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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Up a Tree - why I am NOT voting my conscious in November

Good Golly Miss Molly
is growing like the proverbial weed. As she should be because she refuses, as in turns up her pert little nose, at any and everything unless it's warmed milk with goat kid formula mixed in. Pure fat! The globules are thick, yellow and the resulting mixture is high in fat and calories; an excellent choice for kittens as well as for any little thing that needs to be grown without Mama.

In the past, I've used kitten formula, designed especially for kittens which is reflected in the enormous cost. I don't mind giving kittens a good start; what I mind is when they refuse to take the next in eating kitten kibble. Not Miss Molly! She's approximately 12 to 15 weeks old and still refuses to take the next step! Someone said, "Don't feed her formula; she'l eat when she gets hungry." Ummm. Yeah, she will but I don't have the heart to do that and assume (dangerous, I know) she'll eat kibble when she's ready. After all, she knows more about being a kitten than I know. Right?

The Very Expensive kitten formula has given way to kid in baby goat formula. It's expensive but pales in comparison to kitten formula so what Miss Molly doesn't eat drink, I pass along to Moonbeam (about six weeks old and eating kitten kibble!) and her Mother, Girly. Yes, another kitten. SIGH I believe in, and practice with the religious intensity of the newly converted, spaying (or as they say around here...spayeded) and neutering. Especially neutering as it's less expensive, less invasive, less hard on the male than spaying on the female. (No matter what males would have females believe.)

~ Girly and Moonbeam ~

I'm always dealing with feral cats and have shed copious amounts of blood, spent copious amounts of money and time taking care of them. Should that national association call wanting money for their non-profit, I advise I'll send them money just as soon as they send me money. During the 1/3 of my life here, I've had rescued goats, sheep, alpacas, horses, guineas, dogs and cats. I don't waste time considering how much money I've spent on animals, four and two legged, that have come to Thistle Cove Farm for food, shelter, medicine and succor. I figure if God sends them, He'll send the means to take care of them; He has not failed me, or them, nor will He.

Recently, a deer (I'm hoping not the mother of the twin fawns in the upper pasture) was found dead in the neighboring pasture. I don't know if she died from a coyote attack or some jackass killed her with a shot from the road. One recent morning I watched as juvenile eagles tore at the carcass while a black crow tormented them. Every now and again, the young eagles would give way to a mature eagle, bowing to his claim, knowing s/he'd give them a rip if they didn't.


Almost dead center, the adult eagle comes in to the carcass, knowing it will become available before s/he even arrives.

In every wee bit of Thistle Cove Farm Life, I can find similarities for my Christian crawl, walk, run life. Watching the eagles and crow, then vultures as the days passed, makes me think of this country and the way we're settling into a lower common denominator. People on all sides cry foul, believe themselves to be a victim (not a victor!), think their opinion is the One True Opinion (and you know what is said about opinions), distort facts (if indeed, they bother to give facts...most don't) and, in general, show a determined disdain for any who believe otherwise. I'm probably as guilty as the next so am giving my facts and figures to support why I will NOT vote my conscious this November.

I used to meet with a group of lovely women to quilt; they taught me a lot, started me out on a Turning Twenty quilt and certainly put my feet on the path to making quilts. The love of quilting was already there, inbred, a racial memory as I'd watched Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Esther make quilts for decades. Anyway, one evening we were discussing Presidents we've loved and hated I mentioned what a statesman Ronald Reagan was and how I believed he and Margaret Thatcher brought the world through an extremely tumultuous time. One woman snorted and exclaimed, "I hated Reagan; he was an awful President!" I asked, "Why?" She replied, "I don't know, I just hated him." I looked at her. "Yes, I get you didn't like him but what specifically didn't you like? Was it his foreign policy, his economic policy, his environmental policy...what didn't you like?" She looked at me and shrugged. "I just didn't like him and don't have to give a reason why."

All righty then. That makes NO sense to me whatsoever. I don't like Obama and can give facts and figures to support my extreme dislike of his Presidency; same with Clinton and, truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Trump.

~ fighting over the carcass ~

Obama promised to change America and he has in such a dramatic way the Founding Father's wouldn't recognize this government. The USA, as it's now called, was founded on Judeo-Christian principals and values (but not denomination) as evidenced by original and early State Charters and, contrary to popular opinion, is NOT a democracy. We are a Republic and quickly losing it (apologies to Ben Franklin).

The first Virginia Charter (April 10, 1606) was granted by King James I (yes, he of the King James Version of the Bible) begins, "We, greatly commending and graciously accepting of their Desires for the Furtherance of so noble a Work, which may, by the Providence of Almighty God, hereafter tend to the Glory of His Divine Majesty, in propagating of Christian Religion to such People, as yet live in Darkness and miserable Ignorance of the true Knowledge and Worship of God, and may in time bring the Infidels and Savages, living in those Parts, to human Civility, and to a settled and quiet Government. ..."

Hmmmm, mouth hanging open now? Yes, this country, from the very beginning, was founded on, with grateful recognition and prayers given, to Almighty God and this does make us different from other world nations.

Likewise, the Massachusetts Charter, March 4, 1629, granted by King Charles I reads, "...For the directing, ruling, and disposeing of all other Matters and Things, whereby our said People...maie be soe religiously, peaceable, and civilly governed, as their good life and orderlie Conversation, maie wynn and incite the Natives of the Country to the Knowledg and Obedience of the onlie true God and Savior of Mankinde, and the Christian Fayth, which, in our Royall intention, and the Adventurers free profession, is the principall Ende of this Plantation. ..."

Oh Goodness...I believe I hear the crumbling of fast held "truths" as propagated by liberal media. Early days America saw all 13 Colonies having some form of state supported religion which, in some cases lasted 200 or more years and didn't end totally until after the War Between the States! To further read how the Christian religion has changed America, click here.

Ted Cruz made a list of illegal  acts committed by President Obama (added note...Cruz went with Obama on Air Force One to the "interfaith ceremony for the fallen Dallas police officers...Cruz is now persona non grata with me) and this article has a list as well. My problem with Obama is how he has torn asunder the fabric of the County and Family by his support of LGBTQ's and their agenda of men in women's bathrooms, same sex marriages, etc. I am also bothered by his downsizing of our military (implications cause me to quiver), his refusal to acknowledge ISIS, terrorism or radical Islam (more quivering), the fact this nation is now a debtor nation to the tune of more than $19 TRILLION (actual trembling). The grandchildren of children born today will be born into a debtor nation unless something changes or Christ returns. Don't get me started on illegal immigrants! I believe in immigration but I do not believe in illegal immigration as do none of the legal immigrants with whom I've spoken. There are those whose opinions differ, crying "What about the children?!" Yes, a very excellent question...what about the children? Those children who are already here, legally and born here who go to bed hungry, who live under bridges, who are enslaved in human trafficking, who don't have shoes, the thousands of abortions on a daily basis...and the list goes on and on. Here, a list of changes since Obama was elected...unbelievable!

Another Clinton in the White House? Dear God, have mercy and save us! I don't care what Comey says...after all, wasn't it he who "investigated" Bill some twenty years ago? I'm wondering what political appointment he expects traded for?

As to Trump...he's brash, arrogant, mouthy, pushy, loud, generally what a lot of Southerners think of when they think "Yankee" (apologies to my Yankee friends and acquaintances) other words, not so different from a lot of Presidents. Trump isn't my first pick; my conscious dictates writing in/voting for Allen West, Condy Rice, Ted Cruz (see note above) or other Christian conservatives for the White House. My conscious dictates me vote for a other conservative other than Trump, yet, in defiance of my conscious, I'm voting for Trump. Yes, he's been married, several times, and should he choose Gingrich as his running mate, they'll have six (6) marriages between them. (Oh how the evangelicals are cringing...)

Let's many marriages did David have? How many times did he commit adultery? How many concubines? And didn't he have someone murdered so he could marry that man's pregnant by David wife? How much of the Bible is comprised of fallen men and women (Rahab) and are even acknowledged in the lineage of Christ?

That's the takeaway: fallen men and women who, having fallen, return, time and time and time again, to God for salvation and God, in His extreme grace and mercy, welcomes them Home again. Is Trump a Christian? I don't know; God hasn't told me and I'm too busy working out my own salvation with fear and trembling. It's a safe bet Obama isn't; the proof is in the fruit of his words and actions.

Three of the current Supreme Court Justices are age 77 or older; the next President will have the privilege of putting (due to retirement, death or sleeping on the job) as many as four men or women on the bench and Trump has promised Conservative men and women, which will, for the rest of my lifetime and, probably, my sister's children's lifetime, make a huge difference in this country continuing on the path our Founding Father's placed us...a Christian path and not a Sharia path.

I'm not trying to change anyone's mind; again, that's not my job, it's God's job to make us into men and women after His own heart. I'm explaining why I'm not voting my conscious and am voting for Trump. Another Clinton or Bernie in the White House will be the undoing of this country. We face both a challenge and crises; we're at yet another crossroads as we face another Presidential election but if God's people, who are called by His name, humble themselves and pray and seek after Him and turn from their wicked ways, then He will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land."

May it be so.

Ponder this ~ "Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person." ~ Mark Twain ~ (oh! how we fall short)


  1. Thank you for sharing your much upon which to further consider.

  2. I'll have to read this several times.....I'm nodding in agreement. Holding tight to Christian values. The sweet kitty pictures were a needed break...made me smile and gave me time to think. Well written.

  3. You nailed it sister!!! One of the best explanations for this political nightmare that I've ever read. I'm with you 100%....
    Ps-- sure do miss you...

  4. Ooooh, Sandra. Well, you already know we differ on how we see much of this. However, I believe you and I both to be level headed, smart minded women. Funny how we can be so far apart on some things. I don't think we have any sane choices in this election. That includes Mr. Trump. I have no idea what I'm going to do. The lesser of two evils? I don't want to choose evil in any form. And if you think Trump isn't full of his own, you're fooling yourself. I'm from New York, I've known his stories for a very long time. I am a Yankee, and I won't tell you what northerners say in a negative way about southerners, because I don't think promoting it by repeating it is the respectable thing to do. I can tell you I've been down south plenty of times and appreciated some southern hospitality and witnessed some rude redneck behavior as well. I live up north and have seen an awful lot of generosity as well as some snobbery. It's everywhere and I sure do wish we could all unite as one people and stop labeling, live on this earth as one people. To be clear, not accusing YOU of this at all. But it's always there, isn't it.

  5. Amen sister. I too wish we had ANOTHER CHOICE as I have serious concerns about Trump and Hillary. But I firmly believe my Christian faith is safer with Trump at the helm than Hillary. There are lots of things I wonder about Trump, but they pale in comparison to WHAT I KNOW ABOUT HILLARY. These are desperate times. America needs JESUS. Blessings to you from Missouri! And God bless America!!

  6. Totally agree with your assessment of president O. Tragic, what he's done or not done. I couldn't possibly vote for another Clinton, she's worse than he is, but that Clinton Foundation? License to steal & total corruption. I've gladly vote for Donald. At least we know where he stands and I think he'll do a brilliant job.

  7. I will only think about my vote when the time comes, and I not before. I refuse to waste my time on too much political opinions of others on TV, radio, and newspaper. There is so much more to do ... like smile at kittens!! Yours are completely adorable!

  8. As a non American I have been fascinated by your political circus [better than ours at present & ours is a 2 flea circus ring any day of the week]. Both your choices strike me as appalling but it seems to me Clinton is an out & out criminal ~ & treasonous to boot ~ not sure if that is too much media or not. We certainly pray for your country & its choices, if only because we are allies & what happens over there is likely to impact us. I pray you make good choices, godly choices. And I adore ginger kittens! ♥

  9. WOW! Thanks for speaking your true thoughts.

    Love your sweet Molly.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  10. Thanks Sandra for so clearly and concisely stating what should be obvious
    to everyone. But Americans have been fed lies for so long that we are very
    deep in the weeds. We must face the facts, as well outlined by Newt Gingrich
    last night, and realize that we are AT WAR. Let us all pray that we elect
    Mr. Trump who has the courage to do what needs to be done to bring our
    country back to what the original founders intended.

  11. My conscience says - None of the Above - praying for some legal and fancy maneuver by either a third party candidate or at one of the conventions to give us a real choice. Trump is contemptuous of people, vulgar in speech and has publicly stated he is pro abortion - Clinton is a professional politician which is a difficult creature to feel positively about.
    Politics make obvious what huge gaps there are in America's educational system - most people don't have a grasp of either history or philosophy - I can only turn to my faith - God IS in control and just as He did in Israel - we may well have terrible leadership for a time to force us to our knees!

  12. Sandra, I learned in the election 8 years ago when I broke with my Republican party past and voted for Obama simply because I thought he would heal racial divisions in our country--hasn't quite happened, has it--and my husband almost divorced me over it, that it seems almost impossible for people to sit down and discuss their views, differ but still be friends who respect each other. And I got upset yesterday reading one blogger who not only has the opposite opinion from you, and from me, but who wrote as if hers was the one and only sane and intelligent opinion.

    I wish it were otherwise. From what I've heard, many members in Congress, although they are of opposite parties, are still friends, frequent visitors in each others homes.

    I'm so glad to read the comments so far here that show that even if they disagree with you on some issues, they've commented with respect. I think all of us join you in loving "every wee bit of Thistle Cove Farm" and we love its owner too!

  13. Bless you Sandra as you care for all these little creatures. Your kittens are adorable! I am seriously considering writing in a candidate. Maybe Cruz. But I'll have to research what you mentioned about him. But my husband, who did not initially support Trump, feels that, if just for the Supreme Court alone, we need to vote for him. I sure hope Trump's VP choice of Pence will be an influence for good in his thinking. Oh, the haters are starting already on his conservative social views.
    I, too, am dismayed that there is so much rancor and hatred among people.
    And by the way, my daughter and I (in Michigan) have been told by friends in Alabama, that we're more southern than most southerners they know! I guess they think we're polite! Yes, there are some nice people up here!
    Blessings to you, Deborah

  14. Thanks, Sandra! It took guts to write this. As much as "voting our conscience" sounds like the right thing to do, I can't really see how it could work. Maybe that's a lack of faith on my part. Thanks for giving us your opinion to add to our considerations.

    That kitten is pretty smart. Living the life of Reilly!

  15. Good post, Sandra. I'm with you on the election this November.

  16. It should come as no surprise, Lee, I'm a committed of those Bible believing, but not Bible thumping, women who sold out to Jesus at an early age.
    I'm fearful, regardless of what we're admonished in the Good Book, for our country and the path we have chosen thus far. I've spoken with other Christians who will vote for Clinton or write in "someone" and their sheer arrogance astounds me! It's as if they haven't even thought about praying for God's wisdom and guidance.
    Heaven help us all!

    Debby, I believe he's the only candidate who can win over Clinton and that's the Main Objective...Keep Clinton Out of the White House!

    Miss you too, Vicki; found 2 more hummingbird nests recently and thought of you...again. As I said, I'm not a Trump fan but believe he's our only hope against having Clinton's back in the White House.

    Karen, I'm not fooling myself at all; my vote for Trump is a vote against Clinton...pure and simple. I'd vote for almost anyone to keep Clinton out of the White House. She doesn't deserve to be POTUS much less CIC.
    I know what Northerner's say about Southerner's and don't care; just like I don't care what Southerner's say about Northerner's. After all, where do people move when they retire? The South...right? lol
    I've lived north of the MD line...upper East Side of Manhattan to be exact. I did great in cold call sales in NY; when people heard my accent, they loved me and I wasn't above spreading it on
    As to being a redneck...I must do a post on that word as it's a proud, venerable term that most have no clue about.
    Poor white trash, on the other hand...not so much.

    Yes to another BETTER conservative choice but I'm afraid it's Trump and another Clinton. I'll vote Trump to keep Clinton out of the White many Christians stayed home the last 2 elections and that's how we ended up with a Muslim in the White House...God help us all!

    Yep, the kittens are totally AAAdorable!

  17. I am not a "political person". So much of it I just don't understand, but this election has me scared to death. I will not and cannot vote for Clinton. But I think Mr. Trump's mouth is his worst enemy. All we can do is pray for wisdom, and hope the news media will not continue to turn this into the "circus" is has been recently!! Thanks, Sandra, for your opinion. I greatly enjoyed reading this post.

  18. You neglected to mention God's punishment of David, and the people whose lives were destroyed or died because of David's sins. His own children. His people.He paid dearly for his failings. God uses many as examples to us who may choose to disobey him. I found it interesting that you demonized Ted Cruz for sharing a ride on Air Force One to attend the fallen officer's memorial. (I assume Obama thought it best to show up with someone who actually knew something about God) Yet you'll vote for Trump with all his failings,and he's the one who supported the Clintons, quite handsomely too.
    If you want to talk about faith, remember that neither Trump or Hillary are too big for God to handle. We are called to be obedient in His word.
    Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
    God knows what our choices are. Both by their own words and example are evil. God's not limited by election result. Our place is to pray and trust in him.Not lend our support to evil that we think is the better evil. There's no such thing. You aren't obligated to make a choice. Vote for those on the ticket you can honestly support.
    You kitten is precious.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. You're right, Marsha, Clinton Foundation is a license to steal. Clinton sold out Christopher Stevens and the 3 militay men, now she wants to finish selling out America. She's traded this country for money, she's sold her soul and will, eventually, pay the price. In the meantime, American citizens will all suffer the cost.

    Ganeida, yes, our politics is a circus and most are clowns. Unfortunately, most have also sold their souls for money but we, the American people, will suffer the most.

    Connie, the kittens are cute.

    Hi Rainey, Molly is cute, mean too. ...grin... As for speaking my mind, God says we're to be hot or cold but if we're lukewarm He'll spew us out of his mouth. I'll be branded and tried for many things but I stand for Jesus and Israel. I have lesbian friends; they know I don't love their life style but I love them.

    Hi Pat, yes, we are at war, both spiritual and physical but the present administration isn't a Christian nor is he an American. He's everything that's against both and has done major harm to this country. Liberals and liberal media have drug the rest of us down to a common level where we aren't that far from anarchy in this country. Until Christs' return, it will only get worse.

    That's fine, Linda, we all have to answer to God for every thought, word, deed and action or non-action. Christians have a lot to answer for in this country; we allowed Obama to be elected because we wouldn't vote for a Morman. I'd rather have Romney than Obama but that didn't happen.
    Trump stated he was pro-abortion and since, has changed his mind. Is that not allowed? If not, that sort of negates the whole redemption story. God has always used fallen men and women to work His will; I believe God is using Trump. I believe Trump is the only hope for American to return to God. Perhaps God will use America to cause Trump to (re) turn to Him. Only God knows.
    We've had terrible leadership for almost 8 years; my concern is we'll see Sharia law.

    Deborah, like I said, I'm not trying to change minds; I'm trying to give information to help folks make a better informed decision. It bothers me, greatly, Christian people will vote "their conscious" when we're supposed to be Biblical minded and seek God's will in voting. That may be different for each of us; I'm willing to accept it.
    Pence is a good choice and shows Trump's willingness to surround himself with wise, conservative people. That has been Trump's strong point...he surrounds himself with people who are great at what they do and then gives them room to do the job.
    I never saw the television show where people said he was disrespectful of people not realize it's TELEVISION and meant to be confrontational? Seriously! Do people really thing there are naked people running around trying to survive? Dear Lord!
    The Supreme Court judges being replaced is my main reason for voting Trump but I have dozens more.

    It really did take courage, Lisa; so many people get angry when someone disagrees. I can like the person but not their politics and that's what I want and expect in return. No, I don't believe in 'voting my conscious' because it may not be Biblical. As a Christian, my world view is Biblical and if my conscious doesn't jib with the Bible, then my conscious is wrong...every time! I have no opinion unless it's Biblical based.
    Yep, that kitten is a mean little cuss too!

    Debbie - I truly believe he's God's man for the hour; it may, very well, be a case of "You meant it for evil but God worked it for good."

  21. I just found your blog and read this article with extreme interest. You have said exactly what I believe....Maybe God is sending us Trump to get us back on the right road....if we fall any further from the beginning of this Nation we will be lost, with no way to get back. Let me Praise God for people like you who have opened eyes, who share His Word, who speak the truth....Blessings ~ Cissy

  22. Just came across this entry, Sandra, and echo your concerns and
    dilemma. What are the Trump alternatives? At least we have in him a
    man who evidently wants to salvage what is left of our Nation and reestablish it as a positive influence in the world. I am convinced
    that Obama(read Michelle's college thesis for her disdain of America) and the Clintons do not fully comprehend "What doth it profit a man etc.." ignorant,foolish, non discerning? then not fit to lead this
    Nation as God would ordain...... The wisdom of the Word continues to be the best guide I know for making choices. I relish the wisdom I always find in your blog, bless you.


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