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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A Handmade, Homemade Life

~ tired, old fence ~

Can anyone tell me why restaurants say, for example, "homemade ice cream" when it's clearly not homemade? Just another something to puzzle me.

April came and went and, mostly, so did I. Seems I was always getting ready to go, going or coming home. Lest you think it was for fun, it was, mostly, more work, different location. Except for that lovely first weekend spent camping with delightful SOTF women and, thankfully, I have a wonderful farm sitter which works well for both of us.

Last month I decided to make homemade in sausage made at home. If you're interested in dong the same...either purchase ground pork or buy a roast and grind it at home. I purchased about six pounds of ground pork

then added my own spices

Himalayan pink salt, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, Hungarian safran (saffron), Hungarian sweet paprika, Italian herbs and crushed Malabar black pepper.

Then, I decided the mixture needed a tad bit of Spanish hot paprika to give it a little lift.

From top, clockwise:

2 tablespoons Italian herbs
1 tablespoon Hungarian sweet paprika
1 tablespoon Spanish hot paprika
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 huge pinches Hungarian safran
and generous grindings of salt and pepper

Six pounds of pork made approximately three and a half dozen sausages
~ cooked, homemade sausage ~

and they were tasty when made for breakfast the next morning. The mixture was allowed to rest, covered, in the fridge so the flavors could meld.

~ Sadie, one of my constant companions ~

Looking forward to May - plant the garden (thanks John and Daniel for plowing and discing the garden!),

~ plowed, ready to disc ~

new fencing, a quick trip to Cabala's for Ladies Day Out and (hopefully) taking my little 1965 Serro Scotty...her maiden voyage! I say 'hopefully' because Donald has to help me get her road ready.

The sugar maples are leafing out nicely and spring has arrived on Thistle Cove Farm and on neighboring farms -

I've been huffing rosemary like a crazed woman but, apparently, it's not helping as I can't remember if I've said or not...last October the farm sale fell through due to lack of financing on the other side. The farm is back on the market, here and here to name two places. Like I've always said, God has a plan. As much as I love living here, I believe it's time to move closer to family...Mom and Daddy, siblings, nephew and his family...and settle into the next season of life. In the meantime, or p'raps I should say, "In the good time, I'll continue with my stewardship of this farm, these animals, this home and pray for God's perfect will be done.

Ponder this ~ "I am a creature of God, and He has an undoubted right to do with me as seemeth good in His sight. I rejoice that I am in His hand--that He is everywhere present and can protect me in one place as well as in another." ~ Ann Hasseltine Judson


  1. Glad to hear you're doing well - even if being very busy - these days. April same and went in the blink of an eye here, and I am surrounded by tasks I'd hoped to have finished by May. Oh well, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and being grateful for the ability to do so, right? :)
    Years ago in CO, I made my own sausage, and it was pretty good if I say so myself. First step was raising the pigs.

  2. I hope you can sell your farm. We are about to embark on the same path-selling our home and downsizing.
    My family always made its own sausage. I can still remember the pungent odor of the spices when I would come home from school in the Fall and mother was making sausage.
    I DO make my own home-made ICE CREAM from scratch! xo Diana

  3. So with you on the handmade thing. It takes away from real handmade things doesn't it!

  4. Yes, home made should be exactly that. Cakes, bread, biscuits, sausages...all so much nicer when made at home.

  5. Hi Quinn - feeling old and slow these days; having the ACL injury in January has slowed me down as I try and manage the pain and gain a footing.
    Yes to having hogs; when we first moved to the farm we had hogs and slaughtered them.

    Hi Diana - I wish you well on the next season of life and hope you're able to find a realtor who can actually help. You and yours are tucked in prayer...God has a plan.

    Hi Amy - Yes, it does! Although it does tickle me when I hear "artisan made" or some such. Really? I've done my fair share in the kitchen and didn't realize curing bacon or a ham was an art form. It's always been farm to table for me and mine.

    Hi Elizabeth - we're in total agreement.

  6. That sausage sounds so good.
    Would not have thought of the Spanish or Hungarian add ins.
    The pictures of the farm are always so appealing.

  7. Sandra, you are so right! God has a plan and sometimes I need to remind myself of that because it is profound. I hope you get your farm sold and you get to be near family. The homemade thing also makes me think of all the cakes and pies that are homemade at restaurants. I've not ever made sausage, but we love it. Yours looks delicious. I'm still crazy about your header!
    Have a good night.

  8. I love these posts. Yes, homemade

  9. Your sausage looks delicious. I love a good sausage.

    The home place is looking very spring-y. It's such a gift when the green things start growing.

  10. Your sausage looks delicious!!!

    Love the glimpses of your farm. Sorry the sale did not go through, maybe it will this summer.

    I really love your quote at the end.

    Have a wonderful day dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

  11. ENJOYED . . .
    Your "real deal, Thistle Cove Farm pics" . . .
    Real . . . "Home-made sausage" by Sandra . . .
    Thoughts of patience and "God's time" . . .
    Images of maiden voyage for your Scotty" . . .
    Trying to imagine how you will ALSO tend to that huge garden . . .
    KNOWING you will find a way for garden tending and all the rest . . .
    Loving the final quote . . .
    Happy Spring Time Good Woman!

  12. Your sausage must be absolutely delicious. In a red sauce over pasta? Any way you serve it will prove most gratifying.

    I was struck when you said "tucked in prayer" as I felt cozy with God. Thank you.

    The last quote in your post is a true keeper.

  13. Homemade should really made 'made here, on the premises' but sadly, it rarely does when it's advertised in a shop or restaurant. Your sausage looks good. Years ago we used to get together with the neighbours in the spring to make sausage from whatever we all had in the freezer. Two of us had machines for making links and we'd work all day on a Friday, and then on the Saturday we'd have a street party with pancakes and sausage. The kids have such nice memories of that.
    The farm will sell and the sale will be the right one. It's just so hard to wait!

  14. Your making me hungry with that homemade sausage! Best of luck with your garden. I love your header photo, so beautiful and peaceful looking.

  15. Praying with you, for the sale of your beautiful farm.


  16. Love that quote at the end.

    And nothing better than homemade!

  17. Sandra, I do hope the sale of your farm happens soon. Your homemade sausage sounds delicious. I do love having homemade just about anything. Your last photo of your sheep is beautiful. Happy May! ♥

  18. Hi Annie, the sausage was delicious; still some in the freezer to enjoy later.

    He sure does, Nancy, but, sometimes, I wish He'd share . Enjoy your evening...we're expecting snow flurries!

    Hi Anita, yes to homemade!

    Hi Jody, spring is here although we're expecting snow flurries tonight.

    Hi Rainey, the sausage was really good, glad you like the quote and I'm praying the farm will sell SOON!

    Most of that garden, Lynne, will be planted in sunflowers -grin. Some tomatoes, potatoes, corn, pumpkins...not sure what else. Happy Spring to you and yours!

    Hadn't thought of pasta but that's a great idea, Nancy. Cozy with Abba...yes!

    Many hands make light's true, Pondside!

    Hi Debby - the sausage was/is good; still have some in the freezer even though I gave Daddy John a dozen. He plowed/disced my garden and I wanted to say thanks in a tangible way.
    Let me know if the Mother's Day move is good.

    Hi Deborah - great quote, isn't it? btw, I can't comment on your hoo! Not sure what's wrong but I am visiting. There are a lot of blogs blogger won't allow me to comment...??? what's up with that?

    Hi Martha Ellen, thanks for commenting; I'm still having troubles with same comment box and post but I have been visiting. Hopefully, your painters will be finished soon and life returns to normal!

  19. That sausage recipe looks amazing, Sandra! What great spicing! I've never done that. I hope you do get a good, fun, relaxing trip with your little Scotty girl. She's so adorable. The farm looks lovely. God knows our futures, much as we often do forget.

  20. Hello from Kansas!
    yummmmmm....wish i could taste this sausage.
    Absolutely awesome.


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