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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Things

~ tea pot lamp ~
Last month, I took a AAA trip to Charlotte, NC to see Sister Act which was great except, every so often, the language turn a south turn. The bus went early enough so we were able to stop at Northlake Mall. Now, that might not seem like big doings to you but to me...HUGE and I'm not a "mall person". I took photos of some beautiful things, thinking I might duplicate them, eventually. but, really...probably not -smile-  Isn't this tea pot lamp the cutest thing you've ever seen? I adore it! I so want to make one! Thrift stores, beware, I am on the hunt for tea pots but they don't have to be white. I'm thinking colors would be cute as long as they complimented each other. Or, maybe a couple of colored tea pots with one white one? I like the lamp shade but think it could be better, somehow. Hmmm, I'm not sure, this one just doesn't quite work for me. What do you think?
 ~ beautiful chair ~
This fabric is heavily textured and, again, another piece I just love. I've got similar fabric and am looking around the house for a chair that it would fit. 
 ~ Indian style jacket ~
The back of this jacket has been removed and this knitted piece substituted. It's nubby and fabulous; I'm pretty sure I adore this jacket.
~ tree branch lamp ~
This lamp has a base of tree branches that are nailed together, starting inside, going to outside. I couldn't tell if the lamp was sitting atop the branches or went straight to the bottom but I like it, a lot. Not to sound trite, but the organic quality is so nice...the texture, the brad nails, the way some branches are straight and others curvy...the whole piece is great.

The quality of the photos isn't wonderful but as good as possible, considering I was sneaking around taking them at either Anthropologie or Pottery Barn...I think that's right.    Walking through the stores was interesting; it seems a lot of the stores are selling things that look like they are supposed to be aged but aren't. In other words, new stuff that's been distressed; it's beautiful but I'm chuckling. The newest piece of furniture in this house is from 1972 and the oldest could be the roll top desk Dave's grandfather used when he was in either the Virginia Senate or Legislation (I can't remember which). Then again, the oldest could be the Victorian horse hair stuffed sofa and matching chair. When Dave and I married, we each brought more than twenty years of household belongings to the farm and, later, when his mother moved in with us, she brought fifty years of household belongings. So, every room is packed with history...Hoosier cabinets, tables and hutches, Emes chair and ottoman, roll top desk, maple, cherry and pecan bedroom suites, Victorian sofas and chairs, treadle sewing machines, hand crank sewing machines, Singer Featherweights, iron frame bed...the list goes on and on and on. I'm sure an antique dealer is salivating by now smile but all this "stuff" fits our my 110+ year old home just fine. We're all old here, it's just a series of degrees smile.

Now do you understand why I chuckle when in those high end home furnishings store?

"There are two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ laughter ~ a sun shiny day ~ laundry drying on the line ~ smiles ~ a healthy delivery for Sara ~ a healthy pregnancy for Sarah ~ 


  1. That teapot lamp is cute but I agree on the shade - those flowers are just a tad over the top - I'd like one a little less frou-frou. Love that branch table/lamp - so cool. And it isn't just the antique dealers who would be salivating - I'm drooling all over my keyboard here LOL. Have a great weekend - I'm driving up to NC tomorrow to take Frank to the podiatrist - oh such is the life of a social butterfly LOLOLOL

  2. You didn't know you were high end, did you?

    It makes you look at your things with a new appreciation, I bet. I'm glad you had a day out. That always does a girl good.

    Give yourself treats more often!

  3. You know, I love that tea pot lamp idea. I would prefer a simple shade, too. I have copied ideas from Anthropologie as well.

    Your trip sounded great.


  4. lovely photos, esp. the teapots, and that jacket!

    I think I'll just go shopping on your farm, it sounds like a dream come true!

  5. Hello Sandra:
    Old stuff here too, dearest Sandra,much of which has been with us for all time or so it seems!

    We cannot remember the last time we were in a shopping mall, so beloved of Hungarians, we find them soulless places. We much prefer rooting around in second hand or antique shops where the owners are often as interesting as their stock!!

    Happy Weekend!!

  6. All of that old furniture sounds wonderful ( visiting from BMB and thanks for visiting ME ) I am going to look around your blog a bit more later on....I have to go to work now, though.
    I AM CHUCKLING about DISTRESSING furniture because all of my life I'd get something fairly decent and then one of my three sons would DISTRESS it either by banging toys into it or breaking something on it. If it was not the boys it was the dogs. Now that I am a grandmother my little grandson is starting. He DISTRESSED a coat rack to smithereens not to long ago, lol! :)

  7. I'll bet that lamp base made of branches would be a very useful item for the clawed members of your household! ;)

  8. All of these items would fit in my old farmhouse decor. Lol. Great finds Sandra. :)

  9. What a wonderful trip you had. I get a kick out of all the "old/new" stuff, too. Remember when you were young and wanted NEW and you wanted the old to LOOK new?

    Love the little lamp but, like you, I don't think the shade is quite right- a tad too busy, maybe?

    Have a great day! xo Diana

  10. I like looking at the inspired pieces. Twigs are my favorite.
    It sounds like you had a fun outing, Sandra!

  11. I agree with you about that shade. The lamp is a neutral color, and has lots of shape. The shade however, is too showy, and is boxy in shape. I'd pick something with less zing, and more curve, to match the base. Sounds like you had fun!!!

  12. I too love the teapot lamp, but the shade is a bit loud for my liking.


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