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Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Photos of My Country Kitchen

My farmhouse kitchen is large huge, about the same size as most rooms in this house...20'x20' and eight people can sit comfortably before resorting to perching on the hearth or moving a dog off their bed. The kitchen is painted Martha Stewart's Bee Balm Red and curtains were never used because the window valences allow the 9'x3' windows to let the outside in. 

The cabinets, hand built on site, are birch and have piano hinges; some cupboards have glass windows. The pass through, to the living room, was made to allow both conversation and light to pass between both rooms. Hand made baskets are lined up over the sink and most were made either by my Grandmother or me. The metal dipper is for grabbing a drink of water so I don't dirty a glass (well, that's the way we've always said it). 

The table came out of the old Pembroke Bank in Giles County VA and still has the leather top and screw holes that held down an antique adding machine and two drawers are on one side. 

On either end of the table are sturdy chairs; one is a Morris type Chair and the other is a chair with heart cut-outs. I've had the heart chair for, maybe 40 years, and the Morris chair was given by a friend 10 years ago. Alongside the length of the table is an antique three seater choir pew and when additional seating is needed, I bring out the bench Daddy made two decades ago.

If you're getting the hint there's nothing much new in this house, you'd be right. I believe the wormy chestnut rocking chair is newest and it's made of re-claimed barn wood.

The stove is a refurbished 1914 Acorn cook stove; it has seven propane gas burners and three ovens with a warming oven on top left. For the story behind the stove, click here and here

The fireplace was re-built using slave made brick from the original farm house (which burnt during Christmas 1899) and in lieu of a mantle, now boasts a slab of wormy chestnut. The original lithograph is The Gleaners, an oil painting by Jean-Francois Millet, finished in 1857 and hanging in the Musee d'Orsay in France. The three peasant women glean a field of wheat after the harvest and remind me of Ruth in the Old Testament. The story behind the painting is here and I hope to visit the original at some point in the future.

The mantle is lined with trip treasures...a copper coffee container Dave purchased when he visited a Romanian Gypsy village (I stayed in the vehicle due to feelings of unease about our belongings being left alone...a good thing, as I was in the back of the van, a man climbed aboard and was quite startled to see me!), sugar and tea containers hand crafted by the nomad Bedouin's in the Sahara Desert. Dave bought those while we were in an antique shop in the Marrakesh souk. The kerosene lantern is from the 1800's but the hand thrown pottery flower vase is newish, purchased from an old friend who was laid off from the coal mines then taught himself to throw pottery. The vase is only 15 years old so it's almost brand new -lol.

The gas log insert broke and was replaced with a propane fireplace that brings more heat into the room and I enjoy more than the gas logs insert.

All the crocks are original and handed down through Daddy's family; the smaller crock sitting on the propane fireplace, and the larger crock to the far right, are both from my Great-Grandmother and still in use when I churn butter. The smaller crocks are used to make pickles using my Grandmother's Bread and Butter recipe.

The rocking chair on the right is made of re-claimed wormy chestnut barn wood and was Amish made to sit alongside Dave's Amish made casket at the wake. It's a nice, sturdy chair and gives me good memories amongst the painful ones.

So, that's part of my kitchen and a portion of the stories. The Welsh type cupboard can't be seen and if anyone is interested, I'll post about it of if you'd like to see something close up, let me know. The kitchen is a Working Kitchen and everything in it earns a living by doing what it was made to do. Someone asked, "Aren't you afraid you'll break _____?" and I replied, "If I do break it, it'll be broken while in service and not being dusted.

Life was meant to be used, hearts were made to be broken and, when we're most blessed and fortunate, all put to rights again. Please don't put "whatever" on a shelf or keep in wrapping paper; put it into service today! Have your memories be good ones...when you were on holiday and bought ___ or the family said, "Sandra would enjoy having that rocking chair" or salvage something from your family...or even the thrift store...give it a home and make your own memories so you can tell your own stories.

Because memories are the key 
to both our past and our futures.

Blessings ~ The Gleaners ~ 1914 Acorn stove ~ Morocco ~ holidays ~ memories ~


  1. I enjoyed your pictures and reading about your home. I love all of the history in your home. I love what you wrote at a the end of your post about using things and making memories. I try to think that way about the things in our home. Thank you for sharing your heart and home.

  2. Absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing.

  3. What a perfect kitchen!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Ooo! That's really nice! I'd come in there and have a snack with you and try not to hop onto that table. Tee hee.

  5. Love your kitchen and it's contents, especially the stove, and the header picture of the view out your window.

  6. Dear Sandra, Blessings to you this day! I love seeing your home and trying to picture you there. I wonder if you've had interest from any buyers? You talked about using what we have; in the early 90's, I began to use our wedding china-didn't want it to just be used twice a year. It was inexpensive and if it gets broken it's o.k. I do try to use other china from family members occasionally, so the children will know the stories behind them.
    Thanks for blessing us this day!
    With love and prayers,

  7. It's fun to see your home. It's beautiful! Thank you for the tour. And I agree, whatever one has now USE IT. Don't leave it on a shelf for tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't exist. I don't have anything I'm "saving" for later ... except that piece of cake in the bottom drawer of the frig ... *grin*
    Hope your day is blessed and happy. ~:)

  8. I love this post, I love your kitchen, and I love the photos. Anything you want to share up close, I'd love to see, perhaps the chicken cushion? :)

  9. Anonymous6:03 PM EDT

    Hi Sandra, Oh how I love your kitchen and the stories behind the contents. Your header photo is gorgeous too. I love the treasures that you and Dave purchased on your trips and that you use them. I use mama's and grandma's china etc. too - always bring sweet memories to mind AND so does the Virginia Rose platter that you kindly gifted me. Wishing you a blessed evening Would you add Beth Marie (Day by Day With Beth) to your prayer list. She is near the end in the care of Hospice. Thank you.

  10. What a wonderful, cozy kitchen Sandra. I love all the history and memory in it. And you're right. Using and enjoying our heirlooms and nicer things is a way of honoring the past and the present. Nice to visit you today!

  11. Your kitchen is perfection. I love it, but I love your last paragraph even more. As my dear grandmother used to say about strong, God loving, grace filled women such as yourself...." She's got her head on straight and her heart's on the right path." Bless you.

  12. Your true country kitchen is what so many wannabe kitchens wish they could be ... Honest, hard working, and personal ... Perfect!

  13. I love your kitchen! It's so stunning!

  14. A great post Sandra! I have always preferred to put stuff into use. Yeah, the stuff gets broken, and I miss some of them, but unused, it becomes just a dust magnet. Quilts especially!

    Also just a note: My friend who wrote the Book of Barkley, has her second book published. Saving Grace, A Story of Adoption.

  15. Such a beautiful post this is and have enjoyed this peek in to your cozy home. That kitchen is just amazing!

  16. This is a kitchen made of love.
    Memories keep me going. My mamma had alzheimers and it's a fear I have for
    myself and daughter. Happy Sunday
    and don't forget the Derby May 2.

  17. Dear Sandra ~ What a wonderful kitchen with so much great history in the bits and pieces that fill it.

    I would love to see close-ups of everything. :-) Especially the baskets made by you and your grandmother.

    Whoever buys your farm is getting a gem of a farm house.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  18. Love the stove and the story about it! :)

  19. I love your farm house kitchen. My mom would have loved it also. It is wonderful that you have so many treasures from the family. They will only have more meaning later. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  20. WOW! What an awesome room and it holds so many memories. That's pretty amazing. The stove was my favorite. I don't have anyroom in my house as big.

    Doing some blog visits today, to pop in and say, and Happy Sunday.

    Sandy at Bridge and Betyond

  21. Yours is a dream kitchen and I dearly hope it will go to a young energetic family who will raise children there, although I suspect something elemental will disappear when you leave. But hopefully they will make new memories there.

    Lifetimes have been lived there, skills learned and mastered and the tools of life taken good care of. On top of all that important stuff, this kitchen is just beautiful! That stove is amazing and I especially love that the cook wear is out on top of it, ready for use.

    Your stories make it so personal.

  22. I enjoyed seeing your kitchen up close and learning the history of your pieces as well. The kitchen seems to be the "heart" of our home and most certainly yours too. Oh the stories you must have from gatherings sitting around that table. Crock pickles are the best. I haven't made them for a long time. A batch of my sugar crock pickles sound like a treat for this summer. Thanks for inspiring my memories Sandra!

  23. a beautiful, warm, inviting kitchen it is. love the color and size!

  24. Very sound advice! I don't have room in this house or kitchen for all the fun stuff I presently have stored in boxes in the garage, but hopefully someday I'll sort through it all, give some to the kids, and use the rest. Too much stuff! But hard to get rid of things I love :) Thanks for the lovely tour of your kitchen. It's very beautiful. I miss your delicious shortbread that I enjoyed there!

  25. This might be my favourite Thistle Cove recently! I love your philosophy of use. So very true. Hearts are made to be broken. Also so very true xx

  26. Hi Sandra, I just love your gorgeous spacious and cozy kitchen. It is perfect in every way. The heart of the home for sure.
    Thank you for sharing and always inspired by your wisdom.
    Hugs and Blessings for a great new week.

  27. I'm pretty sure that if I came into your kitchen you would need a police order or a restraining order to get me to leave! It is just the most perfect kitchen I have ever seen. Warm, cozy, the kind that everyone wants to be in when you have guests. I'm glad it's so large -- you can welcome so many!

  28. It's charming! Love that cooker!

  29. An absolutely charming kitchen with lots of wonderful and warm memories. I wish you much love and in all you do and I have enjoyed reading this today. Thank you for sharing.

  30. LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!!!!
    Love it.

  31. Thank you, Sherry. This old house/farm has seen a bundle; would that I knew more. I'm glad you use things; better they be used than forgotten.

    You're welcome and thanks for your comment, EvalinaMaria.

    Don't worry, Isobelle, you wouldn't be the first goat in this kitchen.

    Hi Noreen, some interest but no offers; it's a puzzle but God has a plan. I'm so glad you began using your nice's a good thing. Hopefully, you're healing to the point of wholeness; love and prayers to you.

    Hi Pam, use it all because when we're gone, it'll be used by someone else. That piece of cake sounds delicious...was it?

    All righty Annie...will show close ups next week. This week Daddy is having surgery and I'm needed to help.

    Hi Mildred, thank you and glad you like my kitchen. The header photo was taken a few weeks ago, when spring seemed to make an all too short appearance. I'm glad you're enjoying the Virginia Rose platter. I'm adding Beth's name now.

    Hi Deborah, it is a warm and cozy kitchen, full of love, memories and stories. Thanks for coming by!

  32. Shannon, you are so very kind and on a day when kindness is very welcome...God bless you. My kitchen is a working kitchen but sometimes, only sometimes, it's also clean enough to see the bits and pieces -lol-.

    Connie, thank kitchen gives me such enjoyment and pleasure; to see it through your eyes is a good thing.

    Thank you, Karen. It's about my favorite room in the house.

    Yes, it is, Yvonne...a whole lot of love. I'm so sorry about your dear Mother and will think of you on May 2...I don't have television so will enjoy the day after, when I see what happened on the i-net.

    Hi Rainey, it is a wonderful kitchen and so close to my heart. Sometimes I think I might love this house and farm a wee bit too much. Next week, I'll show photos of other things, including baskets, but this week I have to help with Daddy. He's having surgery this week and Mom is in need of help.

    Thanks, Deb; it's a great stove.

    Susie, thank you and I enjoy so many nice things from Dave's family and mine. As time goes by, their meanings deepen.

    Thanks, is a great kitchen.

    Thanks, Sandy, your visit and comments are welcome. I'm going to hate it when this farm sells, as much as I need to move.

    Pam, I adore my kitchen and glad you like it as well.

    Hi Mildred, thank you and glad you like my kitchen. The header photo was taken a few weeks ago, when spring seemed to make an all too short appearance. I'm glad you're enjoying the Virginia Rose platter. I'm adding Beth's name now.

    Hi Noreen, some interest but no offers; it's a puzzle but God has a plan. I'm so glad you began using your nice's a good thing. Hopefully, you're healing to the point of wholeness; love and prayers to you.

  33. Your kitchen is really wonderful, much history. I enjoyed seeing all of your pieces from family and the stories behind them. I only have a few family pieces and consider them treasures. Thank you for sharing with us!

  34. Dewena, thank you and God will bring the buyer He wants, eventually. That's my prayer. I've truly enjoyed this kitchen, house and farm. The pots are in use...full of chicken soup and other good things.

    Thanks, Lynne and you're right...the stories that old kitchen and this old house could tell. Let me know how your pickles turn out.

    Thank you for visiting, Theresa; I dearly love my kitchen, this old house and this farm.

    My trouble as well, Mary Katherine, I hate getting ride of my stuff. Trouble is, I adore stuff, the older the better and if it doesn't have a story, I can make one up! I need to make shortbread, haven't made any in a while.

    Linda, thank you, I've really enjoyed that kitchen, this old house and farm. The best 20 years of my life have been spent here.

    Thanks, Mags. As hard as it is to think or believe, broken hearts are mended more readily than broken pottery. I'm still learning though.

    Oh, that's all right, Jeanie. I've got enough beds and sofas to sleep a dozen, maybe more, and could find space for you. Thanks for liking my kitchen.

    Jody, thank you so much!

  35. What a marvelous kitchen, Sandra! And I'm the same way about holding onto (and acquiring) older, useful things. And USING them!
    Trouble is, my entire house is not a great deal bigger than your kitchen ;)

  36. So wish I had the means to buy your beautiful home. I look at your photos and can so see myself living there with my family of critters.


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