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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time is Running Out!

This is the letter I sent to elected Commonwealth of Virginia representatives; please feel free to send a similar, or even this letter with your signature, to your elected representatives.

Dear Senator:

Certainly reform is necessary to rein in health care costs but that reform is best attended to, in my opinion, the industry and not the government. Government should return to its roots...governing and stop showing its amazing capacity for focusing on, yet being inable to correct “problems” that simply aren't in evidence. The Chrysler and financial industry debacles come, most immediately, to mind.

A successful indicator of future performance is one based on past track records so a government run health care system will be just another farce where, in “best case scenario” our great grandchildren will be enslaved; the worst case scenario is the current generation will be enslaved to China when our debts are called due.

It's my understanding Medicare and Medicaid now lose upwards of sixty billion dollars each and every year due, solely, to fraud! I suggest you and the rest of the Senate take a good, hard look at the Medicare and Medicaid fraud problem rather than turning your attention to a problem, that, similar to the King who was wearing no clothes, simply doesn't exist. At least, not in the fashion you're putting forth to the American people.

According to a recent Congressional teleconference regarding the “hidden costs” included in the 1,000+ page bill that passed in Committee, it is an outrage and I am angry! Why in the name of sanity, should USA taxpayers be asked to pay for Medicare subsidies for some states, and not others, or perks for medical research industries in some localities and not others? Why, in the name of sanity, would you even ask that of your constituents?

As to the “accounting method” used by CBO...any budget would look better after reflecting income for a few years before expenses are applied to the balance sheet. If we, the voters, ran our lives and businesses the way the US government is being run, we'd have declared bankruptcy a long time ago. Do you truly believe Communist China will agree to fund this “reform” bill? Do you really believe a day of reckoning isn't coming or do you just believe it won't be in our lifetime?

This “health care reform” bill is extremely intrusive in what used to be called private lives. It is truly abhorrent you could consider putting the yoke of oppression called “health care reform” upon your constituents when you, yourself, have opted to be excluded.

If you want to make your name and place in history, vote NO and then, turn your talents toward re-establishing a government that's “for the people, by the people”.



  1. Dear Sandra,
    Blessings to you!
    Thank you for this letter and permission to use it.

    I will be using parts of it and soon.

    I am so glad to know Christian Bloggers. These friendships and their perspective on issues help me in my Christian walk. Thank you for being my blogging friend. Appreciate this.

    God Bless,

  2. EXCELLENT Sandra!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating it and sharing it with all of us!
    I do hope and pray many, many other concerned American citizens will use this letter, or a version of it and send it to all of their Senators and Representatives...The officials that took an Oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic...."

    Blessing and hugs to you!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I just posted about you on my blog about this letter.


  4. Mary from Michigan7:07 PM EDT

    Excellent letter. And the Obama Administration, which promised the most transparent administration ever, is meeting behind closed doors with the commitees to craft the health care reform bill. They've decided we're to stupid to no what's good for us and that they'll just push this through whether or not we want it or need it. I've written to my own representatives in Michigan and to EACH and every one of the blue dog democrats. I've had NO response. The arrogance of the elite ruling class is unequaled in my lifetime!

  5. wonderful job...good for you!

  6. Thank you sooooo much for this detailed letter about Obama care....I'm sending many of these off tomorrow!!!
    It's great to know that there are people with common sense out there.

  7. I will be writing this out by hand for at least one representative, do you think that matters anymore to anyone in "power"?..thanks Sandra, well written!

  8. WOW! this is very well written Sandra. We too have been emailing, calling our senators and and house rep. and today I even send a snail mail to all three. I whole heartedly agree with "Mary from Michigan", their arrogance has no equal. I did get one response from our wonderous( Ha! now that's a joke) Senator Max Baucus, it was a form letter and it never answered one of our questions, Grrrr......
    May I have your permission to use parts of your letter, I'm thinking of rewriting mine to add some of your info.


  9. Dear Sandra,
    Thank you for this letter! Thank you for putting into words and articulating them so intelligently exactly what I, and so many others, have been thinking. Thank you also for your permission to use it. I will be doing just that, sending it to every representative of my state.

    God bless,

  10. What a well thought out and written letter. I may copy, paste and send it (thanks!).

    I agree with your, government needs to stay out of our lives!

  11. Thank you for this letter. I have signed up to be on the mailing lists for many proactive groups and they are working as hard as they can but I fear the outcome anyway.
    It is a very uneasy time.

  12. Hey lady.......where's my wool? samples??


    if you need my address again, just email me........

    my crochet needles are choppin' at the bit here......

  13. Yes and amen! Very well written. I think it's time to have a T.E.A. party, and make our voices heard!


  14. I am getting so discouraged with the actions we take that seem to be ignored the ruling class of us, the mere serfs. But your encouragement here will boost me to write again....thanks for keeping the morale up here amongst the money machine aka taxpayers!

  15. well written and expressing the feelings of so very many of us. I want to ask the members of Congress and this presidential administration the same question once asked of Joe McCarthy in the hearings which finally brought him down "Sir have you no sense of decency?" - the wink and nod politics which are going into the current rush of legislation and change is not change - but intensifying what is wrong - sorry - soap box is too easy to climb on! Bless you in your efforts - maybe someone will hear us and thank you Lord for being the One who always hears us.

  16. I happened across this and all I can say is AMEN times gazillion(about what our debt to China is me thinks...)
    I am an RN 100% against this "reform: So when Mr Obama made the statement that the medical community themselves, the doctors and nurses supported this....well to quote the senator(whose name is escaping me) "YOU LIE!!!!"
    Great letter
    Jamie RN in Texas

  17. An outstanding letter--and now the bill is even bigger. I hope you don't mind but I've sent it to some friends.

    Gorgeous blog, btw!


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