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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tucking Yourself into Prayer

Do you pray for yourself? I mean, really pray for your needs, situation, for blessings, grace, mercy, marriage, parenting, wisdom... That's the question Jen is asking over at Finding Heaven Today and, frankly, it stopped me cold. Do I pray for me, specifically for Sandra? Ummm, sort of. When I'm trying to get the frozen barn door open, I pray for God's strength to be mine or for His wisdom to help me figure out a way to manage. When I'm on the tractor, I pray for safety. When I'm tired, I pray for a good night's sleep, which, by the way, is usually always mine. Of course, doing farm chores for 3 or 4 hours a day helps me sleep like a log at night. (Where did that saying come from? Anyone know?)

Jen is giving away a copy of Prayers for a Woman's Soul; visit here to find out more.

Julie K. Gillies has written Prayers for a Woman's Soul. 52 prayers for 52 weeks and each with a focus...expectations, balance, marriage, focus, identity, walk with God, etc... . I'm intrigued because, like a punch to the gut, I realize I don't pray for me; not the in-depth, focused, specific prayers I need to should be praying. I've never been a fan of reading prayers and don't really have a good reason but I'm feeling the leading edges of mind change happening. I feel God is nudging me into some soul searching, deep digging prayers for me. Since Dave died, I've been content to say, "God, I'm just not that smart and feel so empty, weak and alone. You know what's best for me and I accept Your will in my life." Well, I'm still positive God knows what's best for me and I still accept His will in my life but I'm going to start a new page in my devotional binder. The title is, "Tucking Sandra into Prayer" and will include Very Specific prayers for me. I'm going to write down some of God's promises He gives in His word and I'm going to put my name right there with His promises. I'm going to tuck myself into specific prayer and pray like it all depends upon God. Like Mom always said, "It's good to pray but you have to put feet to those prayers as well." I know not every situation is one that we I need to do something, but those situations that do require me to work hand in hand with God, I'm going to do my part.

Linking with Jen and the Soli deo Gloria Party.

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ prayer for yourself ~ the next breath ~ kittens playing ~ sleeping dogs around the wood stove ~ a car that's safe and has gasoline ~ Tuesday's Bible study ~  clean dishes ~ mind change ~


  1. Very good thoughts, Sandra. I too have shied away from praying for myself, as if it is a selfish thing to do, a focus on ME rather than others. I pray faithfully for family and friends who just need God's help in life. But you're so right that I need prayer too. And some of my needs, only I know about, so no one else can pray for me in those areas. Hmm. Must ruminate on this.

  2. I have found prayer to be the comfort I need all day. Whether I am on my knees or just talking to the Father I am so glad I have that friend who sticks to me closer than a brother.
    Very nice post.

  3. I love that thought of tucking in. Being tucked in by prayer and having His security float over me like a warm blanket.

  4. Sandra,

    I love the prayer you have been praying, since your sweet Dave died.

    And, I love Julie's book.

    I will look forward to your "tucking in prayers."


    ps. You simply rock.

  5. Sandra- this is eye opening for me-- I've always felt that to pray for ME is selfish and honestly I've tried to NOT ask for anything for myself. I'd love to get into the habit of being more prayerful towards me-- but I'm sure it won't come easy. Thanks my friend for helping me to realize that I am important too--

  6. Sandra, you have commented over at my place 'Three Way Light' before and I appreciate it. I am beginning to appreciate YOU and your very much wish I could come visit your farm. I noticed the weather today in Paint Lick, VA, (that's a real place???) is similar to our morning temps here near Seattle. But Spring is coming!
    I look forward to more from you.

  7. Hi Sandra,

    It's so nice to "meet" you. Your farm sounds so lovely.

    I totally get the "as needed" prayers, and can say I felt a similar level of surprise when the Lord prompted me to begin to regularly pray for myself. I'm thrilled that discovering my book has encouraged you to begin a new page in your binder and life, the "Tucking Sandra into Prayer" page.

    Blessings to you!

  8. I too am learning about prayer. I want to pray like a child, expectant and with great faith. May He richly bless you in this journey!

  9. good post - I too often find my prayers for self to be of the incoherent needs to be translated by the Holy Spirit kind - or the repetitive and effective - please Lord, Lord Please, HELP and show me the way
    at this very moment - tears dripping off my chubby face - reading notes from those who are praying for me - God is good - ALL the time!

  10. Hi Sandra, Thank you for sharing about this wonderful book. I'm headed over to see more about it. Like you, I often pray specific prayers for strength or wisdom but not as in depth as I should be doing daily.
    Blessings, Noreen

  11. You know, sandra, any time I have written down deep and specific prayers for me/us I have been blown away by the extent of the fulfilment- but also by the quickness with which God has acted. This will be a very good thing for you to do x

  12. What a great post. You know, I have NO trouble praying for others but I have a hard time praying for myself. I feel guilty doing it. This sounds like a wonderful book- xo Diana

  13. Such good words and I love what Mags says, too.
    He adores us so very much and I think He quite likes it when we tell him how much we need Him.

  14. Oh thank you for that - I once did a year of simple abundance and that too focused on being aware of the blessings in everyday life. I find sometimes I will pray for something and then forget to thank Him for the answer. I like the idea of writing down your prayers as then you can go back and see how many of them have been answered!

  15. In the past I rarely prayed for myself, but I do more now. Thanks for the reminder. The book sounds really good and something I need. Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. I pray for me, I am a desperate woman!!! I truly need all the help I can get, and it helps me to trust Him more & not be so self centered. I honestly think we all need to pray for us. To help us build our personal relationship with him.

  17. Hello Sandra:
    We are, after all, instructed to pray for others as well as for ourselves and so, we feel, that there are times when it is totally appropriate to pray for oneself, specifically, rather than in a general kind of way.

    We do though tend to shy away from prescribed prayers.

  18. Hi Sandra,
    Make no mistake, that it was our father who directed me to your blog. Praying for all things through him, praying for all to know him.

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer post, your heart is full, hearing that you have a loss that brings sadness, and may at times fear or loneliness is heart breaking, but our Lord knows your needs and it is him who will reward you with all you need.

    Blessings friend,
    Prayers ...take shelter in his tent.

  19. I have prayed when I had Cancer, and going into that hip oper. Most the time I pray for others. Strange how Fear makes you turn to God.
    This was a lovely post Sandra
    I pray you are safe, well and happy.

  20. Tucking in...what a special way to think about praying. I want to be faithful in prayers...not just for others, but for myself, too.

  21. This was wonderful~ and I like the title "Tucking Sandra into Prayer." :)

  22. MK, perhaps we're all meant to pray for ourselves because we're the ones who best know our needs.

    Farm Girl, I tend to pray constantly, throughout the day but not defined prayers...just speaking to Abba...and listening.

    Jen, no security better!

    Glenda, thank you but I don't know about all those kinds things you're saying...although it did make me smile.

    Viki, we need to pray for ourselves as well as others. I'm praying you're healing from pneumonia and taking care of yourself.

    Jody, thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and I'm sure spring is coming to the northwest; here, it's a trifle slower.

    Julie, tucking oneself into prayer is a Very Good Thing -smile-.

    "Mom", that's how we should all pray, don't you think?

    LindaSue, I'm right there with you.

    Noreen, I think if we got specific, God would blow our socks off!

    Mags, thank you for the encouragement.

    Nana, away with the!

    Karen, you're so right!

    AA, like your idea of writing down's good to remind oneself.

    Gail, I think we all need to take care of ourselves just a little better.

    Annie, and in the knowing you're a desperate woman He'll hear and respond to the cries of your heart. I'll pray for you.

    Hi Jane and Lance, prescribed prayers don't really speak, that much or that well, to my heart either.

    Dore, He knows what we need before we know; thanking Him for speaking to and touching your heart.

    Yvonne, life makes me turn to God; He's my first resource, my only resource.

    Pamela, faithful in prayers...YES!

    Paula, after taking care of everyone else all day long, tucking me into prayer takes on a new meaning!


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