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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

St. Patrick

 ~ Samuel, because he comes when called ~

"I arise today, through the strength of heaven: 
Light of the sun, radiance of the moon. 
Splendor of fire, speed of lightning, 
Swiftness of wind, depth of sea,
Stability of earth and firmness of rock.
I arise today, Through God's strength to pilot me:
God's might to uphold me, 
God's wisdom to guide me,
God's eye to look before me,
God's ear to hear me,
God's word to speak for me,
God's hand to guard me,
God's way to lie before me,
God's shield to protect me.
From the snares of devils, from temptation of vices, 
From everyone who shall wish me ill,
Afar and near, alone and in a multitude."
 ~ Saint Patrick ~ 

This beautiful prayer by Saint Patrick was found on Por Amor Al Arte's blog and speaks eloquently, don't you agree? Please, keep us in your prayers.

Blessings ~ God ~ Jesus Christ ~ Holy Spirit ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. Simon looks so sweet. Thanks for the introduction to the lovely prayer and blog. Absolutely, hope things are ok.

  2. I love your view from your window. I always pause just a minute before reading your post. May God be with you today and always.

  3. Praying for you Sandra. I do hope everything's ok.

    I love the prayers of Saint Patrick. And the views from your front door are always so beautiful and calming.


  4. Thanks I needed this today. I'm a faithful reader though I've never told you. And I too posted it so a needy soul can glean a blessing from it today.

  5. You are in my prayers!!
    Thank you for this post!

  6. Hope all is well and that you feel the warmth of all of us praying for you, blessings,Kathleen

  7. Sandra, I pray that things are going well for you.

    The Saint Patrick prayer is very good :-)


  8. The St. Patrick prayer really speaks to me today. Thanks, Sandra. I pray it for both you and me today. We go in his strength and under his protection.

  9. Beautiful poem, Sandra, and your name will be lifted up.
    Love the picture of Samuel, too- he is precious.

  10. G'morn, Sandra ~ I am sending prayers your way ... may you be held closely in His loving arms ...

    Love this St. Patrick piece ...

    I am here for you.
    Hugs of love, Marydon

  11. I love her blog, and this prayer, so perfect for all of us." I arise today, through God's strength to pilot me,"

  12. Hi Deborah - so glad you enjoyed the prayer; it's a beauty. We're still in "holding" mode; we'll find out something next week.

    Hi Alice - I love that you enjoy the view; that's my goal in leaving the same view, different seasons photos in the header.

    Hi Jen - the view is always beautiful! We'll find out something next week; the waiting is horrid.

    Hi Diane - so glad it spoke to your heart as well and thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm. That pleases me SO very much.

    Hi Timi - thank you for your prayers!

    Hi Ron - so glad you enjoyed the prayer; it spoke to my heart in a very real way.

    Hi Cindy - it's the only way I'm going anywhere! -smile-

    Hi Paula - bless you for praying!

    Hi Marydon - your prayers mean the world to me, thank you.

    Hi Kathy - she does have a lovely blog and love the prayer also.


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