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Friday, March 13, 2009

O Dear Me!

I'm too tired to correct this tonight so tomorrow might have to do.

The Thursday post, Friday Fiber Arts Carnival, was supposed to have been entered today, Friday. Alas, you can see it was not. I thought Blogger has some way to pre-write a post and then date it to when you wanted it to post. Evidently I'm wrong.


I'm going to bed. I'll sort this out later!

Blessings ~ mistakes because they bring home, again and again, that God is in no way liable to lose His job to me!


  1. I have pre-written a post, and clicked on 'draft' to save. Then go back and click on 'edit', and edit and publish! It took me awhile.....but it really is easy when you figure it out! The only catch is that it publishes as the date you began it!

    Will we see pictures and read about the fiber arts carnival?

  2. Pre-writing a blog is pretty easy. Down on the bottom of your blog (on your posting page) it will say Post Options. Just click it on and change the date and time by typing in whenever you want your blog to be published. That's all you have to do.....the date on your blog will appear as the date you typed in.


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