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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sabbath Keeping

"Nevertheless, though I am sometimes afraid:
yet put I my trust in thee."
~ Psalms 56:3 ~

"Now it is you alone that I love,
you alone that I follow,
you alone that I seek,
you alone that I feel ready to serve,
because you alone rule justly.
It is to your authority alone that I want to submit.
Command me, I pray, to do whatever you will,
but heal and open my ears
that I may hear your voice.
Heal and open my eyes 
that I may see your will.
Drive out from me
all fickleness,
That I may acknowledge you alone.
Tell me where to look
that I may see you,
and I will place my hope in doing your will.
~ Saint Augustine of Hippo ~

"Bring out that creature," said Aslan. One of the Elephants lifted Uncle Andrew in its trunk and laid him at the Lion's feet. He was too frightened to move.
"Please, Aslan," said Polly, "could you say something to-to unfrighten him? And then could you say something to prevent him from ever coming back here again?"
"do you think he wants to?" said Aslan.
"Well, Aslan," said Polly, "he might send someone else. He's so excited about the bar off the lamp-post growing into a lamp-post tree and he thinks-"
"He thinks great folly, child," said Aslan. "This world is bursting with life for these few days because the song with which I called it into life still hangs in the air and rumbles in the ground. It will not be so for long. But I cannot tell that to this old sinner, and I cannot comfort him either; he has made himself unable to hear my voice. If I spoke to him, he would hear only growlings and roarings. Oh, Adam's sons, how cleverly you defend yourselves against all that might do you good! But I will give him the only gift he is still able to receive."
He bowed his great head rather sadly, and breathed into the Magician's terrified face. "Sleep," he said. "Sleep and be separated for some few hours from all the torments you have devised for yourself." Uncle Andrew immediately rolled over with closed eyes and began breathing peacefully."
~ C. S. Lewis, The Magicians Nephew ~

"Brothers {and sisters}, we do not want you to be ignorant
about those who fall asleep, 
or to grieve like those who have no hope.
We believe Jesus died and rose again
and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus
those who have fallen asleep in Him."
~ 1 Thessalonians 4:13 ~

Happy Resurrection Day! 

Prayer Keeping ~ Whitney and family ~ Gretchen and family ~ Rainey ~ Mr. Claud ~ Roy ~ Peggy ~ Alan ~  Mags ~ Terry ~ Sandra ~


  1. Hoping you have a blessed Easter - He Is Risen Indeed!

  2. AMEN! Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

  3. Sandra, wishing a happy and hope-full Easter to you and all your readers :)

  4. Easter blessings to you, dear friend.

  5. I was waiting for your Easter-quotes - I love this amazing and wonderful prayer from Augustinus!! Thank you so much, dear Thistle, FINDER OF HELPFUL WORDS! Have a blessed Easter-time full of His spirit in your heart and house -
    Your Dori, sr.i.Chr.

  6. Dear Sandra, From my heart and home to yours, Easter Blessings. Such blessed assurance that He is risen indeed.
    Praying for the sale of your house and His provision.

  7. The I Thessalonian scripture is a favorite of mine. I love the Narnia piece. I should read those again!
    Happy Easter to you, Sandra! Thanks for all your inspiring words! :)

  8. I love the verse from Thessalonians! Thank you for this beautiful share, everything is so inspiring and wonderful to see here. I hope you had a beautiful and blessed Easter Day! Have a terrific week as well.

  9. a blessed Easter and Spring to you!!!

  10. I loved that prayer, one I'm going to copy and print out.

    I enjoyed the part from the Narnia tales too.

    I want to get the complete set of books of this. I've not read them, and want to do so. Wouldn't mind having the movies either, but want to read the books first. I love to read and there is so much more in books than movies.

    Have a great week dear Sandra.

    Keep me in your prayers for this lingering cold to go away, for grace to deal with it, and losing my job and the peace to deal with that too.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  11. Beautiful Sun Rising . . .
    Happy Easter Monday Sandra . . .

  12. I loved this conversation too Sandra! What Blessing you find for us to enjoy and I am smiling, I read this in email before I linked to your blog and I could read it again also. I did not realize it was from Narnia!

    I saw a church ballet based from "C.S. Lewis" The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" and I wish it could have been recorded to purchase I loved it so and think how awesome it was often.
    Thanks for the wonderful Blessings and I wish you that all your needs are met as you share so much kindness with your readers.
    Bless you Sandra!

  13. I loved this post from the first verse you shared..."Nevertheless, though I am sometimes afraid:
    yet put I my trust in thee."
    ~ Psalms 56:3 ~what a statement to live by...I hope you had a great Easter

  14. This is beautiful. St. Augustine is always good and Aslan is wonderful.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog.


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