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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sabbath Keeping

"Watch the path of your feet 
and all your ways will be established."

What shall I give at Christmas is from an old newspaper clipping, probably the 1950's but the information is as relevant today, or any month, as it was at Christmas then.

Give Ear to those who cry for crumbs-- hold their homely larders high, for Lo! the Joyful season's here--and Christmas comes!

~ Give Hands to those who need a guide nor cast a thought of race or creed, since Brotherhood is all worth while at Christmastide.

Give Steps to those who cannot plod on their own errands to and fro above the crisp December sod as others go.

~ Give Thought to what you best can do to cheer the heart and sooth the  mind and make the world seem good and kind to those less fortunate than you.

~ Give Smiles to all whose weary load brings gloom and pain and gray despair, and bends them low o-er life's steep road; for smiles with them are rare.

~ Give Knowledge to the dull, untaught, for some there are who do not know with what our Christmastide is fraught; and speak of Him, the Manger born, beneath the Eastern Star's pale glow.

~ Give Courage to the fearing band that needs the clasp of friendly hand, and cheering smile and all good will; give courage, then, to such as they this day.

~ Give Heed to others and their need. They know, they feel, they have desire; nor is it what you think is best, but rather what they most require, that you should give and do and say on Christmas Day.

~ Give Laughter--not the scornful sort, but laughter that abounds with happy, wholesome, merry sounds, and so infectious as to bring a like retort.

~ Give Heart--the heart that beats for all upon this day; the heart that greets the lowly and the high; the heart that glows with sympathy and knows but love for those who pass you by.

~ Give Joy to all--it may be bread for one, or just a smile, or yet a simply toy, or words of praise or even gold--but give them all and you will give but joy.--Selected.

God so loved the world, that He gave His
Only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not
Perish, but have
Life." -- John 3:16 ~

There is, in this one verse, the Gospel; both materially and spiritually. One can gain sufficient knowledge from this

Prayer Keeping ~ April, Averey, Kinsley, Dustin ~ Jim ~ V's DIL ~ Rainey ~ Donna ~ Sandra ~ 


  1. Very relevant indeed. If only people heeded this rather than spending money on expensive gifts.

    1. Mercy! So true, Elizabeth; Merry Christmas in 2017...which is when I'm responding. (I am SUCH a low tech geek!)

  2. Great post Sandra. Inspiring thoughts for any day of the year.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you Rainey; Merry Christmas 2017 which is when I'm responding...waaaay late but still as true!

  3. Wonderful post Sandra . . .
    Relevant for any day, not only Christmas Day . . .
    Thank you . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne, Merry Christmas 2017...yep, I'm late for replying. Low tech geek but never claimed to be otherwise! lol

  4. No doubt about it, it's hard to be a Christian, looking at that list. It is a noble list for sure.

    1. Stella, if you take life a day at a time it's easier. You're right...a noble list but I think still do-able.

  5. Dear Sandra, the peaceful animals sleeping in snow and sun, trusting on God: They are so lovely - God's beloved creatures given under your loving wings!

    1. Dori, this was the Appalachian Mountain farm and now I'm in the southside Virginia farm. Different but still nice, I love living here.

  6. Now I read the text: Good points ! Every day is such a Christmas-day, day in Christ! Christ should be always in our heart and mind, so we can give these kinds of loving presents. First: God gives us these points into our hearts....this is HIS Christmas-present. Now we can give it back to him.


    1. Absolutely, Dori! It all belongs to Him!

  7. Hi Sandra, this is great. Thank you for sharing this. We can put it to use year round. Blessings. xo

    1. You're so right and it's a good reminder for me. Merry Christmas Celestina M...Merry Christmas!


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