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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The week in review

This has been a week of strange mix - sunny, warm days followed by snow followed by rain followed by ice and sleet. Today it's rain mixed with sleet and a good day to stay by the fire and think about work. Dave and I both have a bit of cabin fever but not badly enough to actually go anywhere...too much trouble and nothing much without an hour's drive to get where ever. It's been one energy sucking week, that's for sure! Even the animals are looking a bit bedraggled and, more than ready, for some sunshine. This flock of geese are sure to be wondering if they have returned too soon; perhaps the answer is "yes, you have". Lately, I've been on a Mary Jane's Farm tear and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting her website, reading her magazines and books. Probably because I live in such a remote area, I don't share her desire to get "out there" in the wilderness. Heck, all I have to do is walk across a few pastures and I'm in a National Forest. I've seen wild turkey in our fields, bear in our front yard, bald eagles resting on our fence posts and a plethora of other wild life staring back at me when I'm taking a hard look at them. I especially remember the first winter we lived here, we had no windows as they were all taken out of the 9x3 foot frames so the weights could be re-hung and in the cast of light on the snow, there stood a red fox, perfectly framed. He paused, I paused, we looked at each other, acknowledged each other and both of us moved on about our business.

There are three households living on our road and I can see two other houses, in the distance, from our upstairs windows. One of those houses I can see from our back porch but, to tell the truth, Dave and I were a little put out when folks moved into that house. We can hear their dogs barking, now isn't that a sorry excuse for not wanting neighbors!? They are nice folks though and we're enjoying getting to know them.

I've never watched much television, what I do watch, Dave Tivo's for me so I see the program, only the program and skim through the commercials. What a treat! As to radio, I listen to Alexander Begg and a few other preachers on XM morning radio but the rest of the day is spent listening to cattle lowing, sheep bleating, dogs barking, cats mewing, birds singing, horses neighing, the wind either sighing or screaming and whatever else God tells Mother Nature to do. I find when I get in areas where there are lots of people and/or noise, there's so much background noise, it's difficult for me to listen to what's important.

Perhaps that's what's is wrong with a lot of people...there is so much noise in their lives, they can't listen to what's important. They don't know how to sift the wheat from the chaff so when hard times come they have no center to hold onto. Someone once said, "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." That's true but when a person doesn't know what they stand for, how can they keep from falling for anything? How can they keep from making bad mistakes?

Another place I've been net-visiting is Sisters On The Fly. I first read about this group of women a few years ago and keep running into them here and there. I have always loved fishing, not much on hunting, but I do love fishing and fishing is what these gals do best. And, in true "glamping" style which means glamor + camping = glamping. I think that's a Mary Jane word, at least that's where I first read the word. Anyway, have you ever seen those tiny little "canned ham" camping trailers? No? Go visit "Sisters" and you'll see what I mean. Absolutely Too Cute!

As a child, the five of us went camping in a camper perched on the bed of a pick-up truck. Daddy would get two weeks vacation and during those two weeks, we'd see as much of the USA as possible. One memorable year, we went to the northwest, Mount Rushmore where Daddy and I rented a helocopter and flew around Mount Rushmore, the Dakota Badlands, Wall Drug Store, the Corn Palace, Yellowstone National Park. Such wonderful memories! I remember standing atop Old Faithful, staring down into that mysterious hole and wondering about various mysteries of the universe. Of course, we timed our looky-see to just after one spew and before the next spew. Now they have it roped off and one must watch from a, safe, distance.

Dave's idea of camping is slow room service and he says, "the last time I went camping, Uncle Sam paid me!" So, that means he's not interested; nor is my sister's husband so that leaves Sistah and I to carry on the family tradition. She's keen on the idea, just as long as there's a bit of comfort and we don't have to walk the path. I'm with here there. I've walked that 200 yard path quite enough in my lifetime, no need to do it while I'm "supposed" to be having FUN.Tomorrow begins a new week and the weather is supposed to be more of the same. Oh Gosh. I do miss the sunshine and will have to sit under the OTT light to get batteries recharged. It's not enough to be outside doing chores, I Must Have Sunlight!

In the meantime, I'll try chocolate.

Blessings ~ sunlight ~ rain ~ this valley ~ my animals ~ weather ~


  1. The good news it that spring WILL come sometime soon....but wet winter weather does wear out it's welcome rather quickly doesn't it?

  2. Hi Kathy - we are having warmer temps, in the 40's and sometimes 50's. Spring equinox weekend we should get some tempestuous weather, wonder what?

  3. It's the same here, girl. If you don't like the weather you wait 5 minutes...fits the old saying well this year. Today is officially the first day of lambing (no lambs yet) and we woke up to heavy snowing conditions but I think it will warm up and melt off.
    Chocolate can fix just about anything, can't it? Hang in there...recharge those batteries as full steam ahead outside chores are looming soon. But patience is hard to come by when you get a glimpse of spring and then it gets snatched away. I feel the same way!

  4. Wish I could send you some sunshine... that's on thing we do have here in Arizona and if I can think of a way to package it up I will do so ASAP!

  5. Hi Jami - sheep shearing is coming up and we're expecting a bunch of folks. I'm borrowing bottle lambs so my girlfriend can take photos and, hopefully, sell them. She and her husband are raising their 3 grandchildren so the money is needed.

    Hi Carol - Thanks for visiting TCF; I sure enjoyed my visit to your blog. I read about Olive and how she, may very well have, ended her life in a mental sad!


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