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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sabbath Keeping

~ walnut tree in back pasture ~

"Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him, my savior and my God."
~ Psalms 42:11 ~

"I praise Thee while my days go on,
I have Thee while my days go on:
Through dark and dearth, through fire and frost,
With emptied arms and treasure lost,
I thank Thee while my days go on."

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~

"O Jesus
Be the canoe that holds me in the sea of life.
Be the steer that keeps me straight.
Be the outrigger that supports me in times of great temptation,
Let thy spirit be my sail that carries me through each day.
Keep my body strong,
so that I may paddle steadfastly on,
in the long voyage of life."

"Though this patient, meek resignation is to be exercised with regard to all outward things and occurrences of life, yet it chiefly respects our own inward state, the troubles, perplexities, weaknesses, and disorders of our own souls. And to stand turned to a patient, meek, humble resignation to God, when your own impatience, wrath, pride, and irresignation attack yourself, is a higher and more beneficial performance of this duty, than when you stand turned to meekness and patience, when attacked by the pride, or wrath, or disorderly passions of other people."

~ William Law ~

"When none but God is near,
I love to think on mercies past,
And future good implore,
And all my cares and sorrows cast
On him whom I adore."

~ Anonymous ~

"Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you." I Peter 5:7

~ the view from our back yard ~

Until next time,

Blessings ~ Christ ~ another day to praise His name ~ hope in God alone ~ light for the way ~ prayer ~ past mercies ~ the gift of today ~


  1. Dear Sandra...
    What a wonderful post that I really needed to read. Thank you so much!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  2. I re-read the words of William Law twice, and I think I will re-read and think on it some more. Well said and well posted today Sandra! Thank-you.

  3. Sunday blessings to you!
    God bless you this week and everyday,

  4. Quite lovely! And I really like the new header photo.

  5. what a beautiful view fron the back yard.

  6. I was very blessed by your post! Although I didn't read it until today; I am inspired. Your pictures are amazing. How do you get the blogspot signature stamped on them?

    Be blessed today.

  7. I love all these stoic quotes, especially William Law's. It reminds me of another quote I heard - that in our suffering, our praise and thanksgiving to God is all the more sweeter...

    I couldn't stop laughing at the 'makefun' word verification you got. I always take notice of those letter combinations, wondering if it's a sort of 'word for the day' thing. I guess in your case, it was! Unfortunately, my word here is 'yedicr.' Nothin' fun about that, lol.

  8. Today Eleizabeth Barrett Browning speaks to me. Her words are gentle.

  9. So thoughtful you are bringing us Sabbath Keeping each week. I look forward to this each week!
    And how did you know that EBB is one of my loves?!
    Thanks again...
    Have a blessed week, Misha

    (I adore the history that comes with old homes. Will you share your home history some time? Inquiring minds would love to know!)

  10. Welcome Lynn, glad it was helpful.

    Welcome Kathy, I'm still reading the Law quote, very deep!

    Welcome Deanna, thank you for the blessings and may I return the same.

    Welcome Leslie, glad you like the photo, it's beautiful, isn't it?

    Welcome Woebegon, come see it for yourself, anytime!

    Welcome Kate, will PM you with sig line details. Glad the post blessed you.

    Welcome Deborah, I thought 'makefun' meant you were humorous, and you are humorous!

    Welcome Katherine, EBB is fabulous, I do agree.

    Welcome Misha, will tell the farm story soon but don't let me forget -smile-.

  11. Such beautiful words, Sandra!


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