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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day's End, Tuesday

Oh My Gosh. Daylight savings time was the master plan of Ben Franklin but he must have been a pencil pusher, no way could he have been a farmer! When you're out in the day, it's easy for your body to acclimate to sun time but when everything switches to DST, the body's natural rhythms are thrown, totally, off!

The days still start much the same; up at first light, make a pot of coffee and then to the sun room to give dogs and cats their morning treats, listen to preachers on XM radio, prepare for the day, make notes on what needs to be accomplished.

I love this plant against the windows, especially on a rainy, overcast day. I keep a good many houseplants and they all require a good bit of attention but to have green, growing things in the sun room seems necessary. Simple treasures bring such great joy and the work is made worthwhile.

Abbie, though not in this photo, snuggles on my right side while Miss Kitty curls on my lap and Gracie snuggles on the left side. Miss Kitty and Gracie both enjoy being brushed but Abbie will
growl if I so much as wave the brush in her direction. Gracie and Miss Kitty both are hogs for attention and will talk and talk and talk...if I pause in stroking them or brushing them. They are harsh task masters and vocal in both their pleasure or displeasure.

Every morning, geese fly on their appointed rounds going from someplace to somewhere else. They honk their encouragement, calling out to each other and me, the earthbound human. I always run outside to take photos and wave at them. I wonder if they are amused at the little human, waving to them, calling out encouragement, telling them to be safe, stay together and return at their soonest. Sometimes they fly overhead so close to me and to the earth, I can hear the beat of their wings...thrump, thrump, they keep time to something I can't begin to hear.
A robin sat on the tree limb, watching me as I watched the geese. I'm sure to provide much amusement and entertainment for God's creation; probably even God Himself.

The clouds come pouring forth over the mountains, into the valley, and are So Beautiful my breath catches in my throat. In the matter of only a few minutes, I can watch the clouds fall over then roll through the valley as we're all encased in beautiful fog.

Today, the horses needed hay so I got out the tractor and went to the hay lot. I go amazingly slow, my time is my own and I'd rather go Very Slow than be a farm statistic. Almost two years ago, omeone we know was killed in a farm injury. He was setting out round hay and, somehow, someway, the round bale got away from him, rolled on him and crushed him. Yes, I am Extremely Mindful when I use the tractor for anything but especially setting out hay. I doubt I'm going much more than one, perhaps two, miles per hour.

Here, I'm backing up to the round hay bales, preparing to spear one to move to the pasture.

I always pause to see who else is doing what in the valley. It's too far to see, perhaps a quarter mile, but, because of the pasture, I assume it's Rees' men on the 4-wheelers. They are checking to see how many calves were born last night; they will also tag and vacinnate the calves to give them a better chance in the world. In the background, our little red volunteer firehouse stands waiting.

Abbie, my faithful co-pilot, rides with me on the tractor. Nope, not at all safe but, as mentioned before, I go, perhaps two miles an hour, a crawl really, so I let her ride with me. It breaks her heart for us to be separated so I try to prevent that whenever possible.

Here, I'm looking backward to see if the round bale has unloaded successfully. It takes me far longer to set out hay than it does a man to do the same job but I'm happy with my schedule, with my pace. I have nothing to prove, only to get the job done without injury to anyone.

The sun was breaking through as I headed to the pasture so this photo is out of sequence. It's a beautiful view of the valley though so wanted to include it.

When the sun finally came through it was glorious! This photo taken looking through the round pen, where I work horses, back towards the house. Because of the dip in the land, the barns aren't seen but, trust me, the barns are there as well as farm office, granary and livestock scales.

Don't you just love happy surprises?! Gaynelle, a quilting buddy, came by this afternoon with a hand crafted gift. She's made me a fleece throw, one with white sheep, yellow quarter moons and stars on a red background. The back of the throw was also red and the whole thing is simply enchanting! You could have knocked me over with a feather! Gaynelle does lovely work and is always, quietly, doing things for people. Perhaps she thinks word never gets around but it does, Oh Yes it does! She's simply one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet and has a sweet smile. Come to think of it, if you're headed here for Sheep Shearing Day, you will meet Gaynelle. She'll be here, selling her quilts, some paintings and, perhaps a few other hand crafted things. Just introduce yourself and chat for a while; you'll be glad you did!

Blessings ~ Gaynelle ~ farm chores ~ SUNSHINE! ~ hay ~ a hot bath or shower ~ but Not Daylight Savings Time! ~


  1. I love posts like this. This is the kind of post of yours that caught me a year or 3 ago , the quiet rhythms of your farm life...the appreciation of things that matter and make a difference in our day to day lives.

    Nice to see a bit of your me a face to the words I read...and nothing says home , COZY home more than a stack of well read books beside some well loved pets. I see too that you have Dracena in your sun room. Dracena adds that tropical touch to my sun room too.

  2. Thank you So much, Kathy, for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and for making encouraging comments. To open my blog and see you've commented is, almost, like sharing a cuppa. Words fail me at expressing my pleasure when I see you've commented, thank you again and again and again.
    So, it's called Dracena; I had forgotten.

  3. Totally love the pictures from the tractor:)

  4. Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm, Maranda. Please come back soon; meanwhile, I'll visit you.

  5. What a lovely generous gift.
    And a dear friend. I hope one day to maybe come to your sheep shearing day and meet Gaynelle and you, too. What a wonderful experience that could be. :)

    I love reading about your daily life on your farm. It's the real thing and it's so enjoyable reading about them from a woman's point of view.
    Such a slower, calmer natural way of life, too.

    Thank you,


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