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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Again, up to my Boots with SNOW Plus a WINNER!

Only yesterday I awoke to a passel of cows and calves in my lower field. They'd broken through the fence because my field is, primarily, a hay field while their field is grazing and hay. My field hasn't anyone eating it down so was lush to their way of thinking.

These men are neighboring farm workers and I don't believe are afraid of anything! A few months ago, I told one feller his rooster had flown the coop and was living in my barn. He said, "I'll be up after work and get it" which was better than fine with me. That blasted cock had talons that looked like eagle talons and every time I went into the barn, he gave me the stink eye. It was only a matter of time, or so I believed, that bird would attack me and then, as they say, the fight would be on! He might get a meal but I have the upper hand...due to thumbs, don'cha know...and don't hesitate to shoot anything that throws the first punch. You've been warned, I told the bird, but he acted not at all impressed and again with the stink eye.

Anyway, by the time I left the house and got to the barn, Ty walked out of the barn, cradling that bird and petting him like a kitten. For a fast moment or two I was embarrassed but then took a look at those talons and felt better about it all.

So, back to the above man is riding a four wheeler while the other man is leading the cows through the fence. The most amazing thing is, the man walking is carrying a feed sack full of grain. I don't know about you but there is absolutely NO WAY I'd walk in front of a bunch of pregnant cows rattling a feed sack! I mean, anything pregnant is always hungry...right? B.R.A.V.E.

Today, it's a foot of snow on the ground with drifts of two feet and another foot of snow expected by Thursday because it hasn't stopped snowing since it started. So much for the "1 to 3 inches" we were told.

The dogs and I sweater up and go to the barn twice a day to throw out hay for the American Curly horses. They could do without because they have a round hay bale in the pastures, but it makes me feel better taking such good care of them. Miss T, the black mare, has ice hanging off her coat but due to the extra layer of fat and the hollow core fiber coat, she's in good stead. All Curly horses have hollow core fiber, extra layer of fat and used to be range horses out west. Miss T was an abused horse that Dave gave me for my birthday when I begged like a toddler. Finally, he gave in and let me go get her and bring her home but his words were, "You mean we have to BUY a rescued horse?" Well, yes, but she's been a good 'un and I've never regretted the decision. All the horses have run-in shelter but they rarely stay in the barn which is all right with me; I figure they know how to be a horse better than I.

The front fence is covered in snow and presents a lovely sight

while the view from the main road shows home with Short Mountain in the background. Short Mountain is part of the Clinch Mountain Range and the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area is the second largest, but most biologically diverse, in the Department's management area system. There are vast differences in elevation and the 25,477 acres are spread over four counties...Tazewell, Russell, Smith and Washington.

So blogger buddies...I'm a bit chuffed at you. Yes, that's right YOU. Not a single one of you sent me a note to remind me of my terrible memory! Or....don't you remember? LOL Last month I had a giveaway for the Downton Abbey cookbook and #4 Martha won. She's been notified she has until 6 tomorrow night to claim it or I'll have to have another name. My apologies, all, for my memory.

Blessings ~ safety in this snow storm ~ a warm and cozy house ~ healthy animals and human (for the most part) ~ Downton Abbey Cookbook ~ American Curly horses ~ great neighbors ~ Clinch Mountain Range ~ 


  1. Well you got loads more snow than me this time! I've had two storms in three days, with a total of maybe 14". Plenty to make it easy to drag the Hayboggan every day, but not so much that the barn doors won't close. Perfect ;)
    Stay warm, Sandra!

  2. It's hard to believe we live in the same state, Sandra. Not a flake around here. Your photos are so lovely. I love what you said about the horse knowing how to be a horse---that's priceless!
    I'm so shocked that I won your lovely giveaway! Thank you so much! Reminding you about your giveaway would have been rude while you have been having problems with your knee. I do hope you are being careful in that deep snow! ♥

  3. Goes to show just how wonderfully diverse Virginia is. We had rain, then sleet, then sun, then more rain, then big wet snowflakes, more sun, rain ... you get the idea. It was enough to give a gal whiplash.

    I'm always amazed at folks who can handle large animals well ... or birds with talons.

  4. I had to shovel 2 feet deep snow for a run in the fenced yard for Bennie.
    I have 2 feet high snow on roof, Thursday a man is coming to get on roof and shovel it off. Temps till Sunday 14- 9 degrees. It will cost $300. If I don't
    and we get more snow I could loose the roof. If it ain't one thing it's another.
    Can't believe these politicians, Trump really has a bad mouth. I don't want a man like him to rep. my country. My Mother always said," money is not synonymous
    with class". That Man from Ohio sounds sane. It's a toss up with Democrats.
    This is a wild race for the White house. I hope you are warm and get some help at that Farm. We are both Isolated, my neighbor will be back in the spring. Renee
    is going to Fl for a month. Sandra, sending warm wishes from Bennie and I.

  5. I'm always amazed at how much snow you get there. Great story about the stink eye rooster! My husband wants to add a rooster with our 3 hens but our gals are so gentle I'd worry about adding one in here.

    Are you still planning on coming to a farm show here? I haven't noticed anything about it but send an email if you do; would love to meet you in person!

  6. Great post! Enjoyed reading about the critters, yours and others, and the photos, especially the one of your farmhouse with mountain behind.

    Be warm, be well, love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. There you go . . .
    YOU'VE GOT SNOW . . .
    I bet those curly horses are happy you treat them kindly . . .
    Good idea that someone else took care of "the Tom!"
    Be careful in all that snow, REMEMBER, your knee needs kind tender care too!

  8. you are too funny! Your home looks so cuddly white on white and very interesting link...

  9. That photo of your farm is absolutely beautiful.. heaven on earth, you have there. Except for the chores, which I am all too familiar

    My horses are blanketed and babied... and I know your horses are just as well cared for without all that fuss. Truthfully the horses would probably prefer it. :-)

  10. So beautiful and pristene.

  11. Beautiful scenes, but I am sure that it is bitterly cold and very hard to work in! I am sure too that you are doing a wonderful job caring for the animals. You did make me laugh with the comment about the giveaway, I would never remember someone else's giveaway, I make a note to remind me about my own! xx

  12. Sandra, No one reminded you because we all forgot-lol. You finally got some of the snow we had-and it wasn't just an 1-3" but more like 1 foot. Now we have warmer days and the snow if finally melting. I'm glad I am staying put at home more. I do love the days when I can go walk Hunter.
    Hope you are staying warm dear one!

  13. Your photos look real pretty snow and no snow. Horses are adorable. Had to smile at the rooster story and I did love the fence with the flag and wreathe(?) on it.

  14. It looks so beautiful from the warmth of my home.

  15. Anonymous10:29 PM EST

    The photos you post of your farm and land are exquisite! What a wonderful. But I can't imagine you out there all by yourself caring for all that you do. My prayers are with you daily! And I LOVE your Sunday reflections!

  16. Pretty views, SB!
    I hope you are keeping warm.
    The curly horses are sure fun to see!


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