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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unpacking Summer

A recent visitor to Thistle Cove Farm is still here. This fawn and mother were in the hay pasture when Mom decided to jump the fence. For some reason, the fawn wasn't comfortable following, stayed behind and, eventually, made her way to the yard. To allow the fawn access to pastures, I opened gates and she made way to the upper pasture, "helped", I'm sorry to say, by Sam P. Spade. Hopefully, Mom is able to find the baby but if nothing happens, this fawn should be old enough to make its way. It's really too young yet but I've done what I can do.

~ Good Golly Miss Molly ~

"To lie sometimes on the grass
under trees on a summer's day,
listening to the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time."

Dog days are winding down as Sirius, the Dog Star, wends its way across the night sky. The traditional time period is July 3 - August 11 due to the ancient Greeks interpretation of the Canis Major constellation. Sirius is the dogs nose or dog star and chases Lepus, the hare.

Sadie and Sam just think it's hotter than Hades and spend their days finding the cool spots. I'm spending my days mowing and moving hay bales.

To each their own, Dogs. I wear bib overall's that are too tall for my shorter frame. Fortunately, each leg can be rolled up and snapped to shorten the legs. Recently, someone told me to cross the straps in the back and that will take up a little more fabric which will, hopefully, help. Behind me is a stand of thistle that was mowed down; in fact, the entire field was mowed. Some folks wanted to bale the hay in this field, change their minds and I mowed everything down. It took me about 3 days 9 days...1 to mow, 2 to recover, 1 to mow, 2 to recover, 1 to mow, 2 to recover. Knees are wrapped like babies in swaddling clothes bandages yet still manage to feel the pain of working the clutch, brake, gas. When using the tractor, both hands, both feet are called into use and all feel the agony. Usually I wear a visor but lost it somewhere along the way; haven't found it yet.

Not a bad day at work...good scenery, nice breeze, great equipment and God's strength to keep me going. The fields haven't been sprayed since 2009 but this coming spring, they'll be sprayed for weed control. In case someone wanted to buy USDA 'organic status', not spraying chemicals is important but I no longer care. The weeds are terrible and I'm too old to keep up; I'd rather have a good field of hay than weeds.

 This morning, a heavy fog covered the valley, making the round baled hay resemble Shredded Wheat in a field of green. This cutting yielded 33.5 round bales 5x5 feet and weighing about 1100 pounds. Even before cutting, someone asked to buy so they'll be contacted to bring their trailer and, using the tractor, I'll load their hay straight from the field. My bales will be moved to the barn lot, stored under shelter, waiting for winter.

Thornless blackberries have a good harvest; enough for several cobblers or one cobbler and some to freeze. Some years ago, Dad gave me the slips and this is the first year they've born abundantly. The apple tree is going to have an abundant harvest as well...delicious apples, I believe them to be Punkin Sweet, a heritage apple that, after a hard frost, eats well out of hay, makes delicious pies, cakes or can be dried, canned or frozen.

Soon, very soon, I'll have a Youtube site where videos of Thistle Cove FarmLife! will be shown. Last week was my 21st wedding anniversary and I left home, thinking to take myself to lunch. Instead, I found myself at Sam's Club where I bought a GoPro (expensive non-lunch!), brought it home and managed to take a video of me doing tractor work. One of my errands is to stop by Studio Addison, take a cake, my GoPro and some other things to wheedle them into helping me ask them to help me.

Leaving you with a photo of Sadie, above and Sam, below

Happy Dog Days.

Ponder this ~ make the least of all that goes and the most of all that comes ~


  1. ...definitely dog days so hot...I love your overalls...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. A piece of heaven is where you are, believe it or not !!!
    You look darling!
    I know how difficult it must be taking care of the place on your own, but you get it done! Taking the little fawn in, making her feel at home, the dogs, everything, it's just so lovely !!!

  3. Hi Sandra! Everyone (the pets, too!) looks happy. God be with you.

  4. Love the John Lubbock quote...and the overalls. ;)
    Good work!

  5. Good job Miss. Sandra! Love both the pooches but Sam he had me when I first laid eye on him . As they said in Monsters Inc.

  6. I like those overalls, too - they are the greatest work clothes, and you *do* work!

    I'm really looking forward to those videos!

  7. You are quite the hardworking lady dear Sandra. Your work attire is perfect for what you do.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with pain from all that you do there, so much physical labor. Bless your heart and body.

    Have fun with your new camera. I look forward to seeing videos of your life there on the farm.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Nothing worse than thistle weeds, especially when they go to seed and fill
    the air with their fluffy seed heads....glad you decided to cut them and
    will use chemicals to eliminate them.
    Hope you will soon find a buyer for your farm. I know you will miss everything except the very hard work and pain involved.
    Have you had time to look up and delight in the beautiful clouds we are
    having this summer? And the sunsets? God's creation is amazing!

  9. Looking sassy in those bibs and bandana . . .
    Not sure how you do it . . .
    Hope the knees are healing!
    These hot "dog days" can be OVER . . . soon, I hope . . .
    Loved your pics . . .

  10. Hi Sandra, oh the dog days and what a life!!! They look so comfy!!
    Your days are filled with lots of work and you accomplish so much. Love your pic in the beautiful field. Take care and prayers for you always.

  11. The views are amazing. Your such a hard worker, I admire you so much.

  12. Delightful visit with you, Sandra. The dog days have been rough this week, but we had a cooling storm last evening and it sure looks better around here. We were so dry.
    I just love the last photo! Such a cutie! ♥

  13. I love that quote by John Lubbock, but sounds like you've not had much time for gazing at clouds. Whenever I pass a field with bales of hay neatly done up, I always feel a thrill at the tidy evidence of hard work and accomplishment. Never had any experience in it myself, but I admire the hard work that gets it done. Sure hope your aching muscles and joints can rest a while. Your doggies seem to have that down!!

  14. Sandra, farming is a hard life, but a good one. That's cool you're setting up a YouTube site to share life at Thistle Cove Farm. That will be interesting and neat to see. Have a good week and God bless!

  15. Oh, look at Sam... Definitely enjoying his nap! With all of your hard work, I hope you grab some restful sleep!


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