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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Speech

 What don't some folks understand about a free market? It enables us to have choices when we shop whether it's for food, clothing or luxury items? 
 I like the Second Amendment, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."
Do you know that for every $4 the US spends, $3 is borrowed from China? We're borrowing money to give Egypt war weapons! And who is Egypt's new best friend? Iran! HELLOOOOO, the lights are on in Washington, DC but there's no one home! KrAZy!
 Have you seen the photos of Chris Stevens being drug through the streets of Benghazi? He's battered from the beating he's been given and some reports say he was sodomized before being murdered.
 Does it anger you to stand behind someone in the grocery store who is talking on their free smart phone while "buying" groceries with food stamps? Yes, I heard her telling someone about her "Obama phone" and then paid with food stamps! 
What's wrong with coming to this country as a legal alien and then becoming a citizen? That plan has worked for several hundred years and is a slap in the face of all the immigrants who struggled to come here and become legal citizens!

Ah well, daily, I must remind myself that nothing happens that God doesn't allow or control! Like Joseph said to his brothers, "you meant it for evil but God worked it for good." 

"There are two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ God is in control ~ electricity is still on even though we're in the midst of a snow storm ~ Kim, staying with me for the weekend ~ Sara and Jason with new baby Avery ~ hope ~


  1. I agree the lighs on on but no one is in the capital. They are on Vacation with your tax dollars.
    Half the people that run for office can't get a real job, they don't even give them a lie detector test. I am fed up with the system. Every one that wants a hunting gun should have one. Just not an assault weapon. we are not at war.
    Oh well that's my 2 cents worth.

  2. Yvonne, your two cents is valued here even when we don't agree. In your opinion, what is an "assult weapon"? Around here, we have a huge problem with predators - coyotes, coydogs, foxes and the occasional mountain lion. A hunting rifle doesn't do the kill job that, for example, an AK47 does. If one gets a shot with a hunting rifle, more often than not, the animal is left maimed, wounded and left to die in severe agony. That's not the case with an AK 47 or something similar. There are applicable uses for such weapons and, just like a vehicle, can become dangerous in the hands of a mentally deranged person, someone on drugs or alcohol. Yet, no one is calling for a ban on vehicles.
    I'd rather see no guns AT ALL in the hands of anyone who has a history of mental illness and, maybe, not even their family member.

  3. well answered Sandra - trusting "guvmint" to protect us seems to not be working out so well - not wanting national militias but not giving up my guns or my rights without a real fight -you are preaching to the choir in my corner!

  4. Well said, TCF! I suspect we are "kindred spirits". If you don't object, I may post a link to this post on some forums I frequent. Let me know if that's OK w/you.

  5. I am saddened to read about Chris Stevens, my heart goes out to his family. What is happening in our country is puzzling and scary. Common sense seems to have taken a vacation in DC, and in many other places.

  6. Maybe it's the wrong action to take, but I just can't bring myself to even watch or listen to the news much anymore, Sandra... *sigh*...
    I don't want to be uniformed or ignorant about what is going on around me, but my blood gets to boiling to the point that I want to punch somebody in the face.
    Like you said~ I am so thankful God is in control of this thing....

  7. Dan heard a program on the radio that totaled up what someone on welfare actually receives from the government. They get a better annual income than we get from his having an honest job! It's true though, God is in control, and that's the thing to hang on to.

  8. great post.

    I don't understand how prez o would allow our country to support the muslim brotherhood unless he's okay with encouraging shariah law.

  9. A culture without God makes up the rules as they go. "And every man did what was right in his own eyes". I agree. Insanity is the new rule of the day.

  10. Deanna, you've hit the nail on the head. Do you ever EVER see his wife going with him on trips to Muslim countries?

    Leigh, 43% of the USA population receives some form of government aid that the rest of us WORK and have taken from us. I am sick of people doing nothing except receiving a government check and bragging about it. Can you say DRUG TESTS???

    Paula, it sickens me and I hate watching or listening to news. It's disgusting to watch adults, supposedly well educated, pander and kowtow so they can rub shoulders with those who are more powerful. And, it's more disgusting to watch those in power pander and kowtow so they can rub shoulders with celebrities. I scream at the t.v., "Put on your big boy pants and MAKE THE USA PROUD!" but it's hard to see reality when there are stars in your eyes. That plus, you can't do what you don't believe.

    Midlo Mom, there are a variety of reasons, the main one being man has replaced God with human frailty.

    Sandy, thanks! For the time being, we still have free speech.

    Monkeywrangler, feel free to copy and past or use as written.

    LindaSue, it's an insult to my sheep to call those who blindly follow elected officials! Greed is the order of the day and, in my mind, what proves their immense, complete stupidity...they'll go into eternity with empty hands.

    Debbie, excellent point. I'm now reading in Isaiah how "every man did what was right in his own eyes"...frightening when one considers the results! To insanity, I would add "greed". Many thanks for your comment.

  11. Wow! You hit the nail on the head with this post. I have quit watching the news because I get furious and worried about the future. That is wrong. I need to learn to rely on God to take care of things and know that he will grant the grace to get through it. It is scary though. Very scary. Where has our good sense gone?

  12. Excellent post. Told ya you'd say it better than me. ;)) Reflects My Thoughts Exactly.
    Plus, we're being "governed" by a man who has committed no less than 50 impeachable crimes since taking the first oath of office!!! He is unworthy to even sit in the Oval Office. Why, oh, WHY hasn't our Congress and/or Senate done something about that?! And someone keeps putting this buffoon and his minions in office, either by voting for him or not voting at all (both have the same results)!
    I've faced it the other day: our Republic is dead, especially if We The People won't take up arms and do something about it.


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