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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Spring!

 ~ spring snow storm ~
Know how I know? We had three inches of snow this morning -wry smile-.  There were errands to be done today but I've not left the farm. There are so many people who have to be on the roads, when it's bad weather, I tend to stay home and reduce the numbers by one. It's not a huge gift but it is a gift.
~ our valley, today ~
That beautiful blog header photo doesn't look so cheerful today. Today, it's snow, gray and cold, cold, cold. The dogs and I headed to the barn, well after we should have, and I took a few photos. Abbie still has vestibular disorder and probably will always have a bit of trouble. I'm giving her cod liver oil capsules, daily, in the hopes that will help. I know in humans, sometimes vertigo is helped by copious amounts of vitamin D; perhaps so in dogs as well. In my research and speaking to various people, I'm hearing some doctors are prescribing huge quantities of vitamin D for fibro and other auto-immune illnesses. Abbie is doing well though, she's able to go up and down stairs with only a tad bit of trouble. Doesn't matter, she's in great shape for a fourteen plus year old dog and I hope she's around for many more years.
~ Abigail Von Rotten The Terror ~
I'm quite sure the AKC would have hissy fits over the names our dogs have but, fortunately, the AKC doesn't get a vote. Abbie is quite happy with her name and it fits. Ginger snaps, does it ever fit!
~ the garden and orchard ~
Daniel got the garden plowed just in time! There are more apple trees and blueberry bushes to plant but will wait a few days and let the orchard area dry out a bit. I'm in process of determining which vegs to grow and will have a few varieties of tomatoes -yes, technically a fruit-, squash -summer and winter-, parsnips, potatoes, cukes, beans, watermelons, pumpkins, gourds and they all go in this area. I've a smaller, kitchen herb garden along with a dyer's garden and a medicinal herb garden. I must admit, I'm thinking of letting the dyer's and medicinal herb gardens go by the wayside this year and focus on food. I'm going to plant a lot of flowers to be cut for both the house and to sell at market. Well, maybe not sell at market but certainly for the house, porches and studio.

When the weather clears up, Daniel is taking me up on the mountain to gather branch lettuce, also called creek lettuce. It's a watercress and has that nice, peppery bite that makes it so lovely.
 ~ Six Hour Quilt ~
 This is a quilt pattern by Kaye Wood called Six Hour Quilt and it's shaping up nicely. Must say though, it's definitely not a six hour quilt. Probably an experienced quilter could make it in six hours but not me; I've been working on this sucker for about seven hours and it's not close to being finished. But it will be pretty, I think, when it is finished. The next two rows will be the brown, then more of the floral, more brown, another row of floral and then a brown border. I think.
~ Japanese Cherry in bud ~
There are a few things in bud around here, including the Japanese Cherry. My heart breaks for those folks in Japan and I applaud them for the courageous manner in which they are banding together and marshalling their forces. There's no looting, no rioting only a deep sense of dignity and family and of helping each other through this terrible time. I'm so proud of our American forces; they are Right There, helping to re-build and render assistance in whatever way they can. Could it be the idea of family is what makes the difference in how the Japanese people have responded? I think so.

Blessings ~ family ~ snow ~ dignity ~ helping hands ~ gardens ~ quilting ~ my dogs ~ 

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. The snow is beautiful! We had some here Sunday morning and it was pretty to see it on the peach blossoms.

  2. it looks beautiful....

    happy to stop by for a visit today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  3. Abigale Von I think this is the perfect last name for all of our dogs. Very very cute. My daughter calls my poodle & Maltese, "their highnesses" which is meant to be funny, but it's also the truth. I went to college in Virginia and remember the long winters and the depth of the cold. But it was beautiful. Sending love,

  4. You know what I am glad of that spring comes even in the midst of snow. Just like joy. It is there despite every thing going on around us.

  5. Our bit of snow melted by noon the next day. Hope your's will be gone tomorrow! Your quilt will be loverly.

  6. Love the quilt, beautiful! Wish I had the patience for such work.

  7. Sunny and clear, but pretty dang chilly here in West Michigan.
    Right now I am wishing I had some medicinal herbs! For the 1st time in over a year I have a tickle in my throat and an irritating cough to accompany it.
    Spring is on it's way....Aslan has come to Narnia!

  8. We didn't get snow, but we sure do have the wet, cold, rain part. Hope it warms up soon so you can enjoy the spring flowers.

  9. Spring is here - although it will take some time to really show it! -- I am catching up on those friendly blogs - I sure enjoy your pictures!

  10. stopping by to say hello!
    wish the snow hadn't come...we got it as well and expecting more. Don't mean to be a poor sport, buttttttttt...i need spring to be spring.

    Maybe this coming week-end?
    God bless,

  11. Oh the pictures are lovely Sandra. it's sounds so amazing there so peaceful. Hope you get to see a peek of spring soon. Blessings and prayers my friend.

  12. I forgot too the quilt is gorgious. It may have taken you while, but it will be well worth it. I'm hopeing someday I can learn to quilt. With the Lord ALL things are possible:)

  13. I like your dog names. Beau needs a bath so bad no one wants to play with him, but it's still so cold here and it takes him so long to dry with that thick Aussie coat, even indoors. The sun was shining yesterday. It's so funny, as I was out and about EVERYONE was talking about the sunshine. We don't get much till it really gets Spring. You sure work hard Sandra! I like your quilt colors.

  14. Sandra ~
    Abbie has such a noble sweet face and perfectly suitable name too! Your posts are always a delight only problem is that I get too wrapped up in them and almost forget to go to work. Blessings my friend, Katie

  15. Your Spring looks like my Spring. We had a little good weather while my sister visited but they let in a snowstorm. This week is below freezin so the snow isn't melting very fast. Your dogs are cute and your quilt is beautiful. I am thinking of trying to make a couple of doll quilts for my granddaughters but with all the grammy care I am giving them I haven't found anytime just yet. Maybe this summer when I have a little time off.

  16. we've had a cold snap, too, but no snow! it
    should be a nice, deep early spring drink
    for your beautiful farm.

    i pray dave is doing well and thanks for the

  17. cranberry beans and ham...oh yum....

  18. Beautiful pictures, Sandra, even if they do make my toes cold just looking at them! *giggle*
    Miss Abbie is cute, despite her name! (Just don't tell her that...)

  19. Miss Abbie holds a dear place in my heart!
    Each year, in the 6 years we have been here, it snows in between J's b-day and mine. Doesn't have to be anything that adds just snows. And it did! We had slight flurries the other night. Now, I know we are off to greet spring!
    Your pics are lovely, Sandra! Can we see some of Daniel taking you up to the creek!?
    Hugs to you!
    xo, misha


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