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Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

 ~ tealightful! ~
Remember my One World One Heart post earlier in the  month? Today's the day and here are my offerings: a delightful blue and white lidded mug with saucer. As a little surprise, there will be a tea bag or two tucked inside and, perhaps, a bit of chocolate love as well.
 ~ flower power ~
Another, handmade, gift is this embroidered, pink elephant. It's on burlap and ready to either hang, make into a pillow or, perhaps, put in an art quilt. It's your choice.
 Lisa, hostess of One World, One Heart 2011, says this is the fifth, and last, year for OWOH. She puts untold hours into the effort and asks only that we play nicely and by her rules. Not so difficult, eh?  In years past, my offerings have been all hand made; this year is different. Life and time have been consumed with making sure Dave receives treatments for cancer and we've been living off the farm which means away from the studio. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the beautiful, yet mass produced tea cup and, let's face it, the pink elephant is rather loud -smile- but the love poured into the package when sent, is no less heartfelt.

Come back soon, we return home in a few days and my mind is reeling from ideas to put into my heART.
I think I'll start with aprons...

How to win? Leave a comment and your e-mail before midnight, 16 February. Winner will be notified 17 February and gifts mailed post haste. I'd love for you to follow Thistle Cove Farm but it's not necessary to win; indeed, the only hoop you must jump is...leave a comment and a way to contact you within that comment. Easy peasy.
Now, I'm off to wander the blog world; see you around! -smile-

Blessings ~ OWOH 2011 ~ Lisa ~ small delights and treasurers ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Hi Sandra - I found your delightful blog during last year's OWOH. Hope you'll visit mine because I'm in it too. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Didn't realize this was starting already; will have to get my game fingers on! Your blog is the first I've read of it and the first I post on! Great giveaway too. Something we can all use.
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  3. This is such a great project... I have been meaning to look into joining and have not yet, sad that this is the last go-round. Maybe someone else will pick it up?

    have fun!

  4. Sandra, have a beautiful and restful Sunday. DEb

  5. What a beautiful teacup!!! And the pink elephant is very lovely!!!
    It's very kind of you, Sandra, to offer these things as a give away...!
    God bless you!

  6. Very happy to hear you are headed home. Continued prayers that God's blessings give you and Dave less to worry and fret about. I'm off to finish my post for OWOH. I learned of OWOH from you last year, or maybe the year before, could it be? I'm jumping in this year! It is sad that it's the last year. But it is alot of work, all out of love. Such a wonderful thing.


  7. This is so nice of you and the items you are offering are very pretty even the pink elephant:) it's adorable. With all that you have going on I think it's very nice that you are doing this. It does not matter if it's homemade, it's still in the heart. Blessings and prayers.

  8. You have a beautiful blog, with many heart felt words. The elephant is just too cute! I actually followed the link to you via one of Lisa's posts, where she was pulling her hair out (gently, no less!) over the trials and tribulations of her enormous OWOH feat! and in particular the reference to some folk missing the purpose of the event; to meet, not compete. It sure did make me sit back and think. I like that.
    Anyway, enough of my ramblings! It's lovely to meet you, and I hope Lisa accepts your post since it's before midnight! LOL (I did actually post mine earlier too... but it's back in draft until's definately easier living in England with one time zone!!)
    Best wishes

  9. Count me in to win! I'm #131. Stop on by too..

  10. Your blog is always a delightful mix of warmth and down on the farm home treasures. Your blog banner captures my heart ~ so beautiful.
    Please hop over and take a peek at my give away too!
    Much love and many blessings,

  11. How wonderful it was to find a familiar 'face' among the list of OWOH participants!! It was even better to hear that you two will soon be headed home ... this is wonderful news!!

  12. Oooh... cute elephant!!!Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with your beautiful give-away... I can only dream it's me! :)

    This OWOH trip around the (blog)world is great, thanks!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium,
    Saskia :)

  13. I love the view from your window. Thanks for the drawing.Please feel free to enter my drawing, as well. avennett AT verizon DOT net

  14. Anonymous4:47 PM EST

    A lovely blog and my prayers go out to you. The pink elephant is adorable and full of whimsy, which we can all use more of in our lives.
    Hope you get the chance to stop by my blog...I posted late so I'm not on the list yet...
    Hugs from snowy New Hampshire
    Beth P

  15. What a lovely gift - nice work!

  16. hi!!!i'm eleni from greece! please enter me in your wonderful givaway! thanks for sharing!!!!!
    visit my magical owoh post too:

  17. Hallo, nice to meet you
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
    This is so cute.
    Please count me in.
    Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
    Regards from Germany and happy OWOH

  18. HI! What a gorgeous gift! Please, count me in!

    Hope that you'll join in my giveaway ♥

  19. Anonymous6:25 PM EST

    How lovely! I would love to win it!
    Please come to my Blog to win a real crystal ball!
    Be well & wish well,

  20. Hello there, I just wanted to remind you that ALL door prizes should be able to ship worldwide as part of the original criteria. I made sure to tell everyone in my "rules" that if you cannot ship worldwide not to partake. I didn't see in my first linking you that you have one item for USA only, can you change that or perhaps change the item. this way NO ONE is excluded. thank you so much.I hope you understand.

    creator/host OWOH

  21. Anonymous7:08 PM EST

    It's nice to meet you. I like your comfy blog. I subscribe to Mary Janes Farm that magazine!
    Please enter me in your fun giveaway.
    Teresa in California to contact me.

  22. Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  23. Oh, it's adorable! Visit my OWOH giveaway at

  24. That view you have: divine!! I grew up in Boyce, Clarke County, VA - next to the Blue Ridge Mountains and miss those views every day.. even though I have spectacular views out here in the west, too. :)

    I'm so glad you participated even though your life is busy with less creative time than you would like. Nice to meet you.

    Thank you for stopping by my post a little while ago.

    Janet, Pacific Northwest, USA

  25. Wow, your view is beautiful. Hailing you from sunny Arizona. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you and your art. I hope you’ll visit my blog and signup to win my prizes. Laura

  26. What lovely giveaways! You have such a peaceful blog.

    Jeanie Callaghan
    I am #249 on the OWOH list

  27. Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well. or #230 on the OWOH list.

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw.

    Hugs, Gayle
    my blog:

  28. Thank you for being apart of the OWOH journey!

  29. Hi Sandra, yor banner took my breath away, its so beautiful, your giveaways are just so lovely, and thoughtful, i hope Dave is doing ok, i hope you have a moment to visit me

  30. "Tealightful" (tee hee) great new word you coined there. I'm a tea drinker and would love it.

    homemakerhoney@ gmail .com

    My OWOH giveaway:

  31. Hello from a fellow farmer (or farm wannabe!)...I'm the crazy beekeeper and woodburner that you met earlier!

    What a beautiful blog and giveaways!
    I promptly joined your blog following!

    So pleased to meet you!
    Please add my name to your contest! I would love to win one of these wonderful items!

  32. Sandra, I still love to come to the farm and visit your awesome photos :)

    I would love to win that tea cup! Thanks for including me, and please come visit:)


  33. Hi and so nice to meet you.
    Your giveaway is beautiful and I would love a chance to win!
    Greetings from bonny Scotland
    PS If you have a mo and have not already done so, please come and see mine too:o)

  34. I love the pink elephant! Will be a wall hanging, all nicely framed.
    Come on over when you have time and enter mine at

  35. What great items. My son is an elephant freak. LOL

    What a great giveaway!
    Please include me in the drawing.
    Thank you.

  36. Oh, that cup is so lovely! Thank you for a fun giveaway! I hope you get a chance to stop by mine! #357 jinglesells at gmail dot com

  37. Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. Love your creative talent. Your door prizes are great, and I absolutely love the Elephant. You did such a great job. Oh what a treasure that could be put into my granddaughters room if I were the lucky recipient. Thanks for your generosity and participation in the event. Count me in please.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

  38. love your give aways!

  39. That pink elephant made me giggle!
    Stop by and enter my OWOH! I'm #50

  40. So many creative blogs! WoW! Count me in your OWOH Door Prize Please! Thanks,Tee

  41. Sandra - This is my visit to your beautiful blog and your blog header photo made me stopand say WOW! You truly are blessed - what a beautiful place that you have to call home.

    I love that you have this wonderful farm - raise sheep - and make your own yarn. I am a yarn obsessed knitter and I love to make blogging connections with folks who share similar interests. I am so thrilled to find you here by way of this event.

    Honestly I am not here for the give away - I am looking to make some new and lasting blogging relationships. I have added your blog to my Google Reader on my Ipad as well as signed up to be your newest follower. I will look forward to visiting with you more through out the days to come~~


  42. The view from your window has some similarities with the view of the mountains around my place, here in the south east of France, the Vercors region. I love the cup...

  43. Greetings from England!! okay i have never seen a teacup with a lid before and i am soo impressed!! Where can i get me one of these? why don't we all use them? I would LOVE to win this - what a giggle! Hehe you have great blog by the way...anyway please do count me in and enjoy OWOH x

  44. Yea! So glad to be here. You have an awesome blog! Come check mine out sometime. Thanks for entering me!

  45. Hi Sandra, Just joined your blog and happy to meet you on FAT too! Love your give aways and hope you shall stop at mine too! Love your farm view! It's just awesome! Love the hillside. Wanda (aka UU on FAT)
    needlewings at

  46. What a wonderful giveaway!

  47. What a beautiful photo at the top of your blog! And both of your gifts are darling. :)

    ❄ So nice to meet you through OWOH. I'm playing too ~ #225 ❄

  48. What a cute giveaway! That elephant is just adorable!
    Please visit my Irish giveaway at:

  49. Please enter my name in your wonderful prize and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway. :) I loved having you there, feel free to visit whenever you like. :)

  50. Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
    Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
    ~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

  51. The teacup/saucer/lid is beautiful. Never seen one before. The pink elephant: I adore! How cute is he?!?!? ha!

    I'm praying for your husband. I love your blog and can only imagine how beautiful your farm is.


  52. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Please stop by my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway also! I'm #590.

    hoerauf at comcast dot net


  53. That tea cup is scrumptious!! I ADORE the blue and white pattern and the style. :o)

    I'd love to be entered in your contest. Thanks for visiting and joining mine.

    Have a lovely day,

  54. love your view and your elephant, please visit my blog for my giveaway

  55. what a nice mug ! please count me in !
    thanks for visiting my blog !

  56. Ciao! I am so happy to meet you today on the wings of OWOH! Thanks for visiting me and giving me a chance to win your wonderful giveaway - the mug with a chocolate treat and your adorable pink elephant!!
    Hugs, ♥ ♥ ♥ Antonella ♥ ♥ ♥
    wing stop #153, snowy New Jersey

    p.s. you've made me hungry for apple cobbler :-)

  57. Hello, and thanks so much for your kind comment about my patchwork. It's been lovely to come back and visit you here, and I need to cpy down some of your quotations in your post above! I'd love to enter your giveaway - thanks for inviting me!

  58. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love the elephant. He would make a nice center for a quilted wall hanging!!!
    Your pictures are lovely. You live in a little paradise on this earth!

  59. Thank you for stopping by my blog (3AM Designs) and leaving a comment about my necklace! I've enjoyed visiting your blog - LOVE your banner! My husband grew up in Galax, VA, and we go to the mountains every chance we get.
    I love your pink elephant!
    Have fun with OWOH! and I hope your husband does well with his treatment.

  60. What lovely offerings!

  61. Hi Sandra, so lovely to meet you! Please add my name for your giveaway, I would so love to win that beautiful mug and saucer...tea and chocolate sounds perfect to me! lol Your little pink elephant is darling as well:-)

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox

  62. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Your blog is lovely, and the view from your window marvellous.

  63. Hi Sandra... Thank you for visiting my OWOH post and leaving me such a nice comment.
    I have been perusing your lovely blog and will be making the Apple Cobbler tomorrow night, it looks delicious.
    Please toss my name into the hat for a chance to win one of your lovely gifts.

  64. Thanks for visiting me. Your farm is fabulous! Love the views that you shared and I just keep scrolling.


  65. It’s lovely to meet you at your farm! Your prizes looks amazing - I especially love the embroidered pink elephant.
    Thanks for already stopping by my giveaway - good luck.

    Sherry from England, UK (OWOH#133)

  66. I enjoyed viewing your blogvery much. Isn't Blog Hopping fun ?

    Thanks for participating in
    One World One Heart 2011

    check out my blog #635

  67. Hi :-)
    nice to meet you, and willingly participate in your giveaway :-)
    and maybe win it? :)
    Hello Mary

  68. So very nice to meet you,
    Please enter my name in your lovely giveaway-
    Bonnie in Florida
    Blogs #566 and #567 USA

  69. Beautiful!
    Please throw my name into your hat!!


  70. How sweet! I think we would all enjoy the tea cup and tea...or the fun pink elephant! I LOVE your banner! WOW! Thank you! ♥ Visit me soon! I'm # 389 ! ♥

  71. Lovely to meet you Sandra. We are truely blessed to live this life with all this space and beauty around us and I love your great philosophy too.
    I have engaged, like you, in spinning weaving. dyeing, sewing etc. over the many years and we now have angora goats from which I also love to dye their fleece and use in my collages now. Count me in your giveway like you are in mine!
    Word verification is: Mates
    Best of luck with husband.
    Love and blessings,

  72. I adore your happy OWOH lead me to you. Thank you for visiting my whimsical world too. You are always welcome!!

    LOVE your gifts...especially the teacup and saucer but wait I do love the elephant too. Hummm...thank goodness I don't have to choose..LOL


  73. The elephant is adorable and would be wonderful in a pillow!

    Please stop by if you get a moment; I am also participating

  74. My prayers go up to the Lord for your husband.
    You have a beautiful blog. I love your photos.
    As I like tea and blue & white ware never despair over your tea cup.

  75. Visiting from snowy NY State! Happy OWOH! I am a total tea drinker so the cup is right up my alley! Elephants hold a special place in my & my husband's heart so I'd love it too! I hope you have a chance to stop by my blog & enter my giveaway, too! #331

  76. Ohh a tea cup with a lid, that would come in handy! Happy OWOH, nice to meet you :)


  77. Hi Sandra!

    How nice to meet you through One World One Heart. Your blog banner is so beautiful -- I thought, at first, that it was a painting! Your give aways are lovely.

    My e-mail is in my blog profile if I am lucky enough to be one of your winners. Thanks so much.

    Please visit my blog anytime!
    Pat, NY

    #312 OWOH

  78. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today on your OWOH tour! I've been doing a bit of blog traveling myself and love getting to meet so many wonderful people like you! I would love to win that darling teacup and can only imagine the sweet surprises it will contain!

    I LOVE the photo of your farm on your blog title and I'm sure you can't wait to get back there soon. Hope Dave's treatments went smoothly and the peacefulness of your farm helps him recover quickly. *Ü*

    Lori of Ashlyn Design (OWOH #347)

  79. I'm glad to meet you and to find your blog. I will definitely be back for a visit soon. Have fun at the OWOH!
    Vintiquities Workshop

  80. Oh please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at


  81. Hello Sandra - What a delightful and peaceful blog ~ it's just what I needed after this crazy snowed in day. :) The photo at the top of your blog is amazing. How lucky you are to have such a view. So nice of you to stop by my blog earlier. Very nice to meet you. Lisa #338

  82. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Your prizes are lovely, I would love to win either, however, I am in love with the mug as any lover of tea would be :)
    Thank you for your generosity and warm greetings from Mexico ~

  83. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Your prizes are lovely, I would love to win either, however, I am in love with the mug as any lover of tea would be :)
    Thank you for your generosity and warm greetings from Mexico ~

  84. Hi Lisa,

    It's so nice meeting you. No need for any apologies, I would love to win either of your awesome door prizes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit during OWOH. I really appreciate it. I hope you visit again soon. And thanks too for participating in OWOH event. I'm having such a grand time getting to know new people out in blog land.


  85. Anonymous12:07 AM EST

    I will keep you and Dave in my prayers. I absolutely love your giveaways. The mug and saucer would be perfect for my husband who loves to drink tea, and my little girl would LOVE the elephant. It is very generuos of you to think of others and offer these.

  86. sweet blog & lovely offerings! you are a blessed lady to live on such a little piece of heaven!
    please come visit my blog #30 on the list...
    blessings & warm hugs from Montana!!

  87. Thank you for visiting my blog, it's great to see your neck of the woods and a little bit about you, too.

    sending good thoughts your way,

  88. That sweet teacup set would be a wonderful way for me to wind down with a spicy cup of chai, and I love that elephant!
    Embroidery is one of my favorite arts, but I have never attempted to stitch on burlap. That sounds tricky!
    Thank you for participating in OWOH 2011. Pop by my blog, #51, if you get a chance.
    hugs from ON, Canada

  89. What a view! Love the cup and the elephant is cute. Thanks for the chance to win. Please pop over to my blog and enter mine #636

  90. I think the teacup is divine- and everyone needs a pink elephant!

  91. thanks for stopping by to visit! you have a warm and inviting place here! hope you are enjoying the world! pat

  92. thanks for stopping by my blog, sign me up for your cool giveaways!

  93. Hello I would love to come visit your farm. I have really enjoyed my time at your blog though.

  94. Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting me I enjoyed reading about you thanks for sharing, love your givaways. Please add me to your list.

  95. Greetings from Louisville, KY - USA
    Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
    Winning your give away would be awesome!
    Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.

  96. Thinking about you and your husband during this difficult time. I think it's great that you found time to participate at all...and your giveaways are great!

    I love seeing all the neat things that people create!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    Amy from Pennsylvania (OWOH #520)
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  97. I would love to win your sweet teacup ! Please enter me in your giveaway, and stop by my blog to enter mine!

    :) Michelle

  98. Love the pink elephant Sandra. Your farm looks wonderful! Only a couple of hours from me here in East TN
    cathyguitarteacer-77 at

  99. Oh what a great blog and an awesome giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing.

    I am also joining in the fun. Be sure to stop by and say hi. I am number 650.


  100. Hello from southeastern Massachusetts. Thanks for a chance of winning you giveaway.
    Enjoyed your blog.
    Stop and visit my blog #634

  101. The view from your farm is beautiful. Hoping for the best for Dave. I'm enjoying my worldwide blog tour! If I'm lucky enough to win, please contact me through my blog

  102. Anonymous8:02 PM EST

    love the pink elephant!!!

    Greetings from Pleasanton, California
    Please enter me in your lovely giveaway
    If you have time to visit me

    I am giving away 7 different things 
    & if you want, please join my blog too!
    Thanks for the entry & consideration.

    Blessings ♥ tere

    "Kung Hei Fat Choi!"
    祝┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓ ♥♥(\ /)♥♥
    福┠鴻┠┨兔┠┨大┠┨展┨ *ღ( . .)ღ*
    你┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛ CC(”)(”)))
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  103. Hi Sandra...thanks so much for stopping by during One World One Heart. I'll be happy to include your name in the pot for my Very Cherry earrings. Thanks so much for your sweet comments.

  104. Elephants look best in pink don't they? Love to win.

  105. what delightful creations to be won!

    greetings from frigid new jersey! stay warm!

    OWOH #528

  106. That pink elephant is so cute! Please count me in. Thanks so much!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  107. I like your gifts. Dave and his health is more important and I hope that he heals well.

    OWOH hugs.
    Carol H.

  108. Thanks for stopping by my blog #380 on your tour! I like tea.. but that elephant is adorable!

    Off to check out the rest of your blog!


  109. The tea cup is beautiful, and the elephant is just the coolest!
    Caryl OWOH #270

  110. I have to say that I have found some wonderful places through OWOH and I'm very sorry it's the last year for it. (It's my first year finding it!). Your little farm is beautiful. I hope to see some of that gorgeous yarn pictured on the sidebar for sale later in the spring. I checked out your other site and found that you are near my daughter in Roanoke - I drive up 81 with some regularity - perhaps she and I will drive by your farm next trip!

  111. Wonderful treats, and I will come back, because my daughter is learning to spin! There is a place near Waco, Texas (about 2 hours from us) that is dedicated to preserving lost arts and the ability to live off the land. Thanks for stopping by my place! Can't wait for the 18th to find out who wins what from whom!

  112. here's to meeting new friends and being inspired!

  113. Flying in from One World One Heart! :)

    Hi Lisa! Your elephant is so sweet, I would love to give it a home! Thanks for having me over today! :)

    If you haven't already, you're welcome to visit my OWOH post anytime!

    Happy Blog Discovery!

  114. I am breathless at the view of your farm. I would love to one of win your gracious gifts. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I intend to continue as often as I can. Win or not, I hope you will accept my prayers for Dave. When Life gives you lemons, OWOH blogging friends give you sweet encouragement!

    Nice to meet you and please put me in the hat,who wouldn't want a loud pink elephant or mass produced tea cup that comes attached with a loving heart!


  115. Beautiful farm and lovely giveaway. I am totally impressed with your blog. I'm number 11 and hope you drop by.

  116. I don't know which I like more the elephant or the teacup with a tease of chocolate!
    binafan at hotmail dot com

  117. Deep OWOH!!! Thanks to Lisa and her gamewe can discover the other blogs as yours for example it is cute what you make..
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  118. Deep OWOH!!! Thanks to Lisa and her gamewe can discover the other blogs as yours for example it is cute what you make..
    Register I
    I am Manola and my blog is:

    Good weekend by at home

  119. That elephant is so cute!!

    My blog! Not much yet. New to bloggin :)

  120. Hello Sandra, It's nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your mug and elephant are lovely prizes. Hope you have a wonderful time with the OWOH event.

  121. I been wanting to drink more tea! That would be perfect to keep my tea warm too. That pink elephant is a hoot. Such unusuall gifts and since I m unusual they'de be prefect for me! Sanna

  122. Hello from Oregon! I have enjoyed peeking around your blog. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Your prizes are beautiful but that elephant, Oh my gosh! It's adorable.
    Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway if you get a chance. OWOH # 473
    :) Gale

  123. How sweet are your giveaways! Count me in please! #269

  124. Oh you have such a wonderful blog and great give away! I shall have to keep my fingers crossed! Visit me too #220 needlewings at

  125. Oh fabulous stitching, love the elly! Nice to see you and your blog on my journey around OWOH 2011. Enjoy OWOH. Kim (No. 724)

  126. How delightful! Makes me want to fix a cup of tea now. Thank you for the chance.
    ; )

  127. I heart that elephant...and I always love new mugs. Great giveaways! Please count me in...

  128. Hello from Northern California. I love the view from your window. I'm a tea drinker, so I think the lidded tea cup is charming. The pink elephant is too cute. Thank you for the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.

  129. Hi Sandra, it's great to meet you! Thanks for your kind visit with me (#377). There is nothing wrong with that mug - especially since chocolate and tea will be tucked inside! And the cute pink elephant reminds me of Horton - anything Dr. Seuss is completely awesome. :) Enjoy the OWOH fun! Theresa

  130. oh what great prizes!!! I'd love to win thank you for the chance!

  131. Wonderful giveaway! Please enter me--thanks :) OWOH #318 and from Va too

  132. What a beautiful giveaway. I really like the cup with the lid.

    thank you fro stopping by California.

    ❤ chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com

  133. Isn’t this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating… please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you’ll visit me too (if you haven’t already).

    Beckie =)
    artbeckons at hotmail dot com
    San Diego, California, USA

    OWOH #119
    OWOH #132

  134. Thank you for for offering this beautiful gift and thank you for the chance to win. Your hard work really shows!

  135. This is amazing that you can do this event in the mist of the turmoil in your life at the moment. My heart goes out to you. I will be stopping by your blog often. Thank you for visiting mine.

  136. Sandra thanks so much for visiting my OWOH giveaway, and I'd love to be added to yours as my kitchen is done in white and fact those are the primary colors throughout our little home in the mtns of VA. Your blog has truly blessed me sweetie, and I will be coming to visit just like a neighbor who loves you!!!
    bevie2u at wildblue dot net

  137. Hello Sandra,
    I am so glad you came by to enter my OWOH so I could pop over here to see your blog. I love the photography of your farmland. It look so serene.
    The giveaway is heartfelt and that's all that matters. We all get busy, it is understood.
    Have a blessed day,

  138. What a lovely and lively elephant!
    Thanks for visiting me, so I could find you and your blog!
    Have a great Sunday! :-)

  139. Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting and it has been nice reading your blog.

  140. Hi, Sandra, and thanks for visiting my blog. And thank you for inviting me to visit your farm. I see in your latest post you are having medical problems, so I will be praying for you.
    That tea cup is lovely and I would so love to win it.
    ps-your header is breathtaking.

  141. In reading your blog I found that you have been going through a lot. I want you to know that I will keep you both in my prayers. Your gifts are lovely. Thank you for being part of OWOH. Please take care.

  142. Hello from Navada! I love your giveaway! Please count me in! Thank you!!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Keisha

  143. Hello Sandra, Thank you for visiting my blog. It's a pleasure for me to meet so many people from all over the world. I'm glad you liked the skiing sheep ATC. If you let me know your postal address I will be very pleased to send you one, either same or similar, when this whirlwind OWOH has finished. I can see why you wish to get back to your beautiful farm, with a view like that from your window!

  144. Well, hello there from snowy Arkansas! Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway and if you haven't already, be sure to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway, too.

    Warmest regards,

    Wanda Eash
    Two Crafty Mules

  145. So nice to meet you through OWOH...Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving kind comments :-)


  146. Just flying in from Cody, Wyoming! Isn't this event fun? Love your offerings...that mug is lovely and the elephant is so cute! Please enter me in your drawing. (stampgram AT yahoo DOT com )
    If you have a moment stop by and enter my giveaways too.
    # 385
    # 132

  147. Gorgepous giverway ,lovely blog .Have a happy trip around OWOH.lovely to meet you and greetings from UK
    hugs judex

  148. Thank you so very much for your sweet thoughts and prayers for my son and daughter. I can not say anything except that the Lord will bless you for your compassion toward strangers. I will be praying for your hubby along with you,
    p.s. Enjoy the ride on OWOH!

  149. Hi Sandra.. thank you so much for visiting me.. yes my sheep would be right at home.. what a beautiful site to see every day... it is so lovely to meet you.. I do love that elephant..and the mug too..I will be back for a visit when the whirlwind is over..
    Thoughts and prayers for you both...
    # 617

  150. It is so wonderful to meet you and visit your little part of Blogland. I absolutely adore your giveaway and would love the opportunity to be a part of it. Happy OWOH. Please do drop in during your journey.
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  151. Greetings Sandra from a fellow blogger / crafter in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in the UK.

    Your give-away is adorable.. a pink elephant who can do without that ~smile~ and it has such a 60's feel to it... I keep my fingers crossed.

    I so much enjoyed the opportunity to browse your webhome and thank you for participating in this amazing journey
    of happiness.

  152. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is always delightful and I hope I win your giveaway!
    Your blog is always so beautiful! I am blog #627 on Lisa's event blog and I hope I win!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  153. Hi Sandra! I have to say, I just stopped and stared at your banner for the longest time. It reminded me of some wonderful trips I went on to the Rockies. My prayers and hugs to you and Dave. If you get a minute, come by and visit me at 278. Hugs! Pam

  154. Sandra, thank you for the generous giveaway prize. Who can resist a pink elephant? Adorable.
    Hermits' Garden

  155. Hello Sandra, thanks for visiting my blog. I felt immediately welcomed and at home when I visited yours - so comfy and warm in spite of the snow! Very nice to meet you through OWOH - I'm following so I can find you again. I think you got me with the apple cobbler!


  156. Hello Sandra! Thank you for visiting my blog, and yes Singapore is a nice place. But seeing the gorgeous place you call home I am just amazed. Please do enter me in your drawing as well!

  157. your blog is beautiful .please visit mine #425
    my giveaway is a ooak polymer bunting baby

  158. Love the teacup! Come visit me too at #299.
    :-) Gina

  159. Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  160. Hey Sandra, What a lovely giveaway! Would love to win either one. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


  161. Your door prize is wonderful! I've enjoyed your blog. My prayers go out to your husband, and you, and hope that you will return to your home soon!

  162. Hello, nice to meet you :) I'm so glad I found your and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers. With love and take care, Michelle of HippieDog #15

  163. I would love to be entered in your wonderful drawing. Please stop by my blog #809 for a chance to win my door prize.

  164. the elephant is so cute!!!

  165. Love Flower Power!!!! Loved your site so much I had to become a follower. It was so nice to stay awhile and enjoy a coffee with you. If you get the chance I would love you to visit me downunder (Australia) so I can return the favour. #819

  166. Hello from Michigan! Nice to meet you. Your blog is very interesting.
    I like your talents. I enjoy scrapbooking and creating altered artjewelry. Please include me in your doorprize giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing your blog. Come visit me at


  167. these are cute, count me in! thanks for entering at Crafty Geordi. Hope everything is going well for you.

  168. Hi from chilly England. Thank you for letting me peek into your world. That elephant is so cute, please count me in and if you get a chance pop by my blog #404, a warm welcome awaits!

  169. Fun elephant!! Happy OWOH to you--stop by and say hi if you get the chance, I'm OWOHing along with you!

    trishatoo at hotmail dot com

  170. Hello, greetings from Malaysia. Happy OWOH to you.
    I'm also participating in OWOH 2011 and here is my link.
    Please come visit me too!

    whimsyloft [at] gmail [dot] com

  171. hehe your shearing day is a week after mine :) What kind of sheep do you have? Thanks!

    Rayna - Minnesota
    northstarshetlands AT

  172. no apologies are necessary for whatever is given from the heart. thanks so much for the chance to win your giveaway although i'm concerned that it may be too heavy to send if i win. but i still wanted to comment and send healing thoughts and prayers from the Philippines. i hope you can drop by my blog at (#544) and join my OWOH giveaway. blessings!

  173. Count me in on the lovely giveaway.If I should be the lucky winner just email me through my blog.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  174. That mug is so pretty (I'm a tea drinker) And your elephant is adorable :)
    Please enter my name into your draw -- thank you so much!
    ~martha (#384)
    (from Toronto)

  175. I LOVE your header image! The scenery is gorgeous! Your giveaways are cute! Count me in!
    Please come by my blog (#462) to check out my giveaway as well!
    Thank you!

  176. Hello from Iowa,
    I love that elephant, so cute!
    Come visit me, I'm #417.

  177. Hi Sandra!

    I'm finally getting a few minutes to visit my dear friends and check out a few new blogs on OWOH. I can't believe it's been two years now since I was blessed to meet you through this wonderful event.

    Love to all of the inhabitants ~ large and small, of Thistle Cove Farms!

    Jules etc.

  178. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love yours too!

  179. hi from perth western australia. just love your blog and all lovely art. thanks for sharing with me.please also call past my blog

  180. I have enjoyed reading your blog and learning about your farm. I would love to win your gifts.I am so excited to participate in my first OWOH blog tour . Your creativity is lovely. I hope I am lucky enough to win.
    please check out my blog

  181. Hi Sandra. I visited your OWOH last year - I remember because I love the name of your blog :) Thanks for dropping by my OWOH earlier. Tealightful is such a cute word and cool giveaway. Your elephant is precious too :)
    Sandi #559

  182. hi sandra, you live in a very beautiful country, and I love tea, so you teacupfoto is so nice, haha, Hai how great fun it is to travel over the world to meet all these fun people, thank you for this opportunity, best wishes from Janine

  183. Great Giveaway~Hello from Ontario Canada. Please count me in for your giveaway.

    Please visit my OWOH giveaway:

  184. Hello Sandra,
    I'm sure that whoever wins your gift (hopefully me!) will feel the love you put into it no matter what.
    I'll be keeping you and Dave in my thoughts.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  185. Sandra, Thanks for visiting my blog, Salt & Light. I love your pink elephant and if I win him, he will become a pillow and I will cherish him. I also adore the teacup as I am a tea lover to the core, especially with this frigid weather. Good to meet you.

  186. You have an awesome blog and giveaway- I am having so much fun checking out OWOH participant's blogs. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  187. i love your blog, sandra! and i love your pink elephant! what fun it would be to put him into an art quilt!

    what fun dolls! please enter me in the drawing and stop by my blog and enter mine!

    thank you for the opportunity to get to know your work better and for the chance to own a little piece of your world through OWOH!

    joe in montana

  188. I'm a follower have been for awhile I love your blog. Your giveaway is wonderful. You have a great day

  189. Hello from Thailand! That's really tealightful..:) ... I also have an 'elephant giveaway'..

    Here's my OWOH post..please click here.. :)

    laetriciajaniel (@) gmail (dot) com

  190. Hi from the UK, love your giveaway prizes!

  191. Hello from Massachusetts. Sandra, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. God is good and with Him, all things are possible. If you have a moment, come visit me. I hope to visit your blog again and am now a follower. Blessings in the journey, Rebecca #393

  192. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and would love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway!
    Thanks so much :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot

  193. Greetings from Ipswich, MA USA

    Very nice to meet you. I'm in love with the lidded tea cup. I have a blue counter in my kitchen and it would be a lovely addition. Please enter me in the OWOH drawing.

    I hope you have a chance to visit my blog, too. I'm offering a shabby chic denim necklace. And...please, come by again later so we can chat. :)

  194. Lovely blog! Your prizes are great....I love the lidded teacup and the elephant is so adorable. My little granddaughter would be delighted to have this in her room!

  195. Hello dear Sandra
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Nice to meet you this way.
    Sending you some Dutch love your way !

  196. Hi Sandra, yours is the first pink elephant I've seen today, very cute. I bookmarked your site. A christian artist, just the kind of person I like to hang out with. Come to my blog if you can. I just finished my first art with wool roving, I mixed it with polymer clay. Thanks, Cindy

  197. Hey Sandra, What a wonderful blog and great giveaways. Everyone needs at least one pink elephant! Please count me in. ~Michelle, OWOH #598

  198. Hi Sandra,

    You live in a beautiful corner of the world. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win such goodies. In my cupboard there's always room for another cup. :)

    Greetings from Germany,
    # 66

  199. Hi Sandra, I'm from Colorado! I'm glad to have the chance to visit your blog too. It's lovely! I'm sorry to hear your story. Don't we all have difficult times, but connecting like this sure helps chase away the blues at least for awhile.

    You have lovely giveaways, don't be concerned about that!

    #696 Peace~Debi at


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