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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

God Gave You Heaven

~ Dave, in the Sahara Desert 
with the Tuareg, aka Blue Men or Imohag ~

"We call this life, that is life's preparation,
We call this life, a little time of tears;
But think You God for this designed creation,
A few short years?
If this is all, then why these worlds around us,
And unseen skies, and undiscovered stars?
I wonder, though one little world we found us,
Why God made Mars?...

God made for man an earthly habitation,
The body soil in which the soul may grow;
This little life is but the preparation
The soul must know.
And then some day man's errors overcome him
The body fails, the soul alone is wise;
And then the God that takes one small world from him
Gives him the skies."

~ Douglas Malloch (1877-1938) ~

Even so, to paraphrase C. S. Lewis,

"Your absence is like the sky spread over everything."
Dearest God, will the grief ever abate?!
Blessings ~ Dave, you made a crowded room bearable then gave me wings ~


  1. Holding you close to my heart, Sandra.

  2. It's a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it!
    God bless you, Sandra!

  3. Oh dear Sandra ~ This was beautiful.

    Being a widow is a hard journey.

    This part really got to me.

    ~ Even so, to paraphrase C. S. Lewis,
    "Your absence is like the sky spread over everything."
    Dearest God, will the grief ever abate?! ~

    May you have a good day today, feeling the love and comfort of God filling the void in your life now that Dave is gone.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Anonymous5:30 AM EST

    You are in my heart and prayers, Sandra.

  5. What a lovely poem-wonderful photo.

  6. Your love for Dave is so big, so devoted and appreciative.

  7. A lovely poem and tribute.

  8. ((hugs)).

    My experience of grief is that imperceptibly, slowly, gradually, you hurt less time each day; and then again after that and you make new memories and have new habits, oh-so-slowly gradually the grief lessens in intensity.

    Instead of being in aching endless massive pain for 18 hours, maybe it is 16 hours, and then a few months or weeks later 14 hours, and so forth...

    Then after that... Instead of it bringing you to your knees keening, it becomes a deep ache, then down the road an ache...

    Except at times when you are feeling massively lonely and it brings it all back.

    I grieved over the loss of my college boyfriend for 7 years.
    Then the next relationship loss, I grieved for 5 years.
    I thought it was because my feelings were so deep, and that 'he' was my entire world and life.

    Now I look back and think of how many years I wasted in obsessive pain that I didn't know how to let go of, when I wasn't willing to force myself to start anew sooner in appreciating life's good things.

    Every person's road of grief is different.

    ((hugs again))

  9. I think that when one we love goes on the next journey that we are not alone because they touched our heart and left part of them with us to live on.

  10. My breath is taken away with the poem and the quote beneath it.
    May God's comfort surround you and uphold you and shelter you and give you peace. And joy. Yes, joy, as only He can give.

  11. hugs,
    Dear Friend.

  12. You are an inspiration to me, Sandra.
    I know God is holding your hand and so do you.

  13. This little life is but the preparation - The soul must know...something to ponder. Thankful for God's promises to us.

  14. It is a hard road. I will ask God to bless you with comfort and the grace to get through these tough times. I wish I could give you a hug right now.

  15. There is more in these words I can bear to think much upon, really.

    Eternity is so near, yet so far away, and my mind-set is stuck in the present yet hearing eternity nearing ever-quickly. The future becomes my past so quickly now such thoughts and prose you post causes my heart to stop and think. Kind of uncomfortable , yet needed. Thank-you Sandra. I hope today is a good day for you. I miss Dave because of you.


  16. Love is never ending and is not afraid of feeling pain, love is much bigger than pain and than the body made of earth.

  17. Thinking about you,

  18. Thank you, Michelle.

    Timi, God bless you and yours; hopefully, you're all doing well.

    Rainey, it's horrible, isn't it?

    Mildred, thank you.

    Grace, hugs are appreciated.

    Lynne, thank you.

    Karen, Dave grew me into the wife he wanted; bless him for it.

    Linda, thank you.

    Linda Kay, thank you, he was the only one for me.

    Constance, thank you for your comment; it means a great deal. This grief walk has been the most difficult thing I've ever gone through. Thank you.

    Goatldi, thank you.

    Lindah, bless you for your words.

    Annie, thank you.

    Marsha, bless you.

    Anita, thank God this life isn't the end and, for Christians, the next is more wonderful.

    Donna, your prayers are most welcome.

    Kathy, I am sorry my words hurt; you know that wasn't the intent. People have asked why I am so transparent and it's because if we don't talk about these things, how will we know how to deal with them when they come. For they will come, eventually, and to us all.

    Dori, and there's heaven...

    Deanna, thank you.

  19. What a very beautiful poem! We have such a great hope, such comfort in this broken world.


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