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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sabbath Keeping

The recent snowstorm is nothing more than memories and photographs; perhaps a skiff of snow on the tallest peak in Tazewell County, Morris Knob, pictured above. Here, I'm looking from the alfalfa field, looking across the side and lower pastures, across Rt 91 and then to the Knob, as it's called around here.
Clinton has begun lambing and this is one of the first. It's a down breed mix, primarily Suffolk is my guess and just a few days old. Somehow he managed to get outside the fence so I picked him up, held him for a few squirmming moments and then placed him back inside the fence. He's wild and hated being held but that's the price he has to paid to be put back with Mama. At least I loved on him a bit, Clinton would have tossed him through the fence and said, "get tough!" Yes, Clinton thinks I'm a softie as well as a "hobby farmer"...strong words indeed! And, he's right -smile-.
Psalm 50:10, "For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills."
Buster Brown passed away this weekend and was buried in his clothes. People have asked me if I shear them when they die and have fleeces this lovely. The answer is, "I simply can't." I just cannot send them to their grave nekkid. I know, I's tremendously foolish of me but, for me, it's just wrong. Buster Brown was a good friend for a good many years. I have so many fond memories of nose kisses, head rubs, warm sheepy breath with the smell of alfalfa as he would rub his head against my cheek. He would stand with his head raised when it was time to take his de-worming medicine; not many will stand quietly. He would, slowly but steadfastly, come when he was called. He would allow me to love on him as he stood, patiently, accepting my love with his unwavering heart. He returned that love, unconditionally and always with calm acceptance.

I'm not a good farmer; however, I am a good steward of my animals and that which God has entrusted to me. I'm given the privilege of caring for these "beasts of the field", for tending to their physical needs -food, water, shelter- and I count it all joy. I do realize they aren't humans, truly I do, but I also realize this is the work of my hands as well as my heart and in order for me to stand in the face of God and have Him say, "well done thou good and faithful servant", I must do those things necessary to take extremely good care of His creation.
Zacheous is one of Buster Brown's barn buddies and is almost as ancient as Buster. He's slowing down rapidly but still loves to eat cracked corn out of my hand, drinks his warm water and, if I'm seated, will come to be loved, hugged and kissed.

These are the days that make up the moments that make up my life and, surely, my cup overflows.

We've been off the farm since Thursday past; Dave had a biz meeting in Richmond and I tagged along to use the hotel "heated"...and I use the word loosely...pool, hot tub and other facilities. Truthfully, it was a chance to visit friends and family in central Virginia.

As usual we got a late start but managed to get to RIC with a few moments to spare before city folks call supper...on Thursday night. Friday was spent running errands, lunch with friend Peggy, back to the hotel to use the pool, etc. before getting ready for another biz dinner with Dave's associates and friends. Saturday was spent with friend, Mary Lois, and we had a blitz run at the Goodwill store. I found some absolutely lovely things, will post a photo later, and enjoyed my girlfriend time. We finished up the weekend by visiting my Beloved Sistah then Mother and Daddy before heading home early today, Sunday.

This week will be spent getting ready for the One World One Heart finish, will complete some textile postcards...much overdo to be mailed...will mail out a couple of Ravelry swaps and deal with whatever crops up at the last moment. Something always does and I've found it pays to be, a bit, prepared. HAHAHAHA!!! rolling on the floor, madly laughing because LIFE HAPPENS and all I can do is, mainly, hang on...

Also this week, I'm headed to Dr. Bill's Princeton vet's office to pick up a couple of kittens. It's awfully quiet around here and we need some young blood. Although, Miss Kitty is now biting my fingers as I'm typing because my hands are busy but NOT PETTING HER! My animals only wish I knew my place as well as they know my place -smile-.

There are some folks who have decided this blog worth being a touchstone and I am grateful. I adore net-meeting people, seeing what they are doing, how they are living their lives and faith...when you make an opportunity, share the love and please visit Pam Warden, an incredible artist who melds her Christian faith with her artwork...AAAmazing!, Jaime, Rapunzle, Cowgirltazz, Jeweled Elegance, too cool work, KathyB, Jacob sheep aplenty, Penny, lovely visit, Gail, ---and please remember Gail and hers in your prayers...God is allowing them to go through some really rough times---, Leslie my Meadows of Dan neighbor and Robin my near Roanoke neighbor.

We're all in this thing called "life" pays to hold hands, treat others the way we want to be treated, forgive each others and ourselves and to keep the faith but, especially, cultivate praying friends for those times you're too exhausted to pray for youself!

Blessings ~ beautiful places ~ love for one another ~ prayer ~ praying friends ~ blogland and blog friends ~


  1. I can't believe ALL that snow is gone. It looked like you would be buried in it forever. I know you are relieved you don't have to trudge through it or force Abigail to wear that sweater! LOL!!

    I am so sorry to hear about Buster Brown. I love that you cherished he while he was here. And I am glad that you don't shear them when they go. I would not be able to do that either.

    Your family and friend visits sound wonderful. I miss my family so:) And I can't wait to see what treasures you found at Goodwill. It constantly astounds me what people will part with when I purchase family photos amd mementos.

    Enjoy the new kitties and hang on!

    Love, Jamie

  2. wow, you have a beautiful blog, i love all the pictures of your farm and the truly live your land....i am teary eyed about your animals that have past and it is so so hard, we have 8dogs that we have rescued and i am constantly worrying when the older ones will start their are truly one of my fav new blogs....take care~ kim from ohio

  3. Hi Jamie - only the smallest of caches lie on the northern banks, the rest of the snow is all melted. Another storm is expected this coming weekend...I'm hoping for as much snow as last storm! My visit was lovely and thanks for your condolences; all my critters are special and so missed when gone.

    Hi dogfaeriex5 - thanks for visiting and steel your heart against the day you begin losing your beloved companion animals. It's hard but do what's right for them and not for you...that helps make it easier.
    BTW, your earrings are BEEEYOUUUTIFUL in the OWOH. I've entered your drawing and hope I win. -smile-

  4. Thank you for visiting my blogs and I have entered your name in my OWOH drawing...your blog, your animals and your surroundings are just lovely. What a wonderful place to be..I will be back and visit you again..I love making "net-friends" also.

    Create & Share

    Linda (Okla)

  5. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I adore your blessing at the end of your post. MAy I use it with my family and friends also giving you credit?

    smiles, cyndi

  6. Hi Linda East - thank you for visiting me, come back soon. Come for Sheep Shearing Day 4 April and get a glimpse of Glory.

    Hi ByLightOfMoon - please do use the blessing as your own. It's meant to be an encouragement to others as well as a thank you to God.

  7. Thank you soooo very much for the prayers and thoughts! Life has hit us with lots...I think we are now Mr. and Mrs. Job...LOL

    But, God is good...we still have a roof over our heads, food, friends, family, and blessings that have not yet been revealed.

    Thanks for your "luv"...

  8. I just found your blog and had to say how much I appreciated your tribute to Buster Brown. We raised sheep since 1994 and have told some of our dear friends good bye, due to age. it is a dificult thing to do when they become such an important part of your life and family. I am truly sorry for your loss but I can tell from what I have read about you that you gave him the most wonderful, care for and loved life...and he knows it!

    It is amazing how much he looked like my Monica. She is 12 years old now (a Romney x Border Leicester) and we fear this summer may be her last. I spend hours with her, just watching and loving her. She has been a wonderful mother, an excellent wooler, and a tired and true friend thru the years but her eyes are showing a lack luster for life and her movements are slow. These guys give us so much and all we can do is be the best shepherds we can.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Take care and know that Buster Brown is now with the "ultimate" shepherd.

  9. Good Morning Gail - isn't it a privilege to pray one for another? Yes, we're all blessed well beyond our deserving but God is good. You and yours are still on the prayer list.

    Good Morning Malinda - thanks for visiting TCF and for your kind words. Like you, I believe Buster is now with the good Shepherd and we'll all be rejoined one day. Give Monica a nose kiss for me and, when the time comes, tell her to say hello to Buster. They'll be fast friends.
    I hope you'll be a frequent visitor to TCF; come for Sheep Shearing Day if you're in the area.

  10. I know you miss the creatures when they're gone..they've had wonderful lives with you. And produced so much wonderful wool!


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