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Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Overwhelming Kindness

Dang. No photos due to some kind of computer or blogger glitch; oh well, it is what it is.

The last two weeks plus have been overwhelming in a variety of ways. We went from Blackberry Blizzard with a "wintery mix" to, a week later, 3 or 4 inches of rain in thirty-six hours. As Andy Griffith said, "It rained and it rained and it was a real frog strangler!" It's been raining for about the last eight days and, not to disrespect God or anything like that, I'm a mite tad tard of rain. As they would say around here
-smile-. That horrendous rain came with an electrical storm of ginormous magnitude. Not only did it blow out my telephone system, it blew out three house phones and my computer tower. YEOUCH!

Speaking of Mayberry, the Jasper, Alabama native George Lindsey passed away; remember Goober? What a classic that show was and is fondly remembered. I still watch Mayberry, it's comfort television for me; how about you? Mr. Lindsey via his celebrity golf tournament raised more than $1 million for the Alabama Special Olympics and will be missed by many. Prayers are with his family during these difficult days.

Another icon of my youth, Dick Clark, passed away. Rememer American Bandstand?

Yep, that's telephone service for the last fifteen days or thereabouts. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and expense the V...and it doesn't stand for Victory! company has cost me. They promised me a "one time credit of $25" the first week and a "one time credit of $40" the second week and are now trying to weasel out of paying. Additionally, I'm not paying for the days I didn't have telephone service and am not paying the fifty cents per day for 911 service...which I didn't have.

Did you know V. charges tax on services they don't provide? That's right, boys and girls. On my bill from February, when they were strong arm twisted into giving gave me what they promised, they charged me tax, state and federal, on services not rendered. Did you know, (on a roll here...) that whenever a V. employee is able to not give you what they owe you, that employee gets a bonus?! That is so immoral and unethical! I recently was told the top V. ceo's, presidents, vp's, etc. were given $1.2 billion dollars in salaaries, bonuses, perks, golden parachutes and the like. So, ya think employees are learning from example? Looks like to me.

 I'm a big letter writer. I write to friends, family, folks I don't know...and to the State Corporation Commission.  This will be my third letter to the SCC this year and each time, they have been able to prod V. into giving me what V. promised me. Let's see if it works this time. If you're having problems with a utility company, put the problem in writing and send the letter to your State Corporation Commission. I guarantee you'll get results.

The boots on the ground guys are fantastic to deal with; they work in all kinds of weather and I've never dealt with one who had a bad attitude. Of course, I hand out shortbread when they get here so perhaps that helps. -smile-

Remember Russell and the fire? So many of you have sent help to Russell and his family; thank you! He has been overwhelmed by your kindness and several times has begun crying at the outpouring of kindness. May God bless each of you tenfold for reaching out to a stranger and making his life, and the lives of his family, a bit easier.

Before the rain started, I was able to plant a couple of rows of potatoes and beans but still have so much to plant. I like to raise extra because there are always folks who enjoy fresh produce and it's not all that difficult to raise extra.

It's late for me and no matter there's more to say, I'm hitting the hay. Tomorrow is a l.o.n.g. day and miles to go before I sleep so good-night for now. God bless you and keep you; He does me.

Blessings ~ sleep ~ phone service that works ~ boots on the ground guys and gals ~ gardens ~ 


  1. You are a good, great, beautiful woman . . .

  2. your sharing of blessings is felt, kind friend, and appreciated. God bless you-

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  3. Hello Sandra:
    We do so hope that all is now sorted, taxes too, with your telephone company. To be without the 'phone is something with which you can well live without.

    We are so pleased to know that things are improving for Russell and his family. Long may this be so.

    And for you, dearest Sandra, we pray for fine days!!! Or at least rather less rain!

  4. Ooh my that's some weather you're having then Sandra! Feeling for you but glad it's not me having it!! ;o)
    I have to say that I did enjoy watching Andy Griffith many years ago, but it's not currently being repeated here at the moment. Plenty of other classics being shown though, on our newly added channels that show all the oldies. I don't watch much of the box, but am partial to what I think they call 'cozy mysteries' such as Agatha Christie etc. oh ok, and admit to watching Star Trek repeats! :o))))
    Have to say that I'm a bit comforted to know that you have the same type problems with utilities that we do here! Probably a world wide idiocy.
    Very pleased to hear the news re Russell and his family. Hopefully it will continue to ease for them.
    Enjoy your bed, although by now you may have already slept and risen!! :) Happy weekend to you and I hope the rain stops for you. ♥

  5. I'm glad you're taking action! I ran into some trouble a while back with V. of the cell phone arena and had to send some emails but they finally did resolve the issue!

  6. That is so nice that your friends wanted to help that more man and his family. That is the nicest thing I have heard today.
    I am glad you are a letter writer. My Mom was too and kept a typewriter on our dining room table because she was always writing someone.
    I hope you have a nice sunny weekend.

  7. We finally have a sunny day again!.. everything is drying out some.. hope you get the same!

    and what Lynn said :-)

  8. Sandra- I'm do sorry you've had SO much trouble with your phone company-- what an aggravation. I think the company just basically ignores its rural customers.

    Yes- the weather has been crazy for us too. Yesterday I had to wear a coat to mow the grass. Last week it was 90!

    Such is life. You are amazing in your fortitude. You are always in my prayers.

  9. Is your phone service back? Is the V you are talking about the famous Cell phone company??? So sorry for your problems...we just shouldn't have to fight to only get what is fair. I remember Goober and the gang fondly, it was such a gentle show.

  10. Anonymous10:23 PM EDT

    Wow, when it rains it pours (no pun intended) at your place! Thanks for the tip in letter writing!

  11. I don't know why, but when you were talking about phone service, I kept thinking of the old TV show, Green Acres. Remember when Lisa and Oliver used to have to climb up a telephone pole to make a call? That just flew through my mind:)

    I think it's so sweet that you would grow extra veggies for folks near you.

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Did you feel safe during the lightening storm? Sorry about all the hassle.

    When Jenny was flying to England earlier this month, her plane was struck by lightening.

    I like your generous heart to those in need.

  13. That's alot of rain, Sandra... Hope everything works out in your favor with V. Issues like this can be so very frustrating!

  14. Anonymous9:30 AM EDT

    I loved your post. I keep wondering when our spring in Michigan is going to progress. Seems like some of the trees are having second thoughts about opening up with the crazy temps we have had this year.

    Sounds like you have had more than your share of wet weather (in all its forms!). Praying for warm, peaceful,sunny days for you.

    Pam R.

  15. Haven't been on in a while i lost my blog (go figure that one out) so i had to start a new one. it's nice to read your posts. good luck with your phone service. and what a wonderful post about Dave's birthday, I hope you are doing well. God bless.


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