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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Gardening

 ~ the sun is always shining, always! ~

You've heard the saying, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." That's how I feel these days; my mind is missing and I'm struggling just to remain upright. With all that's going on in life just now, I'm going to take on Tidbit Tuesday. It's where various tidbits will be posted to help make your life a tad easier, give you a chuckle, let you share your "secrets" that help you on life's path. Yes, it's crazy because a lot of you know what's going on in Dave's and my life but, you know what? Perhaps having something to think about, blog wise, to pull together and post will help me regain some focus, some goals, some control in my life. And, if it doesn't, I'll stop doing Tidbit Tuesday, it's not writ in blood, ya know -smile-.

We've got a mini-laptop we used for traveling and, let me tell you, it's pretty darn difficult for me to see this tiny screen much less catch spelling errors, etc. When I try and respond to e-mail, the tiny screen let's me see one side of the note and then have to move the thingie at the bottom so I can read the other side of the post. You can just guess how difficult this is on almost sixty year old eyes -LOL-. All that to say, please forgive me for errors.

Tidbit Tuesday - Gardening

Let's face it, January is the best time, although February is good also, for thinking about the garden. There's not much actual work to be done, not when your farm is covered in two feet of snow...or so I'm sittin' and thinkin' is work best done in Jan and Feb.

Do you have an old mailbox that's not in use, perhaps you've been too lazy to take it to the dump? At garden's edge, plant a pole and attach the old mailbox. When you've finished gardening for the day, put your trowels, gloves, spades and other small gardening tools inside. They are always handy and, better yet, dry from the elements.

Glancing at your laminated seed packets, stapled to a post placed at the end of each row, allows you to see, fast and easy, what's planted in that row. A lamination machine is some of the best money I ever spent and not just in the garden!

Leftover tea leaves can give your garden bed a boost of nitrogen if you spread over the soil and work it in. Coffee grounds are especially good for azalea or other acid loving plants.

Club soda gone flat is good for house plants and water from cooked pasta, potatoes or vegetables are good for plants. If you have soapy dishwater, it can be used both in your garden and on your houseplants and will kill aphids and other bugs. BTW, don't use the soapy water on African violets...not good for them.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys is a favorite saying of my friend, Max. Peanut shells are good for adding nitrogen and may be added to either your compost pile or directly to the ground. I've never had a compost pile because I prefer to dump "whatever" directly onto the garden. It works for me.

Slugs love beer. If you fill a bowl with beer and "plant" it in the garden, you'll attract slugs who will crawl into the bowl and drown. Make sure you leave the bowl lip just above ground level so the slugs can't crawl to and walk out on the lip ledge.

If you're having problems with 'coons, 'possums and other night critters use your blinkin' Christmas lights in the garden. There's something about blinkin' lights that disturbs critters; me too, for that matter.

Put a bar of soap in the toe of a leg of panty hose; hang this next to the garden hose and you've got a ready made wash up station. Don't bother taking the soap out of the hose as the exfoliating effect is great for the hands.

Don't throw away broken clay flower pots. The edges may be used as a sharpening stone for garden tools.

Nasty plastic bags may be cut into strips and those strips used to tie up beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Let's face it, the plant will be finished giving forth fruit or vegetables before those bags decompose and the softness of the plastic won't hurt the plants.

Time to get back to the hospital; here's an update before signing off: Dave is doing much better, thank God! Less than an hour after I spoke with the ER resident doc, Dave was moved to the oncology ward where he receives his meds when he's supposed to take them, he's receiving food three times a day along with snacks...did you know there's no food service to the ER? Then again, I supposed folks aren't supposed to be in ER for twenty-two hours so food isn't, usually, an issue. Dave is being taken to Radiation Oncology, or Rad/Onc as it's called, each morning so he can receive radiation treatments and the list of good stuff just grows and grows or, as I prefer to think, prayers go up and blessings come down! Thank YOU for praying.

Today is a l.o.n.g. day. I've got marching orders from Dave, he's given me instructions on doing some "bidness" for him, then I have to get to the hospital and tonight there's a tax seminar for cancer patients and their families. The tax seminar is across town and I'm not looking forward to driving that great distance, especially as it's raining and might be sleeting by then. But we do need this information so I'll go and pray the whole time.

The photo of clouds parting and the sun shining through reminds me the sun is always shining. It doesn't matter if I can see the sun or not, it's there and doing what it's supposed to do - give light and heat. God is always there, doing what He said He'd us, take care of us and, if we've accepted Christ as our Savior, we'll spend eternity with them in heaven. Yep, the sun is always shining and the Son loved us enough to die for us; prayers go up and blessings come down. Bless His name, forever.

Blessings ~ gardens ~ plants ~ God's love ~ Christ's salvation ~ prayers ~ 

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Thank you for tidbit Tuesday! I learned some new things to try. My prayers are always going up for you and Dave. Have a very blessed day and will be praying and thinking of you as you drive tonight.

  2. Great ideas, love the tidbits! Sometimes it can be good to have something else to focus on to occupy our minds for at least a little while.

  3. me too - thank you for the Tidbits! Most informative! I am glad, too, things are progressing better... warm thoughts coming your way :)

  4. Wow thanks for all the info - quite a bit of stuff there I didn't know. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the sleet will hold off until after your meeting. Hope you'll see some sun shining down soon. Hugs!

  5. Thank you for all the tidbits. Lots of interesting things to think about there.

  6. Thank you so much for the tibits. I have read through your blog and please know that I'm praying for you and Dave. God bless.

  7. Sandra~
    Just as you are so thankful for the prayers on your and Dave's behalf, and the blessings you recieve from them, know that you are such a blessing to others!
    Thanks for all the wonderful gardening tidbits ~ love them!

  8. i came over for an update on dave and
    received a wealth of helpful tips! i
    especially love the soap in hose advice.
    must look pretty funny.

    dave is in my prayers almost every night,
    and i am hopeful for his continued


  9. Hi Sandra! Your upbeat post put a smile on my face and gave me a chuckle. The tidbits remind that spring is coming! Oh, BTW, be sure to check for spideys when your retrieve your items from the old mailbox --they love our box. I'm still smiling and chuckling as I thank the Lord for the good news re Dave. And as I think how God is going to ease your drive to the tax forum this evening. Truly, the Son and the sun are there even when our eyes are blind.
    Blessings, friend!

  10. Thank you for the information..I love it. We are always thinking we throw so much stuff away and now I will be able to use a little of it at least one more time. I will be praying for you. I don't like to drive at night in the winter especially if weather isn't good.
    GOD Bless

  11. Anonymous5:14 PM EST

    Hi Sandra, I am so thankful that Dave has been moved and is receiving timely meds/food/etc. I sure enjoyed your many helpful tips for the garden today. I continue to pray for both of you. Have safe travel tonight.

  12. all the tidbits too...

    happy to see you at Farmhouse, my friend

    kary and teddy

  13. Thanks for all the tidbits...I can't wait to see those little sprouts begin to show their lovely faces this Spring!
    Great news about Dave...(((HUGS))) to you both!

  14. I love your tidbits and I am so very happy that Dave is getting good care finally. I was really praying about that as I was worried. I learned so much from your tidbits. I am going to try the mailbox thing.
    I will keep you in my prayers,
    Blessings to you and Dave,

  15. Ah, you brave thing . . . driving across town in the sleet . . . all for tax information. Trust you are safely home now.

    Loved the tidbits.


  16. So glad to see you posted! I love all the tidbits, too :)
    A great update about Dave and the hospital situation. I am so very sorry you have had such a rough go getting the staff to understand what their jobs are.
    That is the frustration I had working in the med field. The apathy on the part of my co-workers. So many in the med field-shouldn't be! I was way too sensitive and spent way too much time with patients and their family! That is what I have been told about myself. Ha!
    You tell Dave I am glad he is so Rad! LOL!
    We are praying for you so you will feel those blessings pouring down!
    xo, misha

  17. OK, so you got me dreaming about my Washington State garden...I usually don't give much thought to it during the winter. Love all the ideas you posted!

    Will keep positive thoughts for you, Dave and your family.

    God is kind.

  18. Oh I am going to LOVE looking forward to it! How much longer until I can get down and dirty? THAW GROUND............THAW!!!.
    COving you and Dave with prayer , dear one.....and thankful for your gentle wizdom!
    Hugz, Nancy

  19. I don't have a laptop but don't really want one. I hate the small keys and the small screen.

    Interesting gardening tips! Glad Dave is getting the treatments and food he needs!

  20. Wow- wonderful tips, Sandra!! I've never heard of most of those... especially the one about the slugs. I'll definitely try that- we have a real problem with those around here.
    Still praying for you and Dave....

  21. Thank you for your sweet comment this morning. You asked about my e.mail address. It is in a tab at the top of my blog . . . but I will give it to you here. You don't have time to go searching for it, I am sure.


  22. Robin sent me over... thanks for sending her a fitting poem to share with the rest of us. Sending prayers and good wishes your way.

  23. Great gardening tidbits. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to remind us that planting season is just around the corner.

    My prayers are with you and Dave.

  24. Sweet Sister, take a deep breathe and grab a cuppa something. I feel your pain for sure. I'll keep you in my prayers. We're starting our New Year over with the Chinese next month. Only one way to go now and that's UP. I hope that the Lord lifts your burden soon.

  25. Sandra,
    Thanks for the great tidbits. Love the mailbox idea and laminating seed packets. Glad Dave is getting meds and food at the proper time now.
    Will keep sending up prayers. Take care.

  26. Slugs love beer! Drunk dead slugs!! Who would of thunk it :-)

    I enjoyed Tidbit Tuesday even through I'm here on Thursday :-)


  27. Glad to see Dave's doing better. Sounds like your keeping yourself occupied quite well, lol.
    I need to look into the tax thing for cancer patients here.
    Thanx for the info!

  28. Oh my! I'm getting a little closer to finding out why you aren't home.
    Prayers sent up for Dave!



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