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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sabbath Keeping

~ children's Bible ~
"One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on them 
and pray over them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus intervened: 
"Let the children alone, don't prevent them from coming to me. God's kingdom 
is made up of people like these." After laying hands on them, he left."

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose".  ~ Robert Byrne ~
"Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished.  
If you're alive, it isn't."

"Life is like a blanket too short.  You pull it up and your toes rebel, you yank it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night."  ~ Marion Howard ~

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."  ~ Danny Kaye ~

"Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, 
but you only spend it once."

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

"There are two ways to live your life. 
One is as though nothing is a miracle. 
The other is as though everything is a miracle." 

"If you don't know -your family's- history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree." ~ Michael Crichton ~

"Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born."
~ Ronald Reagan ~

Sanctity of Life Week ~ January 21-28, 2011 ~

"Republicans are against abortion until their daughters need one, Democrats are for abortion until their daughter wants one. " ~ Grace McGarvie ~ 

"If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people to not kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want." ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta ~

"Abortion stops a beating heart." 
~ unknown ~

"For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.  My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.  Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, there are more in number than the sand; when I awake, I am still with thee."  ~ Psalms  139:13-18 ~

~ Blessings ~ forgiveness ~ life ~  love ~ purpose ~ God's love ~ sanctity of life ~ miracles ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Good thoughts for a Sunday when I'm still too much under the grips of a cold to go to church.

  2. Loved the days of reading to our girls from various favorite children's Bibles. But, in reality, it is even more fun now, as they are both lovers of God's Word on their own.


  3. Hello Sandra. I'm excited to tell you that you have won the draw for my book, The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. Hop on over to my Blog and pick up my email address so you can let me know where to send it.
    Best wishes, Star

  4. Love your post today thank you. Hope all is well Sandra. Blessings.

  5. All very powerful thoughts and all give pause to think. My daughter is expecting her third and my sixth grand child. The baby in the womb jumps at all of the noise from the other kids, It just amazes me every time.

  6. Babies, true miracles so taken for granted by some, so desired by others who cannot have them, gifts of God. Thank-you Sandra.

  7. Thank you for the post on my blog. Don't you think paperwhites are just the prettiest? I think I'm partial because they are like miniature daffodils, and I really love daffodils.

    Do you know anything about how to keep the bulbs? I've been picking off the flowers as they die before they go to seed, and more have been growing in their place. Husband says after it stops flowering, I can just leave them how they are and keep watering sometimes and they will bloom again another time. Is that right? I don't have a place to bury them in a garden, but am thinking of transfering them to a pot to keep outdoors. It's still too cold for that, though, I think.

    I wondered if you knew anything about keeping them. :)

  8. The Einstein quote made me grab a double take. Interesting and inspirational to read that a serious scientist believes in miracles, too. :)

    The M. Crichton quote really moved me, as I am that lone leaf, not really knowing from whence the tree I fell.


  9. "Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish,
    but you only spend it once."
    ~ Lillian Dickson ~

    I adore this...

    Thinking of you both, loving you both, prayers always being sent your way, my friend.

    xo, misha


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