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Monday, February 16, 2009

Grosgrain Fabulous

There's an incredible RED 'Conservatory Overcoat' giveaway at Grosgrain Fabulous; go visit to see the photo and sign up. This woman is **self-taught** and that simply blows my mind. Probably because I can still remember the wicked home ec teacher of 9th grade who made me rip out NINE TIMES...yes, as a matter of fact I CAN still remember the number...the skirt zipper because, "it's just not quite right, dear."

Well, she never wore the skirt, I did and, trust me, it was okay with me by about the third rip out. Even though I'm the first born in the family, I've never had that pesky "perfectionist" attitude that troubles so many first born children. I mean, there's a TON of stuff to do in this old world, why waste A Single Mo on perfection when that's God's department in the first place?

Blessings ~ bloggers who give great stuff away ~ good self esteem without negative tendencies such as perfectionism ~ time to surf the blog and run across wonderful folks doing fabulous things ~


  1. Hey! You're lessening my chances of winning!

  2. Nice to see your name again on my comments!! :-)

    I'm afraid I got a bit of the oldest child/perfectionist gene - but I must say that a doing something a third time is excessive!!! It's a wonder you weren't turned off to sewing completely!

    Love your blog - your writing style is as soothing as a cool glass of water on a very hot day.

  3. Amen sister ! I am an oldest kid who has never suffered with the 'perfectionist' problem. And my home ec teachers made me HATE home ec! They were at least as silly as yours and it was not until I needed to learn to sew and began to cook for my family that I discovered the joy of these endeavors. Somewhere, somehow...those teachers learned how to show students that they could just suck the joy out of home making and probably helped a whole generation of women truly believe that the skills so very useful to ANYONE were chores of unbelievable intricacy and not worth doing! touched a nerve here. You can tell that 40 years later I am angry about 2 years of horrible home ec experiences...( how important is it to you to break a recipe down into thousandths? , one home ec teacher sent us to remedial math to learn this amazing skill!)

    As you say, life is too short to waste time on that kind of nonsense!

  4. Hi Jennifer...check out the free stuff and hope you win!

    Hi Crystal...thank you so very much for your kind words, they will warm many a frosty morn.

    Hi you, I now love keeping a home and wonder how many other girls had a bad experience such as you and I.


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