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Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogland Free Stuff

Doncha just love free stuff? Hey, Jennifer...I'm talking to YOU -smile- 'cause you've already said you love free stuff. Okay, here's my secret... Blog Giveaways. Yep, as a hobby, this wonderful woman has a blog called Blog Giveaways where she lists bloggers and what they are giving away. She also tells the suspense date so you know to skeedaddle or stroll; what an AAAbsolutely nice thing to do!

Quilting on a Budget is giving away an OTT light. Yep, you read that OTT light! Those things are fabulous, especially for 'older eyes' but any eyes will benefit from this full spectrum light. I've bought other 'full spectrum lights' but they aren't anywhere nearly as good as OTT lights.

East Coast Tropics
is giving away some beautiful hand crafted soap that looks like it should be eaten, not used in the bath.

Rose is giving away THREE pendants to three lucky winners. I just love that fused glass jewlery but have no clue how to make it. It is beautiful though.

Jersey Bites is giving away Tahitian vanilla beans...oh gosh, I do love vanilla flavor. Around here when I asked at the grocery, "do you carry vanilla beans?" I was told, "vanilla isn't a bean, it's a liquid." Gosh. Who knew?

Cherish Collages
is giving away a photo story book...wonderful gift...check it out.

If you win anything, please let me know so I can share in your joy.

Blessings ~ kind folks who give away gifts ~ blogland ~ jewlery ~ Blog Giveaways Woman ~


  1. Oh No, it sounds like you live in a culinary wasteland like me. Half the time I am afraid to ask the grocery store employees questions. I just know it's going to be a comedy of errors. Thanks for the link. Good luck in the give away. I think we might be having "liquid" vanilla in an upcoming giveaway.

  2. So glad you discovered Blog Giveaways! So many beautiful souls giving of themselves in blogland!

    P.S. you take the most *gorgeous* photographs! I am really loving looking at all your slices of life in pictures and imagining a life amidst such beauty.

  3. Hi JerseyBites - culinary wasteland indeed! I've been known to get on the intercom at WM grocery and ask for help. To give me credit, this was after I'd ask two employees who ignored me, funny how the intercom brings!

    Hi Bejeweled - thanks for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. The beauty around here is what makes the hard work worthwhile.


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