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Monday, July 06, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

My cup overflows! Leslie, In the Shadow of Juniper Hill, has gifted me with the Honest Scrap Award. Leslie is a homesteader in California and is as far west as one can go in this great continental USA and I'm as far east as she is west...there's a symmetry there that pleases, and amuses, me.

I'm supposed to tell readers 10 things they may not know about me. That's easy, I think...and then I have to tag 10 people with this award, let them know they have received it and then let Leslie know I'm in compliance -smile-. This is a cool award, at least I think it's a cool award, and a great way to find out "stuff" about other bloggers especially others whom I find interesting. I've done a bit of research but can't find the beginnings of the Honest Scrap Award but it's all over the world and I find that pretty cool as well.

Here are my 10 things and I had such fun doing them that I added a few photos. Photos aren't required but, gosh!, the amount of enjoyment they brought me made all the time spent searching them out quite worthwhile!

~ When I was fourteen years old, I staged a back yard carnival and raised a bit more than one hundred dollars for the Crippled Children's Hospital in Richmond, VA. Neighborhood children and their parents paid to play in a wading pool, play games and win prizes, buy cookies and lemonade but all the money went to the hospital where my cousin's infant boy had just received surgery free of charge. Yeah Shriners, you ROCK!

The first time I ever needed a passport was in 2004, when, in my fifth decade, I traveled to Russia to teach Rural Tourism Development, Increasing Farm and Small Business Income and Developing Tourism Trails. Dave, bless him, traveled with me which was a good thing as the rest of my group was detained for a week. Dave and I were stumbling around the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport and were finally claimed by a "No Neck ABC Guy" -get my meaning??? Col. Klink, as I eventually nickknamed him, was former KGB - who said, "Get in the van." Oh yeah, sure thing Col. Klink, no problem. That story is for another post but all's well that ends well and God blessed us time after time after time on that trip. Hmmm...remembering now how later we pulled over to the side of the road and some young man jumped into the van to exchange US dollars into rubles. He and Dave looked like the Flying Nimble Finger Guys; I wanted to take a picture but it was, slightly, frowned upon. Huh? Oh yeah. I get it now! -grin-

Dave and I have camped in the Sahara Desert with the Bedouins and Tuareg nomads only about 9 miles from the Algerian border...that was exciting and frighting all at the same time. I climbed to the top of a sand dune to peer into Algeria and frightened myself with thoughts of "what if..."This was our Christmas card a couple of years ago. We rode camels in the Sahara Desert with the legendary Turaug nomads also known as The Blue Men. This was during the same trip as above and, since I love this photo, just had to toss it in the mix -smile-.

I am an honorary Berber and have actually passed for a Berber woman of the High Atlas Mountains in MoroccoI love to fish, especially for salmon in Alaska

I am an eighth...or is it ninth???...generation American shepherd, my Daddy's Mothers' family, the Hamrick's, arrived from Ireland in 1654 and made their way to these beloved Appalachian Mountains

I raise rare, hypoallergenic American Curly horses...ridden by the 'winning side' at the Battle of the Little Big Horn -smile- as well as rare, primitive Shetland sheep along with Romney, Merino and cross bred sheep

Dave and I have flown by commercial plane from Fairbanks to Point Barrow, flown by bush plane to Prudhoe Bay and then driven the Haul Road south through the Arctic Circle back to Fairbanks, Alaska

I've spun yarn on a borrowed drop spindle, in the Carpethian Mountains of Romania and have a nice collection of Romanian textile artifacts. In order to cross the border we had to "pay" -wink, wink- as in tuck some money into our passport, the border guards.

I've had an interview with the Georgian President's Assistant in Tiblsi, Georgia and discussed ways to develop markets for Georgian shepherds wool clip. Yes, there's a photo somewhere but couldn't place my hands on it and got tired of looking.

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Blessings ~ Leslie ~ the ten bloggers noted above ~ Shriners ~ friendly people all over the world ~ travel ~


  1. I especially enjoyed reading about you and some of your adventures!
    This was a great post.

    Amazing journey you've been on.
    God Bless ya.


  2. Congrats on your Award!!!
    I think your post is very truthful and I really feel like I know you even better.

    Thank you for treating me to this Award. I'll post it soon.

    God Bless,

  3. Wow, you have had so many adventures! I really enjoyed learning more about you and the wonderful life you have. I love the camel picture too!

  4. Your list is nothing short of amazing and, honestly, awe-inspiring! I've lived an interesting life and journeyed a tad, but your existence reads like a truly fascinating storybook about exploration and farming :)

    It was a joy to learn more about you and to have the pleasure of being an arm chair traveler in your world for a little while.

    May you always have a new adventure in the wings, my friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I enjoyed reading your post and learn more about you...:O)!
    How exciting your life is!

  6. Hi Affectioknit, God has richly blessed Dave and I.

    Hi Deanna, yes, God has blessed us. In almost every country we've visited I've carried, and left, Bibles.

    Hi Deanna, yes, to the best of my memory, I've spoken truth. Although, Dave pointed out the salmon fishing photo was taken on the Rogue River in Oregon. Sigh. A short pencil is better than a long memory...true in my case! -smile-

    Hi Leslie, oh my so many adventures and, hopefully, they aren't over yet. Daddy and Mama used to pile us in the camper every summer and we'd see the great USA...thus the travel bug was hatched! -smile-

    Hi Jessica, if one can cast out fear...or at least, keep it at bay, the world is your oyster! God has so richly blessed us and we've met many, many wonderful folks along our journeys.

    Hi Timi, one of the most beautiful places we visited was Hungary! So well I remember the fields of sunflowers and the amazing garlic soup...what an incredible country you live in. Yes, it has seen its times of hardship and struggle but still retained beauty of both land and people.

  7. WOW - what an exciting collection of adventures! My posting will be a little bit more tame than yours, but who knows - it might be exciting to somebody!! LOL

  8. What adventures you have had! You have left your mark on so many interesting people; and they on you I am sure!
    Thank you for the award. I am so honored. REALLY :) I jumped up and down when I read your note in my comments. Whoopee, I'm somebody!


  9. Oh, I forgot to ask-what do I do now?!

  10. Well Sandra...who knew what an amazing woman you really are?
    I really enjoyed this ad congrats on the Honest Scrap, you earned it!

  11. Good Morning Cat, my adventures are gifts from God and I've loved every one!

    Good Morning Misha, it's been truly interesting, being a Christian female traveler in Muslim lands. I've found Muslims to be much like Christians...they want to live their lives, care for their families. It's the radicals in any religion who ruin things. At least, that's my opinion -smile-.

    Do as I did - credit the person who awarded you, tell about the award and then write 10 things about yourself. Finally, pass the award along to 10 other bloggers.
    Have Fun!

    Good Morning Carol, no, I'm not amazing but I do serve an Amazing God! Perhaps God allows me such adventures because I take Bibles and pass them around, talk about my relationship with Him and not so much my "religion". Perhaps, most of all, when adventures present themselves...I say YES! Dave and I are always looking for the Next Adventure! -smile-


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