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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fiber Arts Friday Carnival and Farm Life

Squeaking in under the wire but better later than never, eh?
The Fiber Arts Friday Carnival will spark my memory and allow me to update my fiber fun while keeping me on track...hopefully!

For the past while, I've been working on felting sweater and then making tea cozies, pins, wristlets, anklets and a slew of other fun things.

Some are for sale, others for gifts and I just let my imagination take me where it will. It's been fun and some, like the Mickey Mouse tea cozy, are intended for specific friends while others are intended for my OWOH winner and I'm keeping the birdie for me.

This little tea cozy is in progress; not quite sure how it will turn out but know it will be cute.

I found Fiber Arts Friday Carnival through my association with Mary Jane's Farm. If you're not familiar with Mary Jane's Farm, and if you're interested in farming, sisterhood and the like, you really should visit Mary Janes Farm. You'll be glad you did, I promise!

Mickey Mouse is for friend Mary Q. who has a serious thing for all things Disney. Some of the hearts don't suit me so they will be snipped off and other somethings put in their place. It will have to be special because Mary is special!

This tea cozy is for me not because of the bird but because it was the first one I ever made and I really like it. It's happy and makes me happy just looking at it. There's a felted dragonfly who has glitter wings, a trapunto yellow bird, buttons, mirror...and that's just on one side! There's much, much more on the other side! Oh Lordy. Here's a stack of baby quilts ready to be sewn then birthed. Some already have babies they belong to while others are waiting for their baby. I've also got three Thomas Train, something or other...can't really remember but little boys SCREAM for this one, ready to go. I don't claim to be up on all the baby stuff but, trust me, I seem to have a real talent for buying what children will love. Or, maybe because they are children, they love what I make them. Who knows? Who cares? I'm happy, they're's a match well made.

I have several double sized quilts ready to go and even more ready to be cut out and pieced together. Who ever said they were bored just haven't bothered to put a few brain cells to the "problem". There aren't enough hours in the day to get done what needs to get done. Now, getting closer to spring, I'm thinking garden and talked to Daddy tonight; he's saving me some thornless blackberry vines so I can have a good start. I've got a couple of fence posts I can use, some good strong wire and, within a couple of years, those blackberry vines will give me 15 gallons of berries! Another tea cozy that needs a lot of embellishment. I pin in place, mess around with placement and embellishments before attaching everything. They are always a work in progress and more is more so I enjoy adding buttons, beads, feathers, yarn, ribbon and as much stuff as I can attach. Somehow it all seems to work and adds a bit of cheer to a breakfast table.

We woke up to a winter snowstorm that, quickly, turned into sleet, ice and rain. The poor poppy had pushed through the earth only to find it's not spring, not really, so best to hide again.

This brave little row of tulip soldiers is coming up in my bulb garden but I hope they don't bloom before the snow and ice melts. I've got photos of blooming flowers but the evening is drawing to a close. There are folks who get by on a minimum of sleep but I'm not one of them.

Yesterday and today I've spent cooking and baking. Winter time is a good time for comfort food and I've been on a blueberry kick lately. We eat baked oatmeal at least once a week around here. It's a good, simply, hearty dish that I can start before going to the barn and it's ready when I return.

Quilting was last night, or was supposed to be last night, but was cancelled. I didn't know before hand so made a peach and blueberry cobbler to take with me. The peaches and blueberries I put up last summer so the cobbler was especially delicious. I know because I stopped at Brian and Donna's house and we all sampled it bofore I had to leave. I figured I needed to taste test it before leaving it with them as I didn't want them to get sick or anything -smile-. We all decided it was delicious and my instructions are to remember how to make this particular cobbler again.

I'm fairly well known for my pies, probably because not that many people bake pies around here. I've had young men seek me out to tell me how wonderful my pies taste...those young men sure know how to make sure there will be another pie, or three, at the next community dinner!

The above photo is of the cobbler before the topping goes on and the photo below is with the topping. I like quick, easy and delicious and pies and cobblers fit all three -smile-.

Blessings ~ cobblers ~ textile and fiber arts ~ oatmeal ~ blueberries ~ flowers that bloom on their own schedule ~


  1. Wow and Yum!!! Your tea cozies are great (love the one with the bird and dragonfly) and the desserts are so yummy. Impressive!

    I have some 'tulip soldiers' too. I love seeing them and crocus peeking through snow.

  2. I love the felted items! Really creative. Jami

  3. Hi Diana, wish you were close enough to share in the tea and cobblers!

    Hi Jami - thank you and please take the idea and make it yours.


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