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Monday, February 22, 2016

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

~ MeMe's Playhouse ~

If you're enthralled with vintage campers, you're going to love these photos and next few posts. Last night, I returned home from a Sisters on the Fly Saddle Up event, sponsored by Pigeon Forge, TN where I joined other like-minded women who "Have More Fun Than Anyone". It will take me a few days to show you all the beautiful campers, or trailers as they're called north of the Mason Dixon line, but, trust me, it'll be worth the wait! 

 MeMe's Playhouse won Best Over All as voted by folks who visited the event. See the beautiful chandelier? Yes, the Sisters do go camping, sleep, cook and eat in their campers. They may be gussied up but they do work and get the job done.

I apologize but can't give the names of all the campers nor their owners. My job was "floater" which meant I visited each camper, introduced myself as "floater" and asked if the owner needed a restroom break. At the same time, I was taking as many photos as I possibly could...both to blog about but the ideas...the ideas!!! Just about every camper I looked, I said, "Gosh, I've got one of those at would look wonderful in my camper." 

Almost all the campers are vintage but there were a few 2015 reproduction Shasta's and it's hard to tell the difference when gussied up.

As you might imagine, cowboy themes ran high.

1977 Prowler:

JennCola's Hen Pen:

 Notice the working sink and faucet between tiny fridge and toaster oven.

and the working least I'm pretty sure it works.

The Tolkien quote, "Not all who wander are lost" was a favorite. 

Hopalong Cassidy, aka, William Boyd, (black) visited as did the gent in the white hat John Wayne (thanks Sharon Deel!) standing with DeBorah from GA who owns this 2015 Reproduction Shasta:

Gabby Hayes, me and the gent in the white hat John Wayne sure wish I'd asked his character because I can't remember worth a toot! When I asked about Gabby's gun, he had all of us in stitches. He pulled it out of his holster and said, "I'm really Superman because I can bend pure steel with my bare hands" and proceeded to bend his rubber gun in half. Then he said, "Oh look, I can also shoot around corners" as he bent the barrel at a 45 degree angle. I apologize to the actors because I didn't get their real names. For a six year old girl who had to be threatened/pried out of her Dale Evans outfit, complete with twin six shooters, meeting "real", live hero's from my childhood just about did me in. 

Notice the bunting that says SOTF and her sister number.

Clever idea (yet another)...the brooches on the curtain are her Grandmother's...LUV this idea!

The afghan was, I believe, made by her Grandmother...I have one of my Grandma's afghans...guess where it's going?

That's all for now but I've about 250 - 275 photos; no, I won't bore you with all of them but you'll see a fair number before I'm finished. Seriously, for those who've known my history (Dave's death, etc.) finding this group of women has been a balm in Gilead and a welcome, most welcome, addition to my life. 

Almost everyone names their campers and I've been thinking about Sunny Day or Sunshine...something similar because the 1985 Real Lite has a sunflower and rooster theme. The 1967 Scotty has yet to be named but now I'm thinking My Happy Place but it's all due to change. You know how it is...when a name is right, you know it...boom! I'm still waiting for that boom. 

Now, I've gotta go search 'round the house...camper stuff is calling my name.

Ponder this..."and though she be but little, she is fierce." 


  1. I'm in love.....I really do love little campers! Can't wait to see more.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see more!!

  3. What an awesome event!!!

    I have a bracelet that says Not all who wander are lost - a favorite of mine.

  4. How fun! What a cool event! Thank you for taking all the photos, SB!

  5. They are awesome! I can't wait to see more.

  6. Funny, lovely, nice people! You have a good place between the nice actors! This kind of simple life is special and excellent! how far is this "village" from your home? I don't see any snow there....

  7. So excited for you to find the camper gals. Loved seeing all the campers and their unique décor...look forward to more. I can see you making a Thistle Cove CampGal. Have fun!

  8. I wonder if life will send me another camper someday? Can't wait to see yours :)

  9. What fun Sandra. Your pics are great and I love all the ideas. I imagine you had the best time. So inspiring.
    Blessings to a great week. xo

  10. I am just loving this! Wish I had a camper to join in the fun! I'm also wondering just where that "working toilet" is located in that camper. Looks like you're sitting in the kitchen! LOL!!!

  11. wow these are incredible, my parents had a 'trailer' :-) but the insides or outsides never ever looked as good as any of these.

  12. What fun, and what delightful little homes on wheels.

    I am so glad you found these gals.

    You can post as many photos as you wish, I look forward to seeing them and being inspired.

    Cathy from My 1929 Charmer also goes to this event with her little trailer. I wonder if you two know each other?

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  13. You will discover what their names are :) This was a delightful post, and those campers are so pretty! Love them. Julia loves them too, and she wants to live in one and travel around. Thanks for taking us along!

  14. What fun this must have been!
    I look forward to more photos . . .
    Is your vintage camper featured in this group?
    I remember your trip from Michigan back home a few years back!

  15. OH my...this does look FUN! Such charming little surely would be a happy place!

  16. It was a great event! Nothing I've ever gone to before. I met you in the dinner area and was interested in going to Lodge to look at a griddle, did you ever do. Nice meeting you and great photos.

  17. Sandra, this looks like a wonderful group to be a part of! The campers are decorated so sweetly. Looks like you were having a ball. Enjoy yourself and share more photos! ♥

  18. Wonderful! You wouldn't guess that they weren't full size houses if you didn't know. xx

  19. What an incredible group of women having so much fun! I've heard of these get always and I'm so very happy that you joined them. I used to tent camp but am way past that now. Praying you have many many more adventures with the.

  20. YOU are such an amazing photographer so talented!! Thank you thank you thank you for all of these great photos on behalf of myself and all of the sisters!

  21. I love the happiness and forward going feel of this post of yours....good to hear!
    and yes...cute beyond and then again are those little happy spot campers.

  22. Oh I am so glad you went! I love it! Looking forward to seeing more ideas and pictures. Yippee!

  23. What a fun event! I love to be inspired be good ideas!

  24. Now I want one. What a very different lifestyle that would be for us Sandra:) Nice. Hug B

  25. I'm so glad to infer that you did not sell your camper(s). Or did you sell one trailer? You will be flying soon, I hope, and then won't we be enjoying your blog posts. Thank you for the fun pictures!

  26. Oh my goodness, those campers are AWESOME!!! I want one so bad! -

  27. Debby, I'm going to try and put up more photos tomorrow...depending upon weather...if it's good weather, I have to set out round hay bales for the horses.

    Cache-Mire, will try this weekend for more photos.

    Karen, while I'm not sure what it means, that's one of my favorite quotes from JRR Tolkien.

    You're welcome, was FUN!

    Coming soon, Vicki. BTW, I'm not bringing my camper but there are a group of SOTF sisters coming to the VA Fly Fishing Festival next month. We're staying at the King's Dominion campground.

    It's about 3 1/2 hours, Dori, but took so much longer due to heavy downpour of rain. It was fun...want to go again next year. It's in Tennessee, a state to the west of where I live.

    What kind did you have, Quinn? I'm trying to do some restoration work on mine but will take photos when it's warmer and sunny.

    We're talking about it Sue...just needs to warm up and be sunny for a few days.

    Celeste, it was a ton of fun and thanks for the compliment. It was easy to take good photos when the subject material was so wonderful!

    Yeah...Lisa, I'm not sure about that working toilet...can't remember if it was *there* or just *there* for folks to see and comment. Of course, when you're by yourself, what does it matter, eh? A lot of women use a trash bag and kitty litter in their toilets, even when the toilets are flushable. It just keeps everything cleaner and easier to clean.

    Lynn, have you heard the term "glamping"? It was coined by Mary Jane Butters and she's the Queen of glamping...glamour camping. What kind did your parents have, do you remember? Women, especially women, tend to doll up, tart up, spruce up...whatever up their campers. Feather top mattresses, etc. On such a tiny scale it's easy to buy really special things.

    Rainy, I did meet Cathy, we shared a breakfast table one morning. I'll try and post more photos this weekend.

  28. His name was John Wayne...duh...feel like an ejit forgetting that one . Several of the Sisters do live in their campers and travel around the country. It's amazing!

    I didn't drive mine, Lynne. It needs a bit of work to be road worthy. UGH. That January Michigan trip aged me forty years!

    Linda, one woman called her camper "My Happy Place". cute!

    Cathy, that was my first Sister's event. I do remember meeting you at breakfast on Saturday and yes, that evening I went to Lodge and bought some things. I got there around 5:30 and they closed at 6 so it was by the skin of my teeth. Good meeting you and glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Martha Ellen, it was/is a great group of women. A lot of Christians, a lot of conservatives and I had a ton of FUN! I'm headed to another event in Doswell next month.

    I'd rather have a camper/trailer than a tiny home. At least with a camper, Amy, when it gets boring, one can find another view .

    When Dave and I bought my camper I asked if he would go camping with me. He said, "No, the last time I went camping it was with Uncle Sam and he didn't pay me nearly enough!" I think that was tent camping too, Noreen. giggle

    Thank you, DSL, it was a lot of fun! Which sister are you?

    Jeannette, it's a foreign feeling, happy, but I like it. I like it a LOT!

    Lots of inspiration, Jody. All such great FUN!

    Yes to that...wanting one, Grace. There's an entire culture of camper/trailer folks, all over North America. I'm beginning to think, "What's wrong with not working quite so hard and having more fun?" The answer is...nothing!

    I did sell one camper and am putting another one up for sale which will leave me with one...the one Dave and I bought. I'll finish restoring that one and that'll be the only one I'll have. I don't know what's gotten into me...I'm actually downsizing! -giggle-

  29. I've heard of this group, and wow, does it look like fun!! Love those retro, glammed-up campers! Thanks for sharing. I started to read part 2, so had to come back here and read from the beginning.


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