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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Full Day

These old Appalachian Mountains are supposed to be some of the oldest on earth; perhaps so but I do know they are among the most beautiful!

Our mornings are foggy and the mist hangs heavy in the air. I enjoy these mornings just as I enjoy all other mornings at Thistle Cove Farm. Each are special and beautiful and a reminder of God's overwhelming love, grace and mercy.

A lone pigeon watches over the feeder. I think it's going to be a hard winter; I'm filling the bird feeders once a day although they would like it to be more frequent. I enjoy feeding the birds, watching them and listening to their song. It soothes me and brings great joy to my day and life.
Looking back toward the house you can see the fog hanging heavy. It's a beautiful time, when the fog is heavy. There's a peaceful holiness and everything is so quiet you can hear the Earth sigh as she draws her blanket of wet close 'round her.
This deer was in the road, undecided which way to go. I stopped the car and waited until his mind was made up and he bounded up the hillside. Usually, deer travel in pairs or groups but I saw no other deer, just this solitary deer as he went about his business.I made the most wonderful brown molasses bread with dried cranberries. It's really tasty especially with some Philly cream cheese! If anyone is interested, I'll give the recipe later this week. It's a quick bread, takes about ten minutes to make and another thirty or so to bake. I've eaten it for breakfast, lunch and as a snack and it seems to taste even better as it ages.
Early evening saw us at the County Courthouse listening to representatives from Americans For Prosperity and The Social Security Institute discuss "Obamacare".

It was extremely interesting, doubly so because the key note speaker, Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D. has worked with several administrations including Regan and Clinton and has a non-partisan viewpoint that is refreshingly clear and was able to succinctly explain why, in his opinion, the proposed "Obamacare" is wrong for the USA.

He's one of the few speakers I've ever heard who was able to get his point across, stick to his topics and all in a matter of a few minutes AND without bashing. He's made his entire presentation without letting it be known if he was Democrat or Republican and, truthfully, I didn't really care. What I do care about are the issues and the clear presentation of same. Thank you, Dr. Hunter, for being a clear and succinct speaker.

The Americans For Prosperity is an organization "...committed to educating citizens about economic policy... and whose members advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint." The Americans For Prosperity Foundation "is committed to educating citizens about economic policy and a return of the federal government to its Constitional limits."

Well! I'm all for that as a small acreage farmer; iow, an entrepreneur, I am totally against government intervention in my life and business. I believe the job of government is to govern and not to become intrusive in the lives of citizens; and, for one thing, not dictate to me how I should and when I should die.

I have several problems with the proposed Obamacare and the primary problem is why are the President, Congress and Senate exempting themselves from this proposed health care system? If it's so wonderful for the rest of us, why aren't they buying into it? I find that disturbing and raises questions that, thus far, no one will answer. That's even more frightening because when no answers are given, the thoughts one chases might be even worse than the answers.

Another problem I have is the dictate that Everyone age 65 and older MUST have "end of life counseling" with a "certified government practitioner" for "end of life options". WHAT THE...??? Again, the lack of answers to specific questions such as, "Please tell me exactly what that really means" is highly disturbing and leads me to thoughts of "assisted euthanasia" as opposed to expensive medical care for the elder. HEY! I'm fast becoming one of the "elder" and I don't like what I'm hearing...or not as the case may be!

All in all, the 1,000 page document reads like 1984 only a few years later. Uncle Sam is now Big Brother as well and in the Commonwealth of VA incest is against the law but I suppose federal supercedes state law, eh?
The crowd was, overwhelming, seniors. The only "young folks" where those who came with the speaker or the lone teenage girl who was there with her reporter mother. Here, people sign petitions and they hope to have 10,000 names to take to representatives and Senators in Virginia.
Dr. Hunter addresses the crowd and then gave time for questions and answers.

These two groups are traveling across the country in a red bus and a blue bus. Their aim is to educate people on just what the Obamacare program means in black and white and, let me tell you, from what I heard and, now from what I've researched, it's not pretty and it's also not safe for the majority of people living in the USA. The vast majority of USA citizenry are now age 60 and above and at a time when a lot of folks think they can retire and enjoy the benefits of a life well lived and worked...think again. It's just not going to happen if this "health care" plan is passed.

Please feel free to check the sites above and form your own opinion. I've also got a "cheat sheet" of facts on the 1,000 page document where one and two-sentence explanations are given about every page and/or section. If you want, I'm happy to forward it to you especially if "you're of an age...".
The view above looks toward Rt 91, aka Maiden Springs Road.

Do not be deceived as were the local "experts" who declared Maiden Spring to be plural. Where they got that idea is still a mystery to me. There's only one Maiden Spring so that makes it singular; at least it did when I went to school.

We live on Cove Road, a hard surface road of a bit over two miles then the dirt road begins.
Our road had macadam applied in the late 1960's, or so I've been told. It's a beautiful view and, in the past, when I had dogs and not puppies -smile- we would walk the road but only a mile or so. Our neighbor puts out coyote snares and I'd rather not have to rescue the dogs from one of those nasty things. They are a necessary evil and if you don't think so, then you've never seen a lamb in death throes from having its kidney ripped out by a coyote. Coyotes are not native to this region, having been brought here in the late 1950's as a deterrent to "pest animal control". I've never really been sure what that means but, perhaps, one day someone who knows will tell me.

This view is toward the head of the Cove where it dead ends in about 5,000 acres that was deeded to the Nature Conservancy.
The day ended with this beautiful rainbow, then double rainbow, where both began and ended in our pastures!

I've never seen a double rainbow begin and end in our pastures, always in our valley. It was beautiful and I'm reminded of the promise God made to Noah in Genesis 9:11 "And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." God set the rainbow in the clouds as a promise to Noah and to following generations. And think, today I've seen a double rainbow! What a wonderful gift, thank you, God.
As always, may the Good Lord take a liking to you...but not too soon!

Blessings ~ rain ~ rainbows ~ home made bread ~ a free country ~ a great view, no matter the direction ~ the scent of air after the rain ~


  1. Hi sweet dear, thank you very much for your lovely comment. It's always a joy to see your photos and glimpse into the beautiful farm world, mountainous area you inhabit.

    Assuming one does not have to drive through it, I've always really adored fog. There's something ever so mysterious and almost old fashion (a perspective that I'm sure comes from Sherlock Holmes books ;D) about it.

    Thank you again, my friend. Blessings & hugs to you!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I am going to post some of what you said on my Facebook. The cove is beautiful, but is there a cove with water? I keep meaning to ask you.

    I love a good foggy day and am already yearning for one.

    What, Sandra, you don't think Obama is looking out for you? I kid you not, the Obama lovers i personally know worship him, in every sense of the word. That is what scares me, there is no logic or reason with them....I am not one to bash or criticize publicly the President, but I am scared of his worshipers.

    I believe we are truly in days where we , as Americans, will realize we are at God's mercy, and His alone, because benevolence and kindness , the kind America used to count on, is disappearing fast. The unborn, almost born, infirm, and useless elderly will become a burden, quite soon, and without true mercy...well, kind of scary.

  3. "Everyone age 65 and older MUST have "end of life counseling" with a "certified government practitioner" for "end of life options". Are you SERIOUS!!! I had not heard this until now. This is very distrubing to me also. I hope these fellas make it here to Texas because I would love to hear them.

    Your photos are as beautiful as always and the rainbow is amazing. Love Always, Jamie

  4. Good Morning Jessica - thanks for visiting and I do love a foggy morning! It's another foggy morning here and bird song is opening up the day. Robins, cardinals and other song birds are singing their praises to God and sounding pretty darn happy about it too!

    Good Morning Kathy - we have only running water here in the Cove; streams, creeks and rivers. On the farm, we have livestock watering tanks and our water rights have been deeded to the land for generations.
    I've yet to figure out what the President's agenda is. I know he campaigned on "change" but heck, we'd get change no matter who got in office. Change we may, or may not, like but we'd get change.
    I do know also that our American Electric Power bill has increased 23% and due for another 18% increase. That's because our hard Appalachian coal has to be shipped overseas and we must buy soft coal from Montana. GOSH what's the carbon footprint on the shipping, exporting, etc. of coal going out of the country and shipped across the country?
    As usual, the increased expense is born by the consumer.
    I do believe the President is hastening forward at breakneck speed and wonder why the rush? I'm reminded of the old adage, "marry at haste, repent at leisure". A few years ago, I spoke before the VA Senate Ag Committee in opposition to a proposed bill...that would have put me and a lot of other farmers in counties bordering with other states out of business...and was told by another VA farmer, "let it pass and we'll fix it later". My mouth dropped open and I've yet to understand if she was that stupid or she thought I was.
    Yes, God's mercy, grace and love is the only thing standing between us and total chaos.

    Good Morning Jamie, I just gave the "best" of the 1,000 page document. It's far, far more serious and, to my mind, frightening.
    Another point, if you're a small business owner, you MUST allow your books to be "reviewed" by "government officials" and if you're a doctor, no matter your practice, you'll only be allowed to make the same amount as the next doc. So, if you've spent years, decades even, in obtaining your education; IOW PAYING for your education, you'll be rewarded by being allowed to make as much money as the doc who who didn't specialize.
    Very recently, in Oregon a woman's pancreatic cancer came back and her doc applied for her to have chemo. She was denied, twice, but the second time the state of Oregon said they would instead assist her in her choice of suicide. Apparently, chemo was too expensive.
    Do check out the links and get more information; be informed from folks who aren't Democrats or Republicans. You can also find out where the big red and blue buses will be next.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos; love ya back.

  5. What beautiful scenery you have to look at every day! I love a trip to our NC mountains. I have always thought I would love to live in a cabin on top of a hill. As we have been on the parkway, I have picked out places that I thought would make a great spot. I prefer the mountains to the beach.

  6. I'm afraid I would just sit and stare all day at the mountains by your home..they are truly beautiful, coming from someone who has livd on flat/farm plains all her life in IL. You are blessed to have such a view, Thank you for sharing it, and the rainbow pic is also gorgeous...We are all so blessed!!!!! Thanks for visiting my annie blog.....I hope you have a wonderful week...hugs Cyndi

  7. I am so very glad that I stopped by to read your post...
    I am going to have to do more reading about this O B A M A healthcare.
    From what I gather, he is the devil.
    What on God's green earth is this death angel doing as our country's prez????

  8. Sandra, your pics are gorgeous!! I agree that getting one of the farm blown up would be perfect if you win the contest!

    Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  9. Wow, your photos are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!

    Thank you for your comments about Obamacare. I have had concerns, but I have concerns about anything that wants to take the decision out of my hands and put it in the governments.


    Sandra, This is the site I used to help post the html code and it worked! Let me know :)

    Again, another great post from you!


  11. Also, could you forward me the 1,000 fact sheet?
    My email is

    Thanks again, Sandra!


  12. Sandra....Beautiful photos of God's creation, for sure! The whole Obama thing is scary to me. Especially now that we are getting near his mandatory counseling age!!! (hubby is 59, and I will be 56 next week)

    We hear the coyotes not far from here, tho my kids swear they are so close you could hit 'em with a rock!
    We keep the hens locked up tight at night, so the only animals out are the ducks that free-range in the pond!
    And yes, post the recipe please!

  13. Fabuoous pics, great blog. Everytime we come up to Hillsville see we the foggy mornings just like what you have photographed! Just beautiful, Blessings, Janna

  14. Deanna's term " death angel " for the prez is the best one I have read or heard. And anybody can find out about that with a minimum of research on him .

  15. Good Morning Marie, Yes, I prefer the mountains to the beach although I do enjoy visiting the beach. Thanks for visiting and come back soon. BTW, your peach cobbler looks delish!

    Good Morning Cyndi, you don't know how many mornings I sit and look at God's creation, enjoy His gift of morning. A life lived well is one lived in praise, I think.

    Good Morning Deanna, I shake my head sadly because I simply cannot figure out how a SANE person could promote death for the majority of citizens... iow, the boomer generation. And to advocate "end of life counseling options"...I would hate for that to be my legacy And Then to stand before God on Judgment Day and answer for it.

    Good Morning Becky, you have a GREAT profile photo...too wonderful! Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

    Good Morning Courtney, We are in agreement. I feel strongly about end of life mandatory counseling; iow, must begin at age 65 and continue at every five year birthday. AND, if one becomes ill between birthdays, one HAS to undergo "end of life counseling" again!

    Good Morning Misha, thank you and thank you...I did find her site and am trying to do this. I'm having problems getting the sig to go to the bottom of the page...?
    Will send you what I've got but steel yourself, it ain't pretty but it IS pretty frightening!

    Good Morning Farmgirl Cyn, Happy Birthday to EWE early! As to the "health care" being proposed, Germany went through this in the 1930's and Eleven Million people were killed simply because Someone Else thought they were inconvenient...for whatever reason!
    CALL and WRITE your Senator and Congress Representatives NOW to voice your objection!

    Good Morning Janna, thank you for visiting and glad to know you're in the area. Do you go to the Hillsville flea market each Memorial Day weekend?

    Good Morning Kathy, Yes, "death angel" is a good moniker and fits well.

  16. Love those foggy pictures. I am equally concerned about the Obama healthcare plan.

  17. i think it is a good thing that i don't live in your neck of the woods. i would sit and gaze at the beauty and never get a toilet cleaned or a load of laundry washed! you, my friend, are a lucky person!

  18. Your pictures today are BREATHTAKING, especially those of a rainbow right in your pasture! You're truly blessed and live in a very beautiful spot!

    On this healthcare thing, I've been calling Congress for weeks, and let me tell you, it's hard to get through. I think most of us are HIGHLY alarmed by this, and to know there are 1100 pages, this has had to have been in the works for YEARS. I find it interesting that GM claims it could no longer pay its bills because of "legacy costs" which means retiree costs....and now that the government owns those companies, what do they want to get rid of? LEGACY "counseling" those retirees right out of this world! And then, on top of've got this "Cash for Clunkers" program...MILLIONS allocated that should have lasted until NOVEMBER and they're ALREADY OUT OF MONEY after four days. And what do they do with these cars that people trade in? THEY SMASH THEM instead of selling them to someone else that could use them!!!! And, on top of that if they sold those used cars, they could make some of their money back, but NO! Smashing them is stupid, too because there are plenty of scrapyards that would buy them for money and resell the parts because so many people are making their cars last longer they will take used parts!!!! Talk about ACTING STUPIDLY!
    I feel another post coming on!

  19. Good Evening Farmchick, there's reason enough to BE concerned! At the federal level, Congress and Senate are voting to pass it out of committee THEN they will go home for the month of August. That gives YOU, ME and the American public who are concerned about the "fine details" only 30 days to contact our "representatives" to voice our concern.

    WHAT'S THE RUSH!? WHY SO FAST? I don't understand the sense of urgency other than it's easier to get something passed into law than fix it once it's broken. I've never, ever know a law to be "corrected" even if it's total nonsense. Thinking here of the TN law that says an elephant cannot be hung. There's a long story that goes along with that but my point is...why is that a law? Why is it STILL a law? Why is it STILL on the books? Because no legislator has EVER offered to patron a bill to remove it. And thus it shall be with the broad reaching, broad interfering, INTRUSIVE Obamacare "health care" plan!
    SLOW DOWN, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and let's approach this issue rationally, calming and without emotion.

    Good Evening Life is good, you mean clothes can be cleaned?! I thought everyone just game 'em a good shake in the morning! -smile-

    Good Evening Joni, a hard copy letter is FAR better than a phone call! A phone call can be claimed to not have been received. They also know when people write letters, they leave a paper trail...
    Joni, I am sorry to disagree with you but I don't think most people are highly concerned. I think a lot of us are highly concerned, those of us who have looked a bit deeper into the issues and the 1000 page "plan". I've talked to people in my county who simply Do Not Have a Clue and don't seem to care. They listed to the thirty second sound bit, what the media has to say -that's almost an oxymoron, eh? smile- and say, "But something has to be done!" When I say, "fine, you're 73 and will HAVE to have MANDATORY "end of life counseling" by a "certified government counselor" this year and every 5 years...unless, of course, you should become ill and then you'll have it have it between those 5 year periods. Do you want some "certified government counselor" telling you there's no money for chemo...due to your "advanced age"...but there IS money for your end of life choice?
    They look at me like I've grown another head and say, "Oh, surely you've got it wrong. That's not what it says." And so I say, I can show you the 1,000 page document; are to see it?" Thus far, no one has taken me up on the offer.
    I've surfed a bit on the i-net and it's amazing how many people are singing that same tune. "We need change, let's get this thing passed!" When they are queried, they don't know the issues; they only know, "We need change, let's get this thing passed!"

    Oh yeah. Cash for Clunkers; another incredible use of taxpayer dollars. God help us if China decides to call in our debt.
    God help us if China doesn't call in our debt; we need now, more than ever in our history, the grace and mercy that only God can give.

    BTW, Congress and Senate both want to vote to pass this out of Committee by TOMORROW, AUGUST 1. They want to go home until September so there's ONLY 30 days to get your voice heard.

    Senator Mark Warner: (202) 224-2023
    Senator James Webb: (202) 224-4024
    Rep. Boucher 202-225-3861

    Sorry I don't have the other Congress reps phone numbers but a Google search will give those in VA and other states.


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