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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Part 2: More Sisters on the Fly Vintage Camper and Trailer LUV!

The Sisters on the Fly Saddle Up event was sponsored by the town of Pigeon Forge and Par 1 is here. If you click on Sisters on the Fly, you can see a photographic slide show of sisters "We have more fun than anyone."

Some people have umbrellas while others have canopies; I have an umbrella and prefer it because it can be moved around.

 Annabandana interior

 Annabandana interior

Annabandana interior 

Annabandana exterior

Annabandana exterior 

Annabandana, owned by Tennessee Sister 692, is a Serro Scotty and close to the same year as mine. There are some differences but both are about 13 feet and this camper is reconfigured a bit differently than mine.

A Teardrop trailer with rear kitchen. Most campers have the entrance blocked off to general public but most allowed Sisters' to go inside. 

Mary Jane Butters has a line of teardrops called Tabitha and is the person who coined the term "glamping", a combination of glamour and camping. For more photos of teardrop trailers, click here. I think her Tabitha is fabulous...except for having to go outside and 'round back to make my coffee in the morning. I'm partial to  my privacy when parading around in my red flannel nightgown...grin.

The camper on the right is a 1995 reissue Shasta Airflyte and modeled after the original which was first made in 1941. There are only 1,941 being made and I had one but sold it once I read the owner's manual that said, "reseal seams every 90 days." Yeah. Like I've got that kind of time and besides, the old ones are sturdy as an oak and just as pretty.

The reissue's have mod cons like microwave, dohicky's where you can plug in your phone and stream music, full size bathrooms, exhaust fans, etc.

The reissues come in red, green and butter yellow and the table folds down into a double bed.

The bed in the back is a gaucho seat which has an extender so it can be made into a twin bed...pretty nifty!

Every one glamps their camper differently and all are uniquely beautiful!

This is a brand new, glammed camper. 

Full sized rear bathroom and kitchen on left.

Look at these beautiful chairs and electric stove!

More truthful pretties.

Outside seating area.

That's Part 2 with a lot  more to come so stay tuned!

Ponder this ~ "Either run the day or the day runs you." 
~ Jim Rohn


  1. Oh Sandra, this just looks like so much fun! I hope you show us a picture of your camper. Have you any trips planned?

  2. These are all fascinating....I would love to see them myself! I'm not sure I would like getting coffee outside. I'm not a Kurieg fan, but in this case...maybe!

  3. Thank you Sandra for sharing this fun, exciting and colorful event. I just love how the outside is done on that last one shown. It speaks to me.

    They are all so wonderfully unique, just as the ladies are who own them.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  4. These all make a girl want to take up camping! The serro scotty is the same shape as my parents first trailer :-) was it a SS I wouldn't interesting to see what others do for entertainment, this all looks like such fun.

  5. This looks like so much fun . . .
    Loved the annabandana . . . the peak inside, name, dressed "sistah" standing there looking so "purdy!"
    So . . . you use an "umbrella" not a canopy . . .
    If you're not taking your camper, where do you sleep,
    under the umbrella . . . ?
    If I had heard about this when I was younger I would have
    done this too . . . in a "flash" . . . no way could I pull a trailer now though.
    Loved the little "tear drops" . . . I might be able to pull one of those! (Hmmmmm!)
    Hoffmaster Park near me has a Vintage Camper weekend and
    we have gone there to see the campers, vehicles etc.
    My good friend and her husband restored a "canned ham style" and have
    named her "Lilah." She is really SWEET . . .
    I am happy Sisters On The Fly is in your life . . .
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. How fun! I love the style of decor. Sure looks like an awfully good time -- and fun eye candy, too!

  7. Glamping! Such a fun thing that women have thought up! These trailers are darling. I bet you all must feel like you're playing house and being in adventurer too when you're out in them. Now I've got to go back and visit your previous post on them.

  8. They are so darn cute....I want one!!!

  9. so glad you're enjoying time camping with the 'sisters'!!
    love you - big hug,
    sherry (sotf #1818)


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