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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paint Lick Ride, October 2010

 ~ youngest driver ~
The Paint Lick Ride had to have drivers, right? This is our youngest driver who is looking none to pleased at having his photo taken. Perhaps it's because his boots are on the wrong feet so his Mother told me. He dressed himself and there was No Talking Him Out Of doing it over. Don't even try, okay?
 ~ going down the mountain ~
 The first two or three miles are on the hard surfaced road and then we turn into a meadow, leading down the mountain to the river. The cows and calves wandered alongside the wagons, following us as we muddle along at a walking speed.
 ~ into the river ~
 Our wagon, the Red wagon, was the second in line so we had a good view of everyone ahead and behind. The river is Maiden Spring, perhaps the Little River at this point, and it's not very deep; the folks lifting their feet are wary of being splashed. Russell, our driver, did a fine job of keeping everyone dry and between the ditches...just the way we wanted it!
~ climbing the next mountain ~
As you can see, the day was beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect. Long sleeve tee-shirts, jeans and hiking boots were sufficient. One of my riders said, "how far do we hike once we get there?" I looked at him and smiled, "What a nice word, "hike", for what y'all are going to be doing." He looked puzzled so I explained...the last part of the journey is uphill, all the way and part of the way is on shale that's extremely slippery. You won't be hiking as much as you'll be scrambling on all fours. He laughed and said, "bring it on!"

I wouldn't want the other wagon masters to know but I think my riders were the best of the lot. -smile- To a one, they were all engaging, fun, eager and had a great time.
~ ready to storm the mountain ~
Miss Cindy is telling folks what to expect, how long to take, etc. as they prepare to go up the last mountain. We had three guides who were responsible for taking people up and making sure those same people came back down. I didn't go up the mountain, been there and done that, and would have liked to go this time except for that pesky back situation. I just didn't want to chance straining or pulling any muscles so I stayed at the foot of the mountain and waited on folks.
~ tuckered out ~
This little feller had a fine time; he made it to the top, he and his Gran, but he couldn't quite make it back to the community center. Exhaustion got the best of him and he fell asleep. When was the last time you could fall asleep in this position and move when you awoke? Yeah, it's been decades for me as well.

Everyone said they had a lovely time and this nice woman and her husband were over the moon at the day. When I thanked them for coming on the ride and supporting the community center by buying tickets, her husband said, "NO! Thank you all. You don't know what you've done for my family. You've given us memories for a lifetime."

Blessings ~ great weather ~ great day ~ great people ~ memories for a lifetime ~

Grace and Peace,


  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful day! Thanks for letting us "experience" it at long distance.

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM EDT

    I enjoyed this post so much Sandra. It does indeed look like a perfect day. I love the photos. Poor little sleepy fella; someone would have to "unfold" me if I fell asleep in that position! Wishing you a restful evening.

  3. Oh what a glorious day for you and your community! Beautiful weather and scenery. I am glad you stayed behind during the climb, you don't need to be hurting your back again~

    If I lived much closer I'd be there too, but not sleeping like that little one. And BTW, I know about kids putting their boots on wrong and insisting that IS the way they are 'sposed to be will remain. :)

  4. Anonymous9:11 AM EDT

    Oh Sandra, I agree with everyone. Beautiful day, fresh air and amazing experience. Bless his heart, he probably just fell over asleep..just so sweet!
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful day with us.

    Blessings and hugs,

  5. I am so glad you had a wonderful day!!!
    I wish I had been there, too...:o)!
    Thank you for the pictures!


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