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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thistle Cove Farm blog BOOK!

 OH MY! A few years ago, I blogged about turning your blog into a book but then promptly forgot about it. Until last week when I sat down and went through the process to take the first three years of my on-line journal and turn it into a hard copy. It's difficult to see but the writing on the left side says, "The View From My Window, My Cup Overflows" which is the by-line for my blog. The company I chose is called Blog2Print and I'm Very Satisfied with the final product as are some other folks to whom I've showed my TCF blog book. The view above, as you can see, is the winter photo header.
 The back cover is also a winter photo; for some reason, unknown to me -smile-, I chose winter photos. The next blog book I'll use summer photos. The glossy paper means the photos have been reproduced beautifully!

I started my blog in May 2005 and the first posts didn't have photos because the my learning curve was steep! Eventually, I got the hang of it and photos began appearing.
 Dave and I met this lovely woman in Armenia at the Haghpat Monastery. Dave and I were traveling with a delegation partially funded by the US State Department and ourselves. It was a fabulous trip; if you're interested, I'll blog about it at a later date. One quick story...prior to meeting the women at Haghpat Monastery, Dave and I were traveling in Georgia. We were separated from the rest of the group (which seems to be a recurring theme in our travels!) and spent five Very L.O.N.G. hours with some former, or so we were told later, Russian Mafia who were recruited from the Russian KGB. Those Very Large gentlemen...or as I referred to them, "those no-neck ABC guys" thought Dave and I were in Gori, Georgia to export Georgian wine to the USA.

Frankly, there's only so much one can say when one doesn't speak the language! After a while, the smiles on our faces felt frozen and still we would smile and nod politely. After five hours, the rest of our group arrived and we all spent the next six hours eating, drinking, drinking, drinking, eating and drinking. At least, the Russians and Georgians drank...and drank...and drank...I've never seen frat boys who could hold a candle!

Just two years after Dave and I came home from our Georgian and Armenian travels, Russia rolled troops into Gori, killing citizens and destroying the city. It's still unbelievable and a total nightmare!
 Happy days include Jon Lohman, and a photographer, of the Virginia Folklife Program coming to the farm and doing a story on the sheep and I. The VFP has a Master Apprentice Program wherein they link a Master and an Apprentice in various areas of art. I was chosen as the first Master Fiber Artist and Linda W., was my apprentice. I was, and am, thrilled to the moon and beyond to have been published in the VFP's book In Good Keeping. What an honour; thank you, Jon!
The dedication page to the Thistle Cove Farm blog book. As always, thanks and glory be to God because He makes all things possible. And Dave? Dave always believed in me; would that every woman had such a man, a David, in her life, to fight her Goliath's. Dave would always tell me, "it's my job to protect and provide for you" and I'd reply, "and, it's my job to take care of you." I love you, Dave.

Blessings ~ blog into book ~ memories ~ a beautiful product! ~


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM EDT

    I am so very thrilled for you with your blog book. I love the dedication to Dave, especially.

    Blog2Print made books with the blogs that my brother and husband wrote during their vacation across the U.S. several years ago and did a wonderful job. A treasured keepsake for sure.

  2. That is awesome. I have wanted to do that but just have never got around to doing it. I love your dedication. So sweet.

  3. That's wonderful, Sandra! Great idea!

  4. I have wondered about having a book done. Having just finished my first blog year I thought I would like to have it in a book form. I have visited with another gal who plans to do the same. And now you too . . .

    You and Dave have certainly had an amazing life . . .

  5. This book must be great!!! It's so good to see your blog printed...:o)

  6. Anonymous5:47 AM EDT

    Hi Sandra, I've had my old blog made into a book too. It was to be given to my grand daughter when she's a little older. Although I have been considering giving it to her sooner than later, as I believe she often sits at the computer browsing my blog.

  7. Hello dear Sandra:
    How absolutely wonderful is this. You must be thrilled and to be able readily to look back on so many of your shared adventures with Dave will, we are certain, provide you with hours of continuing pleasure. You are such an adventurer, going where so many of us would fear to be and for that, as for so much else, you have our upmost admiration.

  8. What a fabulous idea! Is it very expensive to do this. It'd be wonderful to just sit down and flip through in a spare moment. I love how yours turned out!

  9. How nice Sandra - I've been meaning to do that too. I used to write my blog in MsWord first and keep each of them before I published them, but after awhile didn't do that anymore. I've been thinking about printing mine too - thanks for giving me a nudge in that direction. Hope you're having a good week. Hugs!

  10. Hi Sandra,
    I use Blog2print as well and print my blog every year. I usually blog with this in mind as to create a memory book for my family. I hope you will have a very blessed weekend.

  11. Such a treasured keepsake in that book! I used that company, also, to print a 2009 book and a 2010 book... they did a fantastic job on both...hope to catch up with 2011 at some point...

    Your dedication words touched me more than you will know...

  12. Gosh, you have really had some adventures in your life!!!! Your book is just lovely, I knew there are several companies out there that will make the books, I'm glad you chose one that turned out well!

  13. I, too, have wanted to do this for so long as I have kept a blog for about eight years or more. How expensive is such a prospect? This looks GORGEOUS, Sandra! REALLY, really nice! How lovely :)

  14. I have used the same company and am very pleased, too. Last Christmas, I had my daughter blogs printed, too. It was a wonderful surprise.

    Loved your dedication page.


  15. What a beautiful post! I love your book and need to do something like this also! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Anonymous3:31 PM EDT

    I didn't even know you COULD do something like this... make a blog book! Great idea!

  17. This is just beautiful, Sandra!What a treasure. I need to make one also. You have inspired me :)And your book dedication is perfection!
    xo, misha

  18. Sandra this is incredible. I've heard folks talk about doing this- but it's great to see your amazing book in its published form. This is a wonderful way for you to preserve some precious memories of your travels with Dave.

    Your Russia story is pretty impressive too--- I'd love to see you post those photos!

  19. Really neat idea! I'll be hitting my 10 year blogiversarry this autumn. Maybe I'll create a blog book for myself. Thanks, as always, for the wonderful inspiration.

    Will you be offering your blog book for sale to readers?


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