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Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Harvest

 ~ Granny Smith apples ~
The days have been full of apples - drying, eating, freezing, pies, crisps and giving to the sheep. It's a good thing the Granny Smith apple tree is outside the sheep lot or there would be blood shed. Probably mine, seeing as how some of the sheep might tip the scales at 300 pounds! The apples that are smallish or misshapen are thrown over the fence so the sheep get a treat as well; the rest are taken to the house for human consumption. The horses get carrots, not apples, as apples may cause them illness in the way of founder. Please God, not founder; there's been too much of that around here this year.

I don't pick the apples but, rather, let them fall to the ground and then gather them. Once Granny Smith, indeed most apples, have been hit with a hard frost, they turn so sweet and drippy with juice. We've not had a hard frost, most unusual, and the apples still have a bit of twang to them. Still delicious and juicy but not quite as sweet as they would have been had frost hit them. 

I planted this tree about ten or twelve years ago and it's been a good producer. It should be good for decades and, statistically speaking, will certainly outlive me.

We went on the Paint Lick Ride yesterday and it was glorious! Look for an update later this week and you should plan on going next year; it's well worth the effort even if you don't hike to the top of the mountain.

Blessings ~ apples ~ pies ~ crisps ~ muffins ~ bread ~ drying ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. Anonymous9:14 PM EDT

    Hearing you describe your apples reminds me of my old neighbor and her apple trees. It was so much fun making delicious apple recipes with her.

  2. Blessings to you!

    I learned something about frost and apples turning sweeter. Glad you shared this.

    I am now officially smarter.

    God bless,

  3. Oh yummy! Glad the sheep could enjoy a few as well. We had a nice surprise this year when an apple tree in my father-in-law's yard produced fruit for the first time. He had completely forgotten about it and so had we. I do remember now that my late mother-in-law had planted it. Needless to say, some sweet apples! I made apple butter and enjoyed some wonderful memories of dear mother-in-law.
    I'll stay tuned for the Paint Lick ride update! It's so gorgeous up in your neck of the woods! -Tammy

  4. My sheep love their apple treats too, so do the chickens.

    It is such a blessing to harvest apples from the trees you planted many years ago. Granny Smith apples always remind me of apple pie, yummy home baked apple pie!

  5. I didn't know that about frost and apples. We have not yet had luck with apple trees we have planted over the years... I think we need to spend more time learning the art of it.

  6. i love my apples trees...all 2 of them...

    i have a seek-no-further and a pumpkin russet....

    now all i need is an apple pie in my oven

    happy to visit today, my friend
    i have been away too long



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