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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Road Perils

 ~ tree down ~
For a good part of the way out of the Cove, it's two lane, unmarked, roads. This road, Pounding Mill Road, is marked and, as you can see, driving is hampered by a tree across the road. This is the shortest way home, the next shortest way means turning around...difficult to do on a road this narrow...heading back to Rt. 460 and then turning east to head to Tazewell town and then home or, turning west, and going on a narrower, unmarked, dirt road. It's just as likely, perhaps more so, trees would be across the dirt road as well. Hmmm.
~ mission accomplished! ~
It was easier to get out in the pouring rain and help break up, then move the tree just enough so one lane of traffic was clear. See the oncoming car? The driver wanted to stop, waaaaay back, but I motioned the driver to come closer. As soon as the automobile was close enough for me to talk to the driver, I saw it was a woman and asked, "Do you have a man in that car with you?" She looked startled and said, "nooooo...?" I told her, "well, you'll have to do. We need to move this tree so we can all get to where we're going." Startled is not the adjective I'd use for the look on her face this time -grin- but she jumped out of her car, ready to assist. The two men in the car ahead of me, that woman and myself broke up the tree enough so we could pull it out of one lane of road. As we're readying to break up the tree, one of the men looked at me and said, "So, Cove Gal, how's Dave doing?" I must have looked as startled as the other woman! "Gaining strength but it's slow going and daily", I told him. He laughed and said, "Mr. Harrison is in the car and we'd heard the news." He and Mr. Harrison are the gents who keep our furnace and heating system in working order; it was nice to work alongside folks I know.
 ~ uh oh ~
On the other side of this mountain, this tractor trailer driver found out dispatch doesn't always know best. I felt sorry for him. Cell phone coverage is spotty, at best, and in the short time I was there, his phone connection broke several times. To say he was exasperated is putting it mildly. Eventually, within three hours, a tow truck came and rescued him but he and dispatch were having trouble communicating. The driver asked me, "what's the nearest town?" Now, that's a trick question. Around here, towns are few and far between but we do have plenty of wide spots. I told him, "tell your dispatcher you're about four miles from the Pounding Mill WalMart." The guy looked at me like I'd struck crazy. "Pounding Mill?" But, he told her and her response was about the same. I just grinned and left them to it; I can only offer help, can't make them take it. The truck was, probably, in okay shape; it looked like he'd driven onto the soft shoulder and it gave way. Good thing it was on the ditch side of the road and not the cliff side.
 ~ dear ole Abbie ~
Beloved Abbie, like so many most at Thistle Cove Farm, has some years on her. As a foundling, she came here in 1998 and was full grown then so she's upwards of fourteen years. That's close to 100 in our years and she's beginning to slow, just a tad. I thought she'd had a stroke but, after taking her to a vet who specializes in Jack Russell's, I found Abbie didn't have a stroke but rather vestibular disorder. Nasty stuff that and means she suffers from having her world dizzy and imbalanced. She tells me when she needs to go up or down steps and I have to make sure not to disorient her. The two times I have turned her too quickly, she has to lay on the floor and flip 360 degrees to right her inner ear and restore balance to her world. It's painful to watch and I can only imagine the disorientation inside her little head and body.

She's eating well and moving nicely; was able to chase a rabbit yesterday and in a, fairly, straight line. She's on pain meds, to help her sleep and cope, and on antibiotics as, sometimes, they seem to help. Dr. Peggy, the vet, also suffers from vestibular disorder and was quite sympathetic; she even called this morning at 8 a.m. to see how Abbie is faring.
 ~ Sam, either licking his chops or warming his nose ~
Sam went to the vet also and he has a very nasty ear infection. I've been trying to clear up this ear infection for a very long time; hopefully, we've got the right mix of meds to get the job done this time.
~ double rainbow ~
Can you see the double rainbow? Dolly Parton said, "if you want to see the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain." She's right, you know. For two weeks, or more, it's either rained or snowed each and every day. Lawz! but I am glad to see the rainbows!

Our GP, God bless Dr. Steve!, called after 8 p.m. tonight. He wanted to let us know he'd already received the results of the CT scan Dave had earlier today. The tumor has shrunk a bit more and we'll take it. Yes, Lord, we'd still like that miracle of full recovery please, but, in the meantime, we'll take this small victory and thank you, Lord, thank you so very much.

Here's hoping rainbows for you as well. Rainbows and unexpected gifts.

Blessings ~ rainbows ~ Dr. Steve ~ Dr. Peggy ~ helping hands ~ Dave ~ Sam ~ grace ~

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM EDT

    I've been following you for a while. I was glad to see the rainbow.

  2. Lovely post as always Sandra. So glad to hear that Dave's tumor has shrunk more I continue to believe with you by faith for his complete healing. The tree in the road looks like that was a big ordeal and your dogs they get old like we do and have problems as well. I pray for my animals God can answer our prayers concerning anything. Keeping both of you in prayer. Blessings.

  3. I'm up too late and off to bed, but had to read your post. You're somethin' else, Sandra! So glad to hear the news about Dave. Watch out for obstacles in the road!

  4. Wonderful news from the GP! Glad you had help with the tree. Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers.

  5. Great news!! And isn't it awesome that a Dr. would call at that time of night to ease your mind some.

    Here's to double rainbows -

    Love that old dog, what a face :-)

  6. I am glad to read your news!!! It IS a good news :o)!
    You are in my thoughts...

    Thanks for the rainbow :o)!

  7. Wow, Sandra, never a dull moment at the farm.

    Grateful with you, that the tumor is moving in the right direction . . . smaller, that is. Contiue to pray for you whenever the Lord brings you to mind.


  8. I am happy you read your news. Oh my what a road, but if it takes you to Thistle Cove Farm, that's okay! It looks like a dream place to live...that photograph in your header is incredible.


  9. Some good news! Yes indeed! ((hugs))

  10. May God give you strength and peace through your daily struggles and life struggles and maybe there will be a miracle at the end of that rainbow. This time of year it is usually a pot of Gold but I will be praying for a miracle. Glad to hear your good news.

  11. So glad to hear the good news! I loved the mountain photos - we used to live way up in the mountains of NC - near Devils Courthouse - about 4200 feet above sea level - we used to always keep a chainsaw in the truck in case we had to cut a tree out of the road...

  12. At least if you aren't moving mountains to get things done you are moving trees. Glad to hear that the tumor has shrunk. Hope the bugger keeps shrinking till is't history. Take care and you two are in our prayers.

  13. It is wonderful that you have so many rainbows in your life right now. Dave's progress is wonderful! I am glad that Abbie didn't have a stroke and is adjusting to her dizzy little world. Your glass truly IS half full, Cove Gal ... and you have a whole house full of blessings to show for it.

  14. So glad you have some rainbows to go with your adventures! Nice job with the tree. Many hands make light work!

  15. So much like here! A tree across the road, a semi that took a bad route!
    Great news about Dave, and so nice for your doc to call that late in the evening!
    I just read the email about sweet Abbie! What good news , no stroke! Now at least you know what you are dealing with. That is a tough diagnoses....But, God knows you are the steward over Abbie and he only picks the best :)
    So glad she has you!
    Wow, a double rainbow! Love those. I always see one when I need it the most!
    xo, misha

  16. We're happy things are looking up for you and family! How can people say there is no God, when proof is before them like this double rainbow? May God Bless you and your family.

  17. I am glad to hear a bit of good news about Dave . Rainbows, fellow travelers helping each other on tree-blocked roads, beloved dogs aging together with us, life in all its' sweetness in spite of the mud _ never know when that double rainbow of blessings comes or what will rain upon us, praise God He does, and is in complete control~

  18. Yes we will indeed take ANY good news.......don't forget to email your snail mail addy to us here in stinky NJ....oh I do hope that we can come down for sheep shearing this year!!!
    Prayers and hugs to you dear one,
    Nancy and the menagerie

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  20. Nice to see the rainbow and hear the good news about the tumor. You certainly have a lot going on!

  21. Woohoo for answered prayers and hopes of double rainbows. Girl that's quite a shot!!!

    Ya gotta love a woman who can move a tree!!! I'm so happy ya had some good help goin' on there for ya.

    God bless and have a terrific day and may it rain the luck of the Irish upon ya!!! :o)

  22. I came across your blog by accident and saw that great view fron your window i had to find out what part of the world you live its read splendid

  23. Yay re: Dr. GP's news : )

    I have an oldster like Abby - a foundling - she's an old(er) border collie mix ... with bad ears ... have to flick the lights or bang on the floor to get her attention! Uh, huh? oh well, we have to take care of those sweet old people (as my 18 yo son said last night, old people are weird!)

  24. About the truck driver. - I drove a semi truck around the Los Angeles area for many years. I had more breakdowns than you can shake a stick at. I feel sorry for any truck driver who has problems and is unable to complete his route :-(

    I'm glad to hear the good news about Dave :-)

    Take care Sandra and have a nice weekend :-)


  25. hurray and hallelujah about dave's report!

    when i thought of you moving the giant
    tree from the road, i liked that it was an
    example of the giant tree you have been
    moving on dave's behalf.

    and now you seem to have a clear lane
    ahead, too.

    still praying each night.


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