~

For some reason, it's taking me a long time to download, or is it upload, photos. Since that's the case, I'm closing down and headed to bed robed in a flannel night gown, with a good book or magazine and three dogs for company. The temperature is now hovering around 22 and it's, officially, a three dog night. Sweet dreams, all.

Blessings ~ a wonderful vet ~ a fire in the wood stove ~ Godly parents ~ a long obedience in the right direction ~ a daily wonderful life ~ you, for reading my blog...thank you! ~


  1. Reading these wise loving words makes me hear God. Thank you:)

    *Behind the ear scratches and under the chin rubs to kitty, petting head to tail to dog, and many blessings for the horse's recovery*

    Stay warm and dry, a loving parent to your furry offspring, and much loved by Him.

  2. What a wonderful read this morning. Just what I needed to hear. Just the other day I was thinking that I want to write a few letters to folks who have resigned at the school. They will leave in June, just as I will ... it's become such a negative place one I no longer care to be in. I have to drag myself there most days. Tired of giving, giving, giving and all the school does is take. There are many good people leaving this year who I really like so I want to let them know how I feel. Your list of 10 is absolutely spot on. Thanks so much for putting into words exactly how I feel. :) Your furbabies are so precious. Bless that Sam P. Spade for taking care of that little kitty. Hope Meri will be well soon. Warm wishes, Tammy

  3. I enjoyed your list very much, Sandra. Sorry about all the computer problems. Through blogging, I have seen a lot of early snowfall this year. I love seeing your animals' sweet photos. God bless your weekend.

  4. I am beginning to think having "computer problems" is really a blessing in disguise. After my frustrations with my computer, after I am concerned because other bloggers might be upset I have not commented on their blogs, after I decide I'll probably lose followers and friends because I wasn't on the spot with comments, I realize I am anxious about things I have no control over and things that maybe should not be of such concern.

    You are a blessing to me Sandra, thank-you.

  5. Dear, dear Sandra ~ Your list is just what I needed this morning. Especially #5, about watching TV. I don't watch TV per se, I watch Hulu and You tube on my computer. This has all happened since losing my dear husband, trying to fill the void I believe. I'm ashamed. Have really been feeling the 'need' to not watch so much, but to be more creative, to be quiet and listen for that still small voice of God.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post that is inspiring, encouraging and comforting.

    May all things be well there at Thistle Cove Farm.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  6. I like your doubles! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great words, friend. Stay warm and enjoy your reading!

  8. What a great list. Thank you for posting it! You're right that we need to value time. And I love your suggestion to take out the ear buds while walking and be fully there. There is value to hearing the crunch of gravel under my feet, the sound of birds and wind in the trees.

    Thanks for sharing about your parents. They sound like such wonderful people, very stable and wise. That's precious.

  9. Love your list Sandra. Some wonderful ideas. What a blessing to have such godly faithful parents. Your photos of your animals are so sweet.
    I agree with Kathy, sometimes not being able to get on a computer is a blessing. It can take over too much time.
    Stay warm. I love the three-dog night!

  10. Thank you for your visit, I am so missing so much inspiration for the heart here,and must make it over sooner and more often. As for listening to nature and things underfoot and the beauty all around us..... Even the odd pieces I baring home of often write about them by telling ones I often listen to each piece in what it's telling me, and that's what it's becomes.

    If I were a house sitting right where yours is this is exactly what I would do, Listen, just listen.

    I am coming back after my appointment to catch up and re-read, your heartfelt ness nudges me in a direction of listening.


    Ps. The beauty here is captivating, I long for the passion your heart must feel just about everyday.


  11. I do hope that your computer woes will come to an end. This was a wonderfully newsy post, and I thoroughly enjoyed your 10 list. I follow most of those, with the exception of moving and drinking water.

  12. Computer problems can be the most frustrating! Thanks for taking us with you in your pictures. Love the dog with the kitten.

  13. Such lovely advice, and sooo awesome to have such a godly heritage! I was blessed that way, too!

    Hope your weekend is full of joy!

  14. Blessings to you this day Sandra. Right now, I'm sipping herbal tea as I've just finished making a big pot of stew. It has been snowing all day today and so I'm inside staying warm. My Hunter sleeps between hubby and I, keeping us warm. Loved the tribute to your parents and your list. I would say that I echo each one-but also, we do need to be gentle and kind with ourselves. Sending you warm winter hugs-it is here already in Colorado.

  15. As always wonder filled thoughts. Fire in the fireplace here in Nor. Cal . Some rain , a huge blessing, but no snow. Here is to your parents and may there be many more years. Kiss the kitten and the K9 kitten caregiver crew.

  16. Dear Thistle Sandra,

    what a valuable post again from you! Hope your PC will through the help of good helpers be perfect now without interruption!

    The ten quotes are so wise and true, standing in a good contact with the Bible (for example the last sentence of point 1). The second quote is one of my favorits!

    Your parents are a blessing, and their daughter, too! Such people are a piece of healing in this suffering world.

    The secret saint - Dog and cat is very lovely. My kisses!

    Funny gallop of Daisy in the snow - she loves it!

    OH, SNOW!!!

  17. That is a great list, Sandra dear! Your curly horses are gorgeous! All of your pets are quite blessed. The kitten is darling. What a find!

  18. Love visiting with you, Sandra! My computer friezes out a couple of months ago, so not only can I relate, but I agree with every single word in your post!.... as usual....

  19. I love your doables list...I try to do all of them in my own life!

  20. Constance, thank you for your kind words, they mean the earth!

    Tammy, try writing one letter a week, that's only 4 a month and would be such an encouragement to folks.

    Mildred, it was a good weekend and, for the most part, I did stay dry -lol-.

    Kathy, thank you so much for your encouragement! The only reason I missed the computer is because I don't have television. The I-net is my "window to the world".

    Rainey, I haven't the bandwidth to do much on the computer; that's why blogland means so much to me.

    Martha, thanks! I don't do them all every day but it's a good place to start.

    Becky, you stay warm as well; it's single digits cold, brrrr!

    Julia, if everyone could have parents like mine, this ole world would be a much nicer place!

    Deborah, we're in the season of 3-Dog Night, every night; it's really cold!

    Dore, listen is what I do, all day long and a lot of the night. I listen to XM preaching an hour in the morning and then it's, almost always, nothing buy "God noise"...animals, wind...lovely!

    Donna, just came in from a frosty mile walk and it was wonderful.

    Linda Kay, that dog is so patient with that kitten...bless his heart! Both of them...

    Becky, a Godly heritage can make up for a lot of life's pains, can't it?

    Noreen, absolutely! Being kind and gentle with ourselves is a good start toward being the same with others!

    TC, kisses all around and thanks forthcoming!

    Dori, that time of year...SNOW! In 2 hours it snowed 3 inches.

    Karen, I'm hoping God doesn't let me find any more animals; I'm full up.

    Carol, computer problems are a pain all over.

    Linda, me to but sometimes not all the same day - LOL.

  21. Ahh - Adam agrees with your sleeping habits! He loves sleeping with the doggies too :) I'm still amazed at the amount of snow in your valley, in that crook of Virginia. Your list is very good. That makes for a healthy life.


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