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Friday, September 11, 2009

Catch-up Friday

~ Double sunflowers by the sunroom ~

Goodness! This week has flown by and while my feet have barely touched the ground, I'm a bit unsure what I've done. Ever have weeks like that? Probably each and every one, eh? -smile-

~ Two fawns in our alfalfa field ~
Our alfalfa field provides forage not only for our horses and sheep but also deer. These two fawns have been grazing each morning and evening, providing loads of pleasure while we watch from a distance. I keep a camera handy, usually in my pocket or on the table; I just never know what delights God will send our way.

It's almost hunting season and there have been plenty of 'rubberneckers' driving down the road watching them as well. I try to be viligent as in times past, folks have shot from the road...a major illegal activity...and my mind, at least...because we have our land posted "No Hunting". So, what part of "No Hunting" do you think they don't understand? I'm not against hunting, nor hunters, As Long As They Obey The Law. I believe deer populations need to be thinned and I believe in putting meat on the table. My problem lies with those who hunt for sport, killing to be killing; that's beyond my kin, meaning understanding but I enjoy the old words and tend to use them whenever possible.

~ If you look closely, you can see their spots, indicative of very young deer. ~

~ Wild flowers at the studio ~

Beauty abounds as evidenced by these wildflowers picked by the side of the road. There's a small table, painted green, placed at the entrance to the studio door that holds a blue enamel pitcher and it gives me joy to keep it full of found wildflowers. The cosmos are light, airy and planted in the small studio flower beds.

~ September full moon ~

Last week was the full moon called the Full Corn moon because corn is, generally, harvested this month. At least, that's the way it is around here; across the road, farmers began harvesting corn for cattle silage this week. The Harvest Moon is in October.

If you look closely at the full moon photo, it appears two hands are, gently, cupping the full moon, guiding its path across the night sky. I love to go outside, in the dark, early morning hours and watch the moon as it glides from left to right. The dogs love to go outside as well as it gives them an opportunity to chase down night smells and it gives me the opportunity to hear the night bird sing her beautiful song.

~Blessed rain! ~
We had a gift of rain this week and a most appreciated gift it was. You can see the sheets of rain, coming across the valley, right to left, almost following the cows as they head for the huddle. Animals tend to group during harsh weather, it gives them some shelter and protects the young as the calves are sheltered amongst the cows. If lighting should strike, it will probably kill a cow and not a calf. Surely that's nature's way...iow, God's way...of seeing to it life continues.

~Falcon ~

It's been a wonderful week for bird viewing. Do you think this handsome bird is a Peregrine Falcon? The Peregrine Fund has beautiful videos and great information on this bird of prey as well as other raptors.

~ Canada geese in our upper pasture ~

Isn't it amazing how the geese will have a sentry watch? I've read Canada geese have a purpose to the point when they fly in that amazing V. The purpose of the lead bird is to break the wind barrier, making it easier for other geese to fly. Each bird flies point thus ensuring each bird works hard as well as earns a rest while in the air. On the ground, birds alternate between eating and sentry duty, again, ensuring each individual has an opportunity to both work and eat. Some people refer to them as Canadian geese but that's incorrect; the name is Canada geese.

Early this morning Dave and I watched an American Bald Eagle fly by our sunroom window, across our pasture and land atop a tree. The eagle stayed for a couple of hours, surveying his kingdom and gave me plenty of time to try and take his photograph. This is one of the better photos and, while not very good, you can at least see his white head and tail. Magnificent!

~ Cove sunset ~
Until next time,

Blessings ~ flowers ~ birds ~ rain ~ sunset ~ deer ~ freedom and those willing to pay the price so the rest of us may enjoy our liberties ~


  1. enjoyed this post again, as usual. welcome back, ms. sandy!

  2. More gorgeous photos. The deer look so cute. I hope you don't have any problems with people shooting from the road.

    I keep hearing that since we're getting so much fog this time of year, we're in for a severe winter. What do you think?

  3. Oh, Sandy, how lovely your post. I got so excited!! last night a bit down the road from us there were at least 12 deer & 2 bucks in our neighbors yard ... I stopped the car in the middle of that road to watch my fav animals ... so awesome.

    Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Beautiful photos as always!

  5. When I lived in New England it was completely dangerous to even step out into your own yard during hunting season. I saw horses and cows with their species written in red paint along their sides, and dogs walking around in blaze orange vests. We don't have much trouble here in Meadows of Dan with people not obeying the law, fortunately, although I'm still careful walking during deer season!

    Everything looks lovely in Thistle Cove!

  6. your photos make me happy! oh and jealous! have a great weekend!

  7. The blessings of Thistle Cove surely have much to do with the two of you who dwell there constantly praising and serving the God who graces us with His riches and goodness. Lovely, peaceful post and the Cove is beautiful.

    Regarding hunting, it is too bad the hunters who disregard the laws pertaining to them, because they give all hunters a very bad name and lead to even more restrictive privileges for all.

    How very rich you are to have such an abundance of alfalfa growing there and to be able to share it with the deer AND your livestock,sigh....we just pay a lot of money for someone else to deliver it to our place...but we are thankful we are able to do that . God is good!

  8. Lovely pictures and write up, but I am so sad about the hunting. Poor deer, they don't deserve to keep getting shot at. It does look like a peregrine falcon, doesn't it, that lovely bird.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Lovely post, as usual. You really caught some great photos!

  10. Your right.....!....We're in Ashe County, NC...which is way-up in the northwest corner...almost to the VA stateline!!...Your pictures remind me of what's happening in my own backyard....Beautiful!!

    Thanks for stopping by...come back soon.....LindaMay

  11. I may have forgotten what I said, but I found a large lot & they are enroute (they are the ones I saw on the blogs). I was sooooooooo excited, Sandra. Hope they are awesome. TY for asking. TTFN ~Marydon

  12. Sorry you are still having problems with those who do not respect boundries or God's beautiful creatures. My husband just "re-posted" our land. I think you are right. They can claim ignorance that they cannot read.
    Well so much for my little rant :)

    As always you have written a beautiful post and have lifted me up! Thank you.


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