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Thursday, March 03, 2016

So Much of Nothing To Say

It's not that I haven't anything to say, it's that I've lacked the energy to say it. It's that time of year where we have a warmish, spring like day or three then WHAM! winter says, "Did ya miss me?"  Well, no, not really. Today is Thursday and this is the first day I've spent more than an hour inside. I have several female friends who work outside and they agree, the cold totally seeps wicks away any energy one's body may have stored for such a time. Even worse, the energy needed to perform the most mundane chores is overreaching.

The fence needed repair so I loaded the Ranger with wire, metal T post, tin snips (a poor substitute for wire cutters) and the post pounder.

The metal T post is about 7 feet tall, way too tall for me to put it in place and then put the metal pounder on it, in front of the wooden fence post that was broken. I'm guessing, in a scratch attack, some horse had their large rear end up against the post and it broke. I had to lay the T post sideways, slide the pounder on it and the raise the whole thing...heavy, heavy, heavy.

 The T post has to be pounded into the ground until the metal triangle at the bottom is below the surface. This is what keeps the post upright.

Lastly, the T post and wooden post are wrapped with wire to keep both upright. It was a beautiful day, crisp cold and this job took about 40 minutes. It would take a man 10 minutes and he would have done a prettier, better job but what I did is acceptable and will work.

A neighbor and I have a boundary fence that needs replacement because his cattle keep breaking through due to the grass always being greener on my side of the fence! Anyway, I walked the fence line, measuring the distance and it's approximately 1,300 feet. I'm researching fence companies and will get them to replace another smaller 500 foot section as well as put up a garden gate.

Earlier this week, I bought a cat castle because my animals bring me happiness so I return the favor. Anyway, I needed to move a chair...a crate chair from This End Up, a Richmond, VA store, and if you know that furniture, you know the dang thing weighs sixty, or more, pounds. Between God and I, I moved it out of the sun room, onto the back of the Ranger (bless Dave's name for buying that Ranger!) then to the studio where I off loaded it and moved it inside the studio. I hope I'm able to get out of bed in the morning and have a feeling I'm holding court in front of the wood stove for the rest of the day.

This morning I got the bright idea to check on This Life I Live, Rory's blog of Joey and Rory fame. Folks, that was not such a bright idea; by the time I finished, I was holding myself, rocking back and forth, absolutely sobbing. Then there's Diana and her Hero fighting his battle. I hate to admit it, but some days the pain of living is just downright ugly.

Yet, outside my window, breaking through the cold, hard soil of winter are flowers whose bulbs were planted by me twenty years ago. I've heard it said a baby is God's opinion the world should go on and I believe a garden is tangible hope for all our tomorrows. Those flowers have chutzpah! It's not been out of the 20's F for several days and we've had snow flurries and ice for many most of those days.

Yes, this post is disjointed but, hopefully, better than nothing. I'm getting stiff, must be from moving furniture and hay, so need to close so I can move about. Maybe walk down and get the mail. That'll make me appreciate the wood stove all the move upon our return. I have been visiting your blogs, leaving comments but blogger is being naughty and won't accept my comments. So, when I visit and blogger turns me down, I tuck you in prayer which is way better than a comment, any ole day. Right?

By the way...if you're near an IHOP on Tuesday, March 8, it's free stack of pancakes day. Enjoy...

Ponder this ~ God doesn't want our opinions; He wants our obedience. 


  1. goodness you Farming chore girls impress me beyond words...I hope you aren't too sore as you should be rewarded for all of that effort and done in the cold. Love the first photo such a sweet shot. I have had to change my blogger address (long crazy story) and Blogger has been acting odd for me too. Hope you get this...sending you some of our warmth...

  2. I use the same method for driving those posts, Sandra - and sometimes after I walk the post upright, I stand on a bucket to start the driving.
    A fellow left that post-driver here a few years ago, when he was doing some work for me - said he didn't need it anymore, and I could use it for a while. I keep thinking I ought to find his address and send him a check for - I don't know, maybe 25 dollars? - because I use that thing every year and would certainly have had to buy one long before now.
    Have you had trouble commenting on my blog? I hope not! Funny thing, I mentioned you this morning to my Physical Therapist, because she was talking about all the ways I find to get chores done, and I told her I'm not the only one!

  3. Well I just came back from reading This Life I Live, it is a true statement to the strength people have and the love that keeps them going through the really bad stuff. I am crying knowing there are all kinds of people in all kinds of situations in life but none will ever compare to watching the one you love go through this. To be so young, a Mom and loved by so many it breaks my heart. Her husband is a beautiful soul and I wish him and his daughter strength and her a safe journey home.
    I think you did a fine job on the fence. Talk to you neighbour tell him to fix it that is the way it should be. Take care keep warm and rest. HUGS B

  4. I remember well planting my huge boxwoods. Sitting with my legs straddling the boxwood, grabbing/pulling with both hands, scooting my rear along the ground, repeat, repeat.... until it was ready to pull/shove into its hole.

    Paid to have them delivered. Girl power......

    Number of bruises/cuts? No matter, they got planted.

    Love stories of grit.

    XO T

  5. Lynn, coming to see your blog...what's going on? I can receive e-mails and, hopefully, send but cannot comment on blogger. very strange. I'm not sick, don't feel sick but have been up since 5 and am just exhausted. going to eat a pot pie, change into my flannel nightgown and go to bed. just brought in enough wood to feed the stove tonight and get started in the morning. stick a fork in me...I am DONE!

    Quinn, no I cannot comment on your idea why either but I can't comment on any blogger blogs...don't think my own but am going to try. If it's a heavy duty post driver, it costs $30 at my feed store; a lightweight one costs $22 to $25 but I wouldn't bother with a light weight tool. Always better to overspec on that kind of equipment. My vet, a young woman about 5'10" and probably 200 pounds...solid muscle, works wonders at getting her job done. She's amazing!

    Grace, it's been a story of so much love; the kind of love that makes great people and great stories. I am so sorry when I hear of married couples who don't have a wonderful marriage. Dave and I started off rough but we kept at it, worked at it, slaved away at it and, just a while after it was absolute perfection, God called him home. I'm not angry at God but I am jealous of Him; He has Dave while I have the memories.

    Tara, in VA it's said we plant box woods because we believe in the future. Just like people plant trees.

  6. I came by to return your visit! Thank you for visiting my Quiet Country House. I answered your comment there, but wanted to see what your blog is all about. I have been dealing with that same end of winter "blah" feeling. A blue sky yesterday and today has helped a bit! It will soon be spring!

  7. Hello dear Sandra! Maybe you should open up a different browser like Google Chrome. Firefox and Blogger seem to have issues, I've noticed. I can't comment when opening up my stuff in Firefox but I can in Chrome. Weird.
    Now, I think a pot pie and a flannel nightie sound like perfect comfort. I hope your bed is cozy and warm and that you have a relaxing sleep!
    You have so much to do this time of year (well, make that all year round) and the cold weather is so exhausting. Praying for you, dearest.
    So you really want Mr. Badger? I shall send him to you as soon as I can confirm with MK that she wants him after you. Thank you!

  8. Doggone it - I hope whatever is suddenly making it impossible for you to comment on blogger blogs will fix itself - I'd really miss seeing your comments my blog, Sandra!

  9. p.s. Should have said before, of course you are right about the prayer! And thank you!
    (But I'll still miss your comments.)

  10. My goodness Sandra I am amazed when I read your posts. I don't know how you manage to do the things to do. I guess between Dave and God they have you covered but I get tired just reading about your day. And yes I agree. Ive been following Joey and Rory too and it's just absolutely heart breaking. I know God has his plans but sometimes they are hard to take. God bless you Sandra

    Robyn aka simplyme1979 ( for some reason I can't seem to sign in on my phone)

  11. My goodness Sandra I am amazed when I read your posts. I don't know how you manage to do the things to do. I guess between Dave and God they have you covered but I get tired just reading about your day. And yes I agree. Ive been following Joey and Rory too and it's just absolutely heart breaking. I know God has his plans but sometimes they are hard to take. God bless you Sandra

    Robyn aka simplyme1979 ( for some reason I can't seem to sign in on my phone)

  12. Good morning dear Sandra ~ I was pooped, from my work yesterday, and stiff and sore this morning. But, after reading and seeing what you did, what I did is 'puny' in comparison. God has to be your strength in all that you do and I admire you greatly.

    I hope winter will leave you soon. Great to see bulbs coming up and blooming for you.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ Rainey a.k.a. FlowerLady

  13. I should have known better than to go over to Joey and Rory's blog - I could not finish reading the post. I had t leave.

  14. Something symbolic as I read about you finding a way to "pound a post" and reading This Life I Live . . .
    Not sure if I can put it in words but it is there . . .

  15. Marcie, thank you so much, you're always welcome at Thistle Cove Farm.

    Karen, I'm in Chrome so it's not that...not sure what it is but I pray and God answers so it's all good. Yes, I have the most wonderful wonderful I have to fight the dogs for my share! Yes, if Mr. B. wants to visit the farm, he's most welcome here.

    Robyn, you're set to no-reply so hope you read this...I've been searching for your blog and can't find it...are you still blogging in SC? No worries...I get tired reading about my day, no, make that doubly tired as I had to live it first...haha.

    Hi Rainy, my daily prayer is, "Please God, give me your strength" and He always does. I also pray for safety...very important! LH&P to you -grin-.

    MM, I understand; it's entirely heart breaking and took me a while to read. It brought back so many memories of when Dave was sick, having cancer treatments, etc. Dave didn't linger, he died very suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive heart attack.

    The good news is...five (5!) days before he died, he asked me how to make his peace with God.

    Lynne...I know...

  16. Yikes what a woman to work fence - I have been the helper on big fence jobs and it is nothing but pure hard labor!
    Yep - Joey and Rory's story is amazing - love really DOES conquer all but it surely is hard to reach that point of letting go - been there done that

  17. Linda Sue, one reason it took me so long is I had to pound took frequent small breaks. The dogs just lay there and said, "Whatever." lol

  18. You are one hard working lady!!! I too am so ready for spring. I'm tired of cold weather. I want green grass and flowers and leaves on the trees!! Yes, so many people fight such hard battles. Life isn't easy. Thank God He never leaves us or forsakes us. Blessings my friend!

  19. Hugs, Sandra; life IS tough! It will make heaven even sweeter than that warm woodstove....

  20. Moving furniture and hay my friend will do it in a hurry!
    Take care, I always like to stop by and look out your window!

  21. Dear Sandra, you are the hardest working woman I know! I've helped my husband put in some of those fence posts without your gizmo--just a sledgehammer--what a pain! I hope more of your day is spent resting by the fire, dear one. ♥

  22. and Blessings to you Robbin. I'm such a whiner when there's not that much to complain about...but somehow I always seem to find something!...people are fighting for their very lives but what a testimony! With Rory and Joey's story, I come away amazed at their love for each other and for God.

    Yes, Michelle, life is tough but see my comment to Robbin, above. I complain about nothing much when others are fighting for their lives. I feel guilty. Like I told someone else...I'm not angry with God but I am jealous...He gets Dave and I get the memories.

    Kim, you just come on over and look at the view first're always welcome at TCF.

    Martha Ellen, a sledgehammer...OUCH! The post pounder is a lot better but it still leaves my ears ringing and my arms and shoulders sore.

  23. Oh- You are such a tender-hearted soul. Thank you for mentioning us. I was just so surprised. I can't bear to check Rory's blog anymore. I am just too close to it all at this point.
    You have your hands full with everything going on there. Lots of balls in the air and I know it is even worse in the Springtime.
    God bless and keep you, my sweet friend...and thank you again! xo Diana

  24. Diana, Y'all are on the prayer lists...public and private. I do understand about being too was a tuff read as is yours sometimes. I keep wondering, "how long...?" but what does it really matter? "It takes as long as it takes."

  25. Well I'm curious... what did you tell Dave about how he could make his peace with God? Not any of my business, but it caught my attention. And why was he not at peace with God? ... another none-of-my-business question.

    The cold absolutely saps energy right out of you, I'm ready for Spring.

  26. Hi Karen, I'm delighted to tell you... I believe Dave had a small heart attack on Sunday morning; at the time, I had no clue but looking back and reflecting on events, that's what I now believe. He had 33 radiation treatments straight through his heart to attack the cancer in his lower left lung. His heart was already weakened from decades of cigarette smoking and the radiation not only didn't kill, or even stop, the cancer, it further weakened his heart. The next morning, Monday, at 10, Dave called me to his side and said, "I need to talk to you; I need to know how to make my peace with God." My response was, "Dave, your question makes God so very happy. He and Jesus have already done all the work so you can spend eternity in heaven with Them. God sent Jesus to bring you Home and Jesus said, "To return Home, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Honey, it's not about religion; it's about relationship...the relationship between you and Jesus. Do you believe God sent Jesus to die for your sins? Just tell God you believe and want to spend eternity in Heaven with Him and His Son. God is delighted to hear from you; He's been waiting a long time. Just tell Him."

    Dave said, "Okay, please leave me alone for a little while." I went upstairs, about 2 hours later I came downstairs and looked at Dave. He smiled at me, "Everything is just fine; I've made my peace."

    Karen, Augustine of Hippo said, "our hearts are restless until we find our rest in Him." Dave was a good, decent, kind, honorable man and it was difficult for him to understand we are all sinners. He didn't do "bad" things...not the way people think of "bad". Because we're all sinners, God cannot look at us unless we are shadowed by the holiness of His Son Jesus Christ. Those bad decisions first made by Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden and, down through time, by each and every one of us set us apart from God. But God loves us so very much, He allows us to make bad decisions...much like a parent allows their child to make bad decisions even when those same decisions will lead to disastrous results. God, the ultimate Parent, is there to pick up the pieces, to hear our repentance, to heal us with love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Like so many, Dave was hung up on religion and Jesus isn't about religion at all. Religion is man-made; dare I say Satan made to deflect the true focus which is Jesus Christ. I don't think Jesus cares about religion but in order to go to Heaven, we must go through Jesus. He died for us, He descended into Hell, He was separated from the perfect, good, holy Father God. Jesus paid such a price because of love...incomprehensible LOVE! We cannot stand before a holy God stained as we are with sin...lying, cheating, stealing, gossip and so on. Some find it difficult to believe...again, that's Satan at work, deflecting the true focus from Jesus but to believe is a small act of will. "Jesus, I believe." It doesn't take a theology degree or a preacher or priest or bishop or any religious authority figure. It takes the faith of a child...a child looking at their parent and saying, "Yes, Father, I believe You love me and I accept Your Son."

    Karen, as shell shocked as I've been these last four years, two things have gotten me this - Dave made his peace with God and is in Heaven and, two - God loves me and has been with me every breath.

  27. Amen to that, Sandra! (Your answer to Karen.)
    Oh boy, I've pounded many a post with my hubby over the years. It will give you sore muscles. I think you did a fine job of repair on that wood post. :)
    I sobbed right along with you while reading Rory's blog post. I'm so glad he has the assurance that his precious wife is safe in Jesus. My prayers are with him and his little girl.


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