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Friday, October 02, 2009

October Beach Moon

~ early evening moon over Surfside Beach ~

It's not quite a full moon but close; I think we're about two, perhaps three, nights away. It does look beautiful, shimmering over the water. There's something about a pregnant moon and ocean that seem to go together. The glimmer of the almost full moon, caught and reflected by the moving ocean, light breaking into millions of prisms that seem to laugh in the semi-darkness. Last night, there was a woman, a serious shell seeker, wearing a head lamp, walking the beach for treasures. I wonder what she found?

We have enjoyed our time away from home and usual responsibilities. It's a blessing and a gift, to have time and money, to leave the farm and re-group, re-new, re-store, re-charge, relax. I've slept late every morning even though I've still gone to bed at about the usual time and my body has appreciated this down time. There is a YMCA here and I've visited three times each week and even took two classes each day on half those visits. There have been strolls on the beach in sun and moon light; this time has been wonderful and I believe both Dave and I are returning home prepared for the work before us.

If you didn't, please visit my last post, God and dog, and click either on that post or here, "God and dog"; after watching, please let me know your thoughts. I thought it was fabulous! I've often wondered about the relationship of the words God and dog; pondered the nearness of one to the other and believe dog is also God's representative but with fur. Haven't you heard about the little child who was crying and Mother said, "Jesus is always with you even when you and I are apart." The little child said, "yes, but sometimes I need Him with skin." That's how I feel about dogs and I say and mean that with the utmost respect. How many times have those of us with dogs, our heads buried into our beloved friends' necks, sobbed our woes unto God? I know I have and found both God and dog to be excellent listeners. Thank you, God, for the tremendous gift of Your creation...especially dogs!

Meanwhile the rest of the world has plugged along, not mindful of our absence -smile-. Cherie, my i-net friend, now living in NC friend has a post on what's happening on the other side of the world. Tremendous rains have caused flooding and loss of life and home in the Philippines , there's been a tsunami in American Samoa and earthquakes in Indonesia; God alone knows if these events are, somehow, related.

Cherie has several posts regarding these events as well as links to relief agencies that are helping on location. Please pray and, if possible, send a few dollars to the organization of your choice. Even before the i-net, the world was a small place with all connected by His love. Now, with instant access to news, the world has shrunk further and for folks who have traveled a bit, those faces no longer look so or abroad. Yes, the need is very great, everywhere; give as He directs whether it's prayers, supplies or money. It's all His anyway, He's just letting us use it for a while.

~ moon over Surfside Beach ~

Until next time,

Blessings ~ a warm, dry bed ~ i-net friends ~ restful vacations ~ God ~ dogs ~ treasures in heaven ~


  1. I really enjoyed this post Sandra!
    I do agree about dogs, couldn't live without them! I'm glad you and Dave are having such a wonderful time! :)

  2. very lovely...
    sounds like you are having a time that is good for the soul and body...
    have a great weekend~

  3. "There's something about a pregnant moon and ocean that seem to go together"

    I'm going out onto the dock to see if the lake will suffice for the ocean. Your rest sounds most enjoyable and how good of you to make it to the YMCA three times.

    I couldn't get the dog video to play consistently, but got the drift. I miss my dog - gone four years this Christmas. I hesitate to get another - letting a cat and a bird that sit together bring me peace. Not the same though. Have fun!

  4. thank you for the link, ms. sandy. one of my patients left her blinds open just for me so i could look at the moon. it was beautiful. (although i had to look hard to find 'the man')

  5. I am so happy that you and yours are having a great time. Now as for dogs...I have my Zuni. After all that had happened to me, she was there and brought me comfort, love and hope. I thank God everyday for her.
    Thank you for a lovely post.

  6. I have contemplated the aspects of dogs that reflect the God that has made them, made them to adore us whether we deserve it or not. Made them to adore us unconditionally, and not question us about fairness...etc.,

    Beautiful photograph of the moon reflected on the ocean. It sounds like my ideal vacation, and what a tremendous blessing for you both to get away and enjoy each other and God's bounty .

  7. Beautiful pictures. The moon can be so pretty this time of year. I am dogless but I like dogs.

  8. love the carolina moon...i take sunrise pictures every day...come by the blog and see sometime...hugs, rebecca

  9. Beautiful words about the "pregnant moon" captured this moment in such a lovely way for us. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  10. A beautiful moon. Dogs are so important to my life. Without their presence, I'm not sure I would have made it through some rough times. Faith and prayer certainly and then the comfort of my loving dogs.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your time away.


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