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Monday, February 01, 2016

FeBrUaRy, the Longest Short Month of the Year

~  February's first heart ~ 

May I be the first to say, Happy Valentine to you? While cleaning the porch of snow...which is to say I found the edge of the mat and pulled up...this heart was my gift.

~ January's Wolf moon was stellar! ~

The driveway had drifts of about three feet but my Ranger was able to move about albeit with some difficulty. Daniel Miller, using John Fisher's tractor and snow blower, cleared the driveway...a wonderful gift!

~ Polaris Ranger ~

Each day, the Ranger was parked next to the house, out of the worst of wind but with the nose exposed to the first rays of sun to warm the engine. Have I mentioned how often I bless Dave's name and memory for buying this work horse for me? It has never failed although the wind shield wiper no longer works...not sure what the problem is and will have to ask around for ideas.

~ white tail fawn ~

One morning I woke up to this sight...this white tail deer was asleep in the field next to the house. Fortunately, deer in this valley always eat if they find the pastures where silage is put out for cattle and hay for horses and sheep.

~ Here there be dragons ~

There resides a cast iron dragon atop the wood stove and when the stove heats up, vapor pours out of the dragon's nostrils. While it's true, it's not a lot of vapor, it's also true the dragon provides me with amusement on a daily basis. I am so easily entertained!

Thistle Cove Farm can't be seen in this picture unless you know where to look, but it doesn't subtract from the beauty, does it?

My neighbor's barn against the backdrop of Morris Knob. One site says it's 4,455 in height while another says 3,500; I suppose it's a matter choose. According to this site, Morris Knob was named for Morris Griffith, part of a hunting party in 1767-1769. The hunting party was put together to encourage expansion and anyone interested being a member would be given a land grant. The names in the hunting party have heirs still in Tazewell County: James Burke (for whom Burke's Garden is named), Rees Bowen (Dave's clan), William Harmon and others.

VDOT did an outstanding job of clearing our road; it took several passes daily but they persevered and a clear road is the result. Their diligence allowed me to make a run to the grocery and feed stores, all the eaters at Thistle Cove Farm are most grateful.

How did you manage January's snow storm?

Blessings ~ clear roads ~ enough coffee, food and milk to keep the human take care of the animals ~ 


  1. February blessings to you Sandra! We didn't get much snow last month, but have gotten a whopper of a storm that dumped about 10" today. Love all your pics, you are blessed with such a good vehicle. I have an all wheel drive Highlander and so often don't go out if it is bad.

  2. We fared well, a short power outage, but the snow froze and made ice on our mucky driveway. We slid barely able to get around for days on foot. We've been carrying a shovel in the little car. Made it to church yesterday, while "I gasped and held my breath as we missed sliding over the hill, and plowing into the oak tree sideways. He told me to just scream because my gasps weren't helping. I told him no, he'd get tickled and then we'd really go over.
    After church we came home and he sat in the car and watched me shovel off all the ice until he could drive up it. After he changed his shoes, which was his reason for not doing it in the first place, watching me instead. I had my good shoes on too. He shoveled a bit more, and Thank God the sun came out and melted it away.
    I don't want any more ice :( !! Ours was only 9 or 10 inches deep.
    Oh by the way, earlier in the week, he went down and shoveled all the ice and snow away from his garage and workshop, leaving the slope all to me. It was green as grass down there all week long. men, priorities I guess.

    Last year I swore I was going to fix that hill before winter, I didn't. A lady should never swear!!

  3. Lots of snow there! We didn't get it here in Minnesota...but a snowstorm is coming tomorrow. Love your winter photos...and the dragon is fun!

  4. We had a small flurry last month. I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that had regular snow and lots of it. Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Your snowy pictures are really beautiful and daunting at the same time. I'd be stoking the stove and having dragon vapors! So, here in Texas it was a warm January. Looks like February will continue the trend...84 degrees on the 1st. Stay warm, add some Vicks Vapor to the Dragon Pot and just breathe.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  6. Now snow storms here in s.e. FL to deal with. But had some scary weather with tornado warnings, something we 'rarely' have down here, so it's made for times of worry and calling out to Jesus for strength and knowledge that He is with me through all the storms in life.

    Hope you have a mild February.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  7. The dragon is awesome, Sandra! Oh, that sweet fawn!
    Lots of snow here today. Cabin fever! (Actually I like being snowed in, in my cabin😊)

  8. Snow? What's that? I live in Texas, and it was 60°F yesterday. ;-)

  9. Loved the heart . . .
    I think I know who it was from!
    We didn't get your storm
    but we have had plenty of snow.
    Liked your dragon humidifier . . .

  10. Blessings to you my friend! We have had a fairly mild winter here in Missouri. A little rain this morning, but that's O.K. We'll take rain over snow any day!! I love that dragon!!! I too am very easily entertained! Prayers for you today. For God to lift you up and strengthen you and to fill you with His joy!!

  11. beautiful pictures... and wow, you got more snow than us! Love your dragon, have not seen that version before....

  12. Wisconsin has had a very mild winter. Our new house has weathered it well and I am very thankful for a flat driveway. It's nice here...a bit isolated, but for a year round vacation home as I call it...perfect. I'm looking forward to getting outside. I too thank Bruce for my trusty car and good more slipping for me! I can't get over all the snow you have...we have a couple or inches and all the rain is melting even that. This is one season I would be happy just let slip into spring!

  13. Unfortunately, we're having a warm-ish winter this year. It's 73* today. Yuck. I like winter. Guess we're in for an early Spring. Even the wild birds are already pairing up. The snow is pretty.
    Watching the dragon huff and puff is definitely preferable to watching most TV shows.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  14. What a sweet heart gift-in-the-snow! Happy Valentines Day to you too!

    I must know -- where did you find the cast iron dragon? I always have a kettle of water on our wood-burning stove, but I've never seen anything like your dragon. LOVE IT!

    We have Rangers too, and they truly are wonderful work horses.

  15. Gorgeous photos Sandra.. That is A LOT of snow!..I love the dragon :)

  16. i ♥♥♥ the dragon! to know that the steam comes out of the nose just gives me quiet giggles. :) hoping you're staying cozy warm, the animals are happy, your leg is being dealt with, and your heart is happy. hugs.

  17. Sandra, that is some big snow,
    I lucked out this year temps in 50's but,
    the Maple trees are confussed. Some are starting to TAP them in FEB ???
    Stay warm, today it's rain, so I'll clean drawers. yvonne

  18. Hi Sandra, what a beautiful post. Love seeing the snow and that sweet snowy Valentine. It is a gift to see little treasures like this in nature.
    Look at that sweet deer curled up in the snow. You capture your photos so well. The country side is beautiful. Such pretty blue skies.

    Yes, Feb. is our short month and I guess I have always loved it (as a kid mostly) since I end the month with my b'day on the 28th. Now I'd like to forget!~~ haha
    Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.
    Blessings and stay warm and safe in that snow. xo

  19. Those photos are amazing!! Can I come live with you?!?! hehe! Happy February! <3 -

  20. That heart! You know I love it. That landscape with the sun shining is just beautiful too.

  21. That makes our sprinkle of snow yesterday look positively feeble. God bless you, dear Sandra. Keep safe.

  22. Wonderful snow photos!

  23. Loved your post... We have had a very long snowy January, December and part of November...Trying to keep myself busy with a few inside projects and dreaming of warmer weather. ~Lori~

  24. "it's also true the dragon provides me with amusement on a daily basis. I am so easily entertained!"

    Hahahahaha! I think it would entertain me also. Looks so cold up there. Hearty soul as I know you are outside a great deal. The winter has its own beauty although I don't miss the snow. I did get to spend some time in it though while in Wisconsin over the holidays. Old fashioned blizzard and truly enjoyed the pristine whitness when we awoke the next morning. Of course, my husband had us out driving 100 miles in it. Don't miss that.

  25. Oh, that little sweet deer in the snow - poor little things, I always feel so bad for them in the frigid winters!

  26. It appears that you've had more of a winter than we have here in South Central Montana. While we've enjoyed the warmer temperatures and less snow there is always a down side, we're dry and we're praying for a nice wet Spring and early summer to get things up and growing. The fire danger is high, even now in the end of winter here, winds are high and moisture levels love in the valleys and plains. It's a give and take situation and I'll be the first to admit that while I do not enjoy below 0 temps and sub zero wind chills I do not mind the snow and actually found myself missing it this winter. Unlike many who complain about winter, I, myself fully enjoy each season that God has created, they each have their own splendor to behold. :)


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