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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paint Lick and Thanks

 ~ Indian paintings in Tazewell County, VA ~
 On October 17th, Sunday, the Cove Community Association hosts a wagon ride to the Indian paintings at Paint Lick. We've done this several times and it's always fun at a beautiful time of year. It's usually cold but we have the ride after a frost to ensure snakes aren't stirring. Wagons are pulled by tractors driven by men who live in the valley and each wagon is staffed by other valley residents. The paintings are on private land and we have permission to take seventy-five guests to the paintings. The ride takes several hours and we depart from the Cove Center, formerly the Cove School, and travel several miles down the public road until we enter a private dirt road. Then, more fun...we cross several meadows and pastures, enter the woods, ford a river and begin our steep ascent up the mountain. When the wagons are able to go no further, people climb down and begin their scramble up the mountain. It is a scramble too! One either has to be in good physical condition or very determined to get to the top to see the paintings but it's worth it. The paintings are several hundred ??? years old and beginning to fade so each wagon trip could be the last, we just never know.

The cost is twenty-five dollars a person, warm layered clothing with hiking shoes and hat are encouraged and first come, first to speak. Tee shirts are for sale and all proceeds go towards building upkeep and educational programs.

Have you noticed some fabulous changes on my blog? Misha, over at My Front Porch In The Mountains, had some beautiful changes to her blog and, when I inquired, she recommended Diane at Blue Ridge Gal. So, I visited Diane and she **volunteered** to make a button, put followers at the top of the page AND she put a frame around my header photo! That frame is so beautiful and really sets off the header photo, don't you think? My header photo is always the same view but changes with the seasons. I never tire of the view, do you? I've never liked the followers on the side because only a few could be seen at a time. I also wanted the HTML language with the button so folks could, more easily, take the button for their blog. If you have taken my button, please let me know so I can return the favor. Please visit Diane as well, either link on her blog name or search for her button on the right hand side of my blog. She's a great photographer and does a lot of videos as well; unfortunately, I don't have bandwidth to see her videos and that's my loss.

Diane, thank you...I love the changes you've made!

Blessings ~ Misha ~ Diane ~ changes...of a good sort ~ Paint Lick Ride ~ wagon rides ~ Autumn ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. i do love the sweet touches added
    to your beautiful blog but panicked
    for a minute and scrolled up with
    relief to see the gorgeous landscape.

    PLEASE never change that. it is such
    a treat to see it each time.

    i have been praying and look forward
    to an excellent report!


  2. Bacon and ham, of course - you are so clever. Tammy is a cousin by blood, but my best friend by choice.

    Raw milk is regulated in her state, too. She can only sell 4 gallons a day from her kitchen, not through their business. But she does it.

    When they visited us, we caught her kids shaking my store bought milk more than once. How funny.

    Love your new changes here. Beautiful. Yours is one of my farm blogs - living vicariously.

    Be blessed by God's rest today.

  3. Lovely changes to your blog!

    The header is so nice with this beautiful heavenly view.
    I don't think I would ever tire of this view. So beautiful.

    May you have a pleasant Autumn.

  4. I love the new looks, Sandra!! Diane did a wonderful job!
    The wagon ride to Paint Lick sounds amazing... wish I lived closer! I'll bet the leaves are in full color right now too- should be a beautiful day!

  5. Yep. Diane did it again! Awesome work she does :)

    Thinking of the two you today!
    xo, misha

  6. Your blog's new look is lovely!

  7. I follow Misha and Diane too, aren't they great ladies? Your blog looks wonderful!...

  8. Anonymous7:38 PM EDT

    Love the new blog look and how interesting to read about the wagon trip. Sending hugs and prayers from Georgia.

  9. Very interesting Sandra.I will have to look up more about those paintings.

    Yes, I like the new "look" of your blog and am glad you kept your pictures of your precious Cove.Blessings and prayers Sandra.

  10. The Indian Painting event sounds awesome! Make sure you take lots of pictures, that's probably as close as I'll ever get to it.

    I love the touch ups here. The frame really does make the picture more beautiful!

    How's Dave? I pray for him everyday...

  11. Wow, that sounds like an amazing journey!

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM EDT

    Sandra, The view from your window is absolutely beautiful and your new blog look is very nice :-)

    I pray that you and your family have a great weekend



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