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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Fun

 ~ simple pleasures ~
Do you remember making potholders as a child? Did you know you can still buy the small looms to make potholders? Granted, they are now plastic and not the metal of days gone by, but they are still easy to find and fun to make. I've never used them for potholders though, especially the nylon strips as they catch fire at a glance and are very dangerous, particularly around gas stoves. I prefer cotton strips.
~ a cloister of mug mats ~
I find enjoyment in the smallest of pleasures and making these little gifts gives me great pleasure. In the coming warmer months, they will be a colorful addition and add cheer to the table. A basket of simple pleasures that give the people gathered around the table a bit of fun as they remember their Vacation Bible School days and making potholders.

Good News - Dave is doing a tad bit better and, for the first time in weeks, is now able to go off oxygen for a couple of hours at a time. He still needs to gain weight, a lot of weight, but thank God for small victories.
Unfortunately, Sheep Shearing Day will be closed to the public this year as we're so overwhelmed with our new normal.

Blessings ~ mug mats ~ simple pleasures ~ Vacation Bible School ~ friends ~ tables full of joy ~ a new normal that's a step in the right direction ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. These are so pretty. Do you visit Hilary of Crazy As A Loom blog? She made her own Hip to be Square mini loop weaver to make potholders just like this! She sells them on her blog.

  2. Oh my gosh, I do remember them! I loved making those potholders when I was a little girl. Thanks for the memory! Great news about Dave. I hope he keeps improving.

  3. How cute and colorful! I don't think I ever made those, but I do remember them. I also remember my mom making rag rugs! I'd love to learn how to do both.

    So glad that Dave is some better; you two are never far from my mind.

    God bless!

  4. How sweet. And does bring back memories. I have my dh mother's metal loom still in the box. Should find some cotton strips and join you in this. I dont remember how to make them...wonder if the instructions are on the box... So happy to hear the good news on Dave. For weight gain, Carnation brand breakfast drink mix with icecream and 1/2 a banana added is a good weight gainer. And a tastie treat.

  5. Those are sooo beautiful!! : )
    still covered in snow

  6. I do remember! That is one of my best childhood memories! So glad to hear good news about Dave. Sorry to hear about the sheep shearing change; will cancel my flight there and go lay on a beach somewhere instead. Don't think they'd let me on a plane with the shears anyway;) Take care of yourselves.

  7. New normals can be a challenge but being off O2 for any amount of time feels like a big victory in our house also! I really like those pot holders - have one made for me by a friend's little girl and use it all the time. Pot holders and those key things - lanyards?? we sort of wove those. ahh memories of VBS

  8. Seeing these, instantly brings back memories of my daughters little hands and hours of fun. My oldest daughter, took the strips and created a braided bracelet, which became all the rage in second grade.

    We love all good news from Dave . . . glad he gets some time of reprieve.



  9. memories, memories. those were the days weren't they?

  10. glad you're seeing some improvement in Dave. We'll be sorry to miss sheep shearing but completely understand. Blessings on you!

  11. My girls had those plastic looms but I never new the strips could be so flamable. Do they have cotton strips to buy? It is nice to hear a little good news for you and Dave.

  12. Blessings to you and Dave...I love seeing your daffies blooming in the header...I love those little potholders...and I'm sure my Mom still has some that we made many years ago...

  13. Hi Sandra,
    Im so glad that he is feeling a bit better. I wish we were closer to help with the shearing. Thanks for the idea about the pot holders. I will pick up this project for my granddaughter for summer. Take care.

  14. I sometimes see these at the thrift shop, the metal looms, too, and am often tempted to buy one. So nostalgic!

  15. They are pretty aren't they - so cheery. A few years back I rediscovered them and remembered that I loved making them as a child. Now you'd think that someone who has crafted all her life would have an easy time of it. But those darned things were hard to make I thought! LOL Still love them though.

  16. I love your handiwork, Snadra~ so colorful and cheery!
    Glad to hear Dave is feeling some better... thanks unto God for answered prayers.

  17. Sorry about the misspell, Sandra~ sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain! *hehe*

  18. I too remember those potholders. What I remember the most, however, is NEVER finishing one! It stayed on the loom while waiting for someone to show me how to finish the edges. Makes me want to go get one and this time complete the project! Thanks for sharing.

    PS I'm new to this blog so not sure about Dave but certainly glad to hear the good news!

  19. Wow these really bring back memories! Great post. So glad that I found your blog.

  20. Appears I've been remiss in my reading. Very remiss. Sorry to hear of the health troubles in your home.

    Those potholders? I had my boys make them when they were young. Christmas gifts for grandmas and aunts. Always liked to see which colors they would choose and then the concentration as they wove.

  21. Very nice! They almost rival my collection of vintage pot holders that my 37 y.o. and 34 y.o. made when toddlers. I still have a few left and when the grandbebes come they make some for their Moms.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. You are in the prayers.

  22. Any little bit of progress is great for Dave and for you. I was glad to read that he can now do without the oxygen for a couple of hours now and then.
    Where can I buy the pot holder looms, please?

  23. I have never made those~but, now I just might! I love the colorful ones :)
    Great news about Dave! And probably good for his spirit!
    If I were a sheep I would be glad no one was coming to watch me get naked!
    xo, misha

  24. I like your potholders!!! They are so colorful and cheerful :o)!

    ( Confesssion: I've never made potholders...because I don't know how to make them...but it can't be difficult....I guess..)

    I am so happy for Dave!!!
    God bless you! ♥

  25. I loved making those and so did my daughters! I'm so glad Dave is doing better!

  26. No I didn't make potholders when I was a kid! If i did I would have been called the biggest sissie on the block by the neighborhood boys :-)

    I'm glad to hear Dave is doing better :-)

  27. Sandra I'm rejoicing with you about Dave I'm so happy to hear this. I remember these pot holders from when I was a young girl. I forget how to make them now. I would love to visit your farm someday maybe I will be able to. Continuing to pray for you and Dave. Blessings my friend.

  28. I've been without a computer for a week and have missed you! I love the potholders. I made a couple a few years ago when I was home with a cold and bored to tears! They are fun so much fun to make. So glad to hear of Dave's progress.

  29. Nice header photo. That is a room with a view...

  30. Those are so colorful, lots of work there. Drop over sometime. yvonne

  31. Hobby Lobby had the metal potholder looms a couple of years ago. Maybe they still do.

  32. Dear Sandra,
    I do! I so do remember those little pot holders. One of my little firsties made me one this year and I am using it as a coaster on my classroom desk! It is the simple things ~ it is our life ~ it is the small everyday joys, and yes it is walking a new normal path!
    Love and Blessings,

  33. Sandra- I am thankful for Daves improvement- even little steps are so precious. An answer to prayers.

    The potholders are gorgeous- truly a beautiful photo. Brings back memories- such a wonderful gift--

    I pray that each day brings a little more improvement to your Dave-


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