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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Am Angry...

and don't really know how to, effectively, say my piece so I'll let two other women tell you what's so disturbing.

Pam Warden brought it to my attention when she published Heidi's, at Mom's Ministry and More Valentine's day post about child pornography and President Obama's nomination for Deputy Attorney General Mr. David Ogden. A Voice for Mom's post, yesterday, puts forth more information about why Mr. Ogden is not the best nominee and what he's supported in the past that leads any sane person to question why President Obama thinks Mr. Ogden should even be considered much less nominated for Deputy Attorney General.

So much for platitudes like "the children are our future".

If you find this as disturbing, please contact your Senator and let him/her know you do not support Mr. Ogden for Deputy Attorney General and why you don't support him. Senators, legislative records, committees and more information may be found here.

Blessings ~ vigilant women and men ~


  1. I am beginning to feel there is no more hope for decency in elected officials ...especially given the current climate in Washington. If the almost ready to be born are fair game for the butchery and dismemberment Prez. B.O. is so unabashedly in favor of, why would he actually care about the other issues that threaten children?

    Needless to say, since so many Americans think this is O.K., and vote in favor of such horror, I have hope only in God. Mercy has been thrown in the pit of horrors along with the dead unborn and about to be born.

  2. Thank you so much for speaking out! I think this is SO important and it encourages me to see women speaking up. I have fixed the link on my site (I think that particular page had expired, so I changed the link to another.)

    God bless you!


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