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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Full Buck Moon

These full moon photos were taken two nights ago, the first in the gloaming and the second around 2:00 a.m. Both this photo and the one below were taken from my back porch. This is the gloaming, that time between dusk and dark, when the night has yet to stake her claim and the day is relinquishing her hold. The word 'gloaming' is Scots, meaning to glow; for beautiful photos of the gloaming, click here.

Here, you can see the night has claimed her own.

Most full moons have at least two names, sometimes more. The Full Buck Moon, in July, is called so because it's when the new antlers of buck deer erupt in velvety fur coatings. Other names are Full Thunder Moon because of the frequent storms as well as Full Hay Moon. All the names are appropriate, don't you think? Thanks to the Farmer's Almanac, a lot of this information is still available and I am grateful. I tend to do things by the signs and the Almanac helps me know when to do what
This photograph was taken when I turned around and saw I'd left the door open to the mud room. The way the light is spilling out of the house, positioned against the full moon, pleased me.

Old ways and old days fascinate me. Oh no, it's not that I want to live at any other time than now because I figure this is where and when God wants me and that's fine by me. The Bible says, somewhere, but I can't recollect just now, that each generation becomes weaker and loses a bit more knowledge. So, when folks think we're so all fired smart because we've placed men on the moon or have a telephone that can take photos, send e-mails and the like, it's best to remember we've, more than likely, already lost more knowledge than we hold in our hands. If you doubt, just think of the Inca's Machu Pichu located in the Andean Mountains or Stonehenge in Great Britain constructed in the Neolithic period. Few know about Armenia's stonehenge called Karahundj or Carahunge. Stonehenge was constructed around 4000 BC but Karahundj was constructed 3,500 years earlier in the Sissian region of Armenia.

Dave and I have been to Karahundj and it is, in a word, Amazing! The 204 stone observatory stands on a lonely, wind swept hillside and many of the stones have holes in the top center that are directed on the horizon and toward space.

A few days ago, the dogs and I walked down the hill to the water trough. It needed to be cleared of algae and the dogs needed the exercise as did I.

The dogs loved the walk down the hill, not so much the walk back to the house. I ended up carrying Sam Spade as his little legs gave out on him. -smile-

You can see the rear of this deer as he's busily eating berries. Upon closer inspection, they looked to be red currants.

At least I think these are red currants.

These lovely snapdragons grow wild so every few days, I stop and cut a fresh bouquet for the tables and porches. Aren't they beeeyoouuutiful!?

"Miss Emma, Miss Emma! Calling Miss Emma! Are you ready for your closeup, Miss Emma?" She sure looks ready. Look at those cute little paws crossed and the beguiling way she stares at the camera. She's taking a break in my red yarrow; yes, the same red yarrow I grow as a dye plant. Oh well. At least Miss Emma will bring just as much enjoyment, perhaps more so, than does the red yarrow.

There are SO many deer around and all signs point to a cold winter. These three deer were grazing in a field a short distance from the house.

On the way to town yesterday, we saw yet another box turtle in the road. I slammed on brakes and Dave got out to render assistance.

Dave carefully moves the little box turtle to the side of the road, in the direction in which s/he was headed.

No one can accuse the Hardees in Tazewell of not having chicken! This little banty was on the loose and, since so many people in town have chickens, surely someone will claim her soon.

Early this morning, we headed to the barn to do chores. The sheep are just awakening as the morning sun streams across the valley, across our farm and across our near lot.

Sam Spade starts investigating the barn lot just behind the barn. The sheep have spent the night there and are still enjoying the cool of the morning.

WOW! Sam Spade jumps and turns back into the barn as one of the sheep bleat at him. Or, perhaps snorted. At any rate, it sure startled him.

Blessings ~ travel ~ all of creation's beloved ~ a helping hand ~ the moon ~ the early morning sun ~ gloaming ~ currants ~


  1. Oh, what a joy it is to read your Blog. You have taken me through a day of wonder on your farm, with the animals and the full moon. Thank you.
    Blessings, Star

  2. Lovely pictures and post! I was especially pleased to see another box turtle rescued from the road. Miss Emma is so photogenic.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I am glad to see there are other places in the world where you pull over for a turtle in the we also have frogs jumping across the back roads and mama ducks who try and get their little ones across the freeway which is usually not a success. I remember the first time my daughter came home just sobbing she said mom I hit a bunny on the back road..I of course thought she was hurt. poor bunny but glad she was ok and the car.

  4. What a wonderful stroll around your beautiful farm! I just love coming here and all the lovely things/animals/places that you show/tell us about! You live in a very beautiful spot!

  5. These pics are awesome!!!
    I really like the one where you left the door open also where the sheep are lying down.

    So glad that you shared these pictures on your blog.


  6. I love the pictures and the info. The picture of the light on in the mud room says a lot to me, and what a good shot of Sam Spade in mid-turn!

    Our son stopped the tanks in desert training to save a turtle from being squashed. He loves turtles, and bees, and get the picture. ( Marines aren't s'posed to be so sensitive )

    Thanks for sharing your day of wonder on Thistle Cove.

  7. Good Morning Star, thank you for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed your self. Please return soon.

    Good Morning Leslie, thank you and I knew the box turtle rescue would please you -smile-.

    Good Morning Woebegon Cottage, thank you for visiting and yes, we pull over for all sorts of critters. I'm glad your daughter escaped injury, that could have been awful all the way 'round.

    Good Morning Joni, I just love early mornings, the light is beautiful and the cool is incredible.

    Good Morning Deanna, thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It's amazing what photos can be gleaned at 2 a.m.!

    Good Morning Kathy, Sam Spade is always photogenic! Marines, in the tone of the day, ROCK! I've never met a Marine I didn't appreciated!

  8. Hi=)
    So lovely farm you have <3

  9. Anonymous8:07 AM EDT

    Beautiful pictures! I've been to Machu Picchu and it was just AMAZING! I would love to know what they did! So much information lost. *sighs*
    Those currents, I found a similar bush and want to make sure of what they are before I pick and eat them! Thank you for the direction.

  10. Hi Nina, thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and for your nice compliment. Please, come back soon.

    Hi Annette, OH MY! I am envious of your trip and would love to read all about it...hint, hint...on your blog. Yes, I think those are currants but need to check before making jelly.

  11. Good morning! Thanks for visiting, Sandra. I love this post. My favorite pic is the of the sheep in early morning with the barn in the background. Just beautiful!

    Ok, I am trying to figure out what I am supposed to do for the Honest Scrap Award. Do I post ten things about me and then choose 10 bloggers to pass it on to? Let me know and i will take of it. I have no idea how to get the Honest gadget to my blog!
    Let me know! Misha

  12. I am so thankful to have connected with you. Your blog is such a treat for me. I love your photos, especially the moon in this one. (You know my affinity with the full moon!) The last photo of Sam Spade is hilarious - he could put my cutting horse to shame with that move.

    I have some plants with berries on them that my mom told me were black currants. I grew them from seed and was told they were "Garden Huckleberry". I guess I'll have to investigate some more..

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  13. Really beautiful pictures. And thanks for your kind words, Sandra.

  14. I do enjoy your blog and the pictures of your farm are beautiful. I love Sam Spade.

  15. Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your day on the farm. I have stopped by to tell you that I have given you an award. Please stop by my blog for the details.


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