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Monday, April 13, 2015

Memory Lane, Wedding and Winner, Winner, Lobster Dinner

In a couple of trips down memory lane (because I just realized I've never downloaded the photos), here's a photo of Kit Carson, nursing Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent Angel. Sam is a sweet boy; he knew the kitten was too young to be abandoned so Sam allowed Kit to nurse for the emotional benefit. I still had to feed Kit kitten milk and chow until he was old enough to eat 'big boy' food.

Beloved Sistah, Stephanie, pins a corsage on Mom at her 80th birthday celebration, October last year.

Here, Steph pins JW, her son who was married Saturday.

~ Steph and Mom ~

~ Jerry (JW's Dad), my Daddy, JW ~

~ Jerry, Stephanie, Daddy, JW ~

~ Steph, Mom, Dustin, Stephanie's youngest son ~

Nothing like being late to your own party, is there? My reason (because, let's face it, excuses are a dime a dozen and over priced at that!) is...this past weekend my nephew was married on my 62nd (yeah, I really am that old!) birthday and the wedding was fabulous! He married Katie, a beautiful young woman, a nurse by profession, and just as lovely on the inside as out.

~ Katie ~

~ Mr. and Mrs. Williams ~

~ first dance ~

It was a lovely wedding and there are a lot more photos but not tonight. Now, it's time for the Pacsafe winner and then aspirin and bed for me.

Last Monday, at 5:00, using random I pulled the names of three people who left me no way to get in touch with them so they didn't win the Pacsafe travel bag. Finally, Judy's name was chosen and she's been sent an e-mail and has 24 hours to respond. If she hasn't responded by 5:00 Tuesday evening, another name will be chosen. Whew! I never realized it was so difficult to give something away -grin-.

(My apologies for the varying font sizes...exhaustion forbids me to figure out what I've done wrong.)

Blessings ~ family ~ weddings ~ JW and Katie ~ wonderful memories ~ 


  1. So many great photos...I love the dog nursing the kitten...How special! My Mom would not allow an 80th BD party...She's in great health, but hates the aging process. You have some great looking men in your family!


  2. I too love the photo! What a patient fellow Mr. Sam P. Spade was to the kitty. Love weddings , sniff! And if your winner never shows you know where to find me , lol. Don't feel too badly about 62 it gets better at 66 trust me I know!

  3. Hello Sandra,

    What a wonderful wedding this looks to have been. Everyone looks most glamorous but the contented smiles on the faces of the happy couple are the best part of all. May they enjoy many happy years together.

    And, what a delightful picture of your dog nursing the tiny kitten. Such a tender photograph.

  4. How amazing to see your dog allowing a kitten to nurse. what a sweet puppy you have!

  5. What, no pictures of the bday girl???

    Great photos of a lovely bride and handsome groom.

    How sweet the picture is of your dog nursing the kitten.

    Have a lovely day and week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Always love a wedding, everyone all fancied up and everything! We need a photo of you though . . . too!
    Congrat's Judy for the win!

  7. Weddings are such fun, aren't they? The bride and groom look great together.

  8. You and your sister are both gorgeous. Are you the tomboy? :D Sweet couple.
    I'll be 60 in June.

  9. Forgot to say....ya'll look like your mom!

  10. oooh, the dog nursing!....

    beautiful pics.

  11. Sweet wedding photos, Sandra. Weddings and births are so important to keep us all hopeful. Glad you're back home and can get some shut-eye.

  12. Congratulations to the lucky winner. And I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures, with everybody spit-shined and "purty." Best wishes to that beautiful couple!

  13. Awww...look at that mama fur baby taking care of that kitty. How sweet is that!?!?!

    The wedding pictures are all wonderful...your Mom and the rest of the family. The bride is really a beautiful girl and they make a great looking couple....sigh...young love! xo Diana

  14. That's the kitten I wanted! Wah!
    CUTE couple! How nice that they got married on such a special day! Sandra Day!
    Have a nice evening, friend. Treat yourself to a delicious cuppa something.

  15. These are wonderful Times and memories. How great to be with Mom and Dad and a wedding to boot. Bet you had a fantsstic time and spring is in the air.
    God Bless all.

  16. I almost bought another dog today. I miss having 3, especially a girl. Aw well.
    Katie is lovely. Her hair is gorgeous (I'm jealous .. lol). Congrats to the bride and groom.
    And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my friend! You're still young. I know, because I'm right behind you.
    Hope that Judy responds so she can claim the prize.
    Have a blessed day. ~:)

  17. Anonymous9:51 PM EDT

    Belated birthday wishes! Congrats to the lovely newlyweds. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your family photos. That first photo of Sam and Kit melts my heart. Your kind words of sympathy when we lost Harriet recently touched my heart and I appreciate you so much.

  18. It looks like a wonderful family day full of memory-making! And a lovely way to spend your special day...Happy Birthday!

  19. Sandra-- family weddings are always so special.... Such a beautiful bride - they are a lovely couple. How wonderful to see your Mom and Dad all dressed up-- they are precious.

    Sweetest dog ever to nurse those kittens-- nature is so incredible.... I just love that story.

    A little package in the mail to you soon-- xoxo

  20. I love the newly downloaded but old photos. I have found plenty and maybe someday I'll do the same.

    Beautiful family Sandra, truly !Your parents show they have some mighty fine God-given genes and they obviously passed them on down to you , your siblings, and their children !( longevity & health seem to be part & parcel )

    Yes, I do recall it becomes hard to give things away too... much better luck selling them, but so much more heart-pleasing to gift desired things.

  21. It is wedding season. Have a few to attend coming up as well. Enjoyed seeing the photos of your family. And that little kitten. How beautiful was that moment.

  22. beautiful wedding..
    that dog and kitten? what sweetness. my eyes got a little soggy.


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