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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fiber Arts Carnival

I'm on my way out of town, taking Aunt Esther to the annual Pickens Pancake Breakfast. This is the 25th year of the WV Maple Syrup Festival and Aunt Esther and I have been to most of them. She's 91 this year and full of spunk and refuses to say, "No, dear, I don't think I'll go this year." The only time one of us doesn't go is when we're too sick to get out of our bed.

So, Friday Fiber Arts Carnival will be a photo of my spinning wheel and some store bought and handspun yarn with imagination for future projects. Yep, photo was taken one summer and I've enjoyed it ever since. The red shawl, on the chair, was woven on a tri-loom.
Blessings ~ family ~ Aunt Esther ~ spinning wheels ~ yarn ~ maple syrup ~ pancakes! ~


  1. Love your page! Do you give tours of Thistle Cove Farms??


  2. I love festivals and events like this and participate in several myself. Me, my spinning wool, maybe some of my sheep! I know you're both having a grand time, pictures later ?

  3. I visited one of MJ's farmgirls today that does wonderful stuff with yarn ...right from the basics and I have a total new respect for this art!

  4. Wow, very busy around Thistle Cove Farm lately! Looking forward to my visit on Sheep Shearing Day!

  5. Hi Steve, I do give farm tours, PM me for prices, times, dates, etc.

    Hi Kathy - praying for you and yours but yes, will post photos of the big pancake breakfast and festival...what FUN!

    Hi Carol - from sheep to sweater it's a year in the making! Come to Sheep Shearing Day and start at the beginning.

    Hi Leslie- SO GLAD to see you're feeling better; looking forward to seeing you on the 4/4.


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