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Monday, January 24, 2011

Apple Cobbler

 ~ yummy apple cobbler ~
Hopefully, your weekend was as good as ours. We had a quiet weekend, filled with family and good food. Is there anything better? I think not.

Mom and Daddy came yesterday, after church, and Mom made a huge kettle of beef roast, carrots, potatoes and onions. The beef came from a WV slaughterhouse and the beef came from the agriculture department at WVU. Most of the veggies came from Daddy's garden and while the biscuits baked, Mom and I used the broth to make gravy. I'd already made an apple cobbler but didn't have a recipe so I "cobbled" together the one pictured above. Yeah, yeah a bad pun but I couldn't really resist; could you?

Because we're living in furnished corporate housing, I don't have the things available to me that I have at home. So, I make do with what's available and, so far, it's turned out all right unless you count those three small white spots on the cobbler. That's where I didn't mix in the baking soda so swell but it didn't affect the wonderful taste.

Speaking of baking powder, Rumford has been around for well more than 100 years and made by Clabber Girl Corporation out of Terre Haute, IN. The reason I like Rumford is it's aluminum free. I'm slightly wonky thataway; I try and stay away from things I don't think are good for me and research I've read says aluminum isn't good for a body. Rumford Baking Powder is a good thing.
 Two sticks of butter were melted in a Pyrex dish.
Two tablespoons of brown sugar were sprinkled on top.
A batter of one cup self rising flour, one cup sugar, one cup milk and two teaspoons baking powder were poured over two peeled and sliced apples. I used the apples at hand - one Granny Smith and one Gala. After baking at 350 degrees F for about thirty minutes and, after saying "grace", it was time for dessert!

This is a really simple recipe and can be used for almost any fruit; I've used it with peaches, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, virtually any fruit that works well with sweet and not savory. Yet, come to think of it, I've never tried citrus fruits so not sure how that would work.

Fruit Cobbler

About 2 cups fruit
2 sticks butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 cup self-rising flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons Rumford baking soda

Clean and slice, if necessary, the fruit you're going to use while melting 2 sticks of butter in a 9x13 baking dish. When butter is melted, sprinkle brown sugar over melted butter.

Arrange fruit over melted butter and brown sugar.

Mix flour, sugar, milk and baking powder and pour over sliced fruit, sugar and butter.

Bake at 350 degrees F for about thirty minutes or until it's deep brown.

French vanilla ice cream would have been wonderful but we didn't have any so had to enjoy without ice cream. Not a chore, I assure you. If you make this, let me know what fruit you used and how it turned out.

Blessings ~ family ~ beef roast ~ potatoes ~ carrots ~ onions ~ apple cobbler ~

Soli Deo Gloria,



  1. Sandra,
    Blessings to you.

    Am praying for you guys,
    d from homehaven

  2. It must be so delicously refreshing, Sandra, to be doing something so normal . . . like making a cobbler. Bet you enjoyed every bite. Glad your folks were with you too.


  3. I can just imagine how wonderful that smelled and tasted! What a nice visit with your parents. There's nothing better than savoring the "ordinary" things.

  4. That looks delicious! I have some extra apples in the fridge that I think I just found a use for. Thanks! :)

  5. Mmmm! Beef and apples compliment each other so well. I have apples from our orchard in our freezer. You are motivating me to pull out a bag and make a cobbler today.

    I agree about the aluminum. When I was at Wally World the other day (ugh) I almost...almost bougth their store brand baking powder, because it was 20 cents cheaper.
    But my hand reached for the Clabber Girl instead. It's what I've used for as long as I've been baking and I won't change now...just to save a measely two dimes. :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed a nice visit. You're so blessedto have both your parents still about. Looks like I need to backtrack on your blog, though. I had no idea you'd left your farm and are living somewhere else. Who are takig care of all the critters?


  6. I have never heard this recipe before but it's sounds sooooo delicious :o)! Maybe I'll try to bake one....

  7. Last winter, J and I were making a cobbler (or two!) each week! Using the blackberries we pick here each season. Yum-O! But, I'll tell ya~those cobblers were really creeping up on the 'ol waistline! Ha! Oh, well. We all need a little extra padding during the cold months, don't we!
    Don't we?

    xo, misha

  8. Oooh~ thanks for this wonderful recipe, Sandra!! I'll have to try this!

  9. I am so glad you had a nice day and I love your cobbler recipe. It looks yummy!
    I am praying for you and I look forward to when you are in your own kitchen around your own fire.

    "All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well."
    — Julian of Norwich

  10. YUMMY!!! Same recipe my Granny always used to make, only she put the fruit on top of the dough mixture.

  11. I made a fruit cobbler yesterday too! Mine was berries and I couldn't eat any because it has dairy, milk and flour, but I was told that it was quite yummy. It wasn't as pretty as your!

  12. Sandra, I wrote you yesterday, you were on my mind. Hope all is coming along ...

    How lovely a family gathering with such deelish yummies to enjoy.

    Prayers lifting, sweetie.

    Pop over for our VALENTINE GIVEAWAY
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. That looks so yummy I'm off to the kitchen to make one! Thanks!

  14. Wow looks and sounds delicious thank you for sharing the recipe. Thinking of you and will keep you all in prayer. Blessings.

  15. Anonymous6:45 PM EST

    Hi Sandra, Wonderful to have your parents to visit and share the kitchen with your Mom. The cobbler looks/sounds delicious. Remembering you both in prayer. Sending our love.

  16. Looks delicious!..thanks for sharing.. hope you're staying warm where you are -

  17. Oh my - how can I be hungry again - we've eaten far too much today (Celebrating the birthday of my sweet fella) but your meal sounds fabulous!

  18. Well now I know for certain what to do with that apple tray in the frig! TY for sharing that yummy recipe!!!
    Nancy and the menagerie

  19. Oh my, thank you for sharing the recipe - it looks so delicious. I'm going to give this one a try, since I don't think I can go tooo wrong. I'm not very good at baking... but I'm sure trying!!


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