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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Waddle

~ Thistle Cove Farm where it's beautiful one day and perfect the next! ~

~Canada Geese flying in line ~

Can you see the line of Canada geese flying right to left? They stretch for most of the picture frame...just incredible! I've been so excited this week...the Canada Geese have been spending nights in our upper pasture...can you just see my silly grin?! When they fly in the late afternoon, I stand outside, arm stretched toward them, welcoming them home. They fly so close I can hear the strong whomp, whomp, whomp of their wings, hear their soft voices and, almost, feel their pulse. What an absolute gift!

~ Canada Geese camping in our upper pasture ~

~ Canada Geese numbering sixty or more! ~

I was late to Zumba and Yoga this morning because I had to take photos. This morning the Canada Geese were waddling amongst the sheep, not a care in the world, sharing breakfast and talking quietly to each other. Neither geese nor sheep seemed frightened but then, I wasn't all that close. If I had walked any closer, I'm sure they would have gathered themselves and taken to the air.

~ They would waddle first to the left, then to the right ~

~ Beautiful Canada Geese ~

~ So, I was a little more late... ~

~Watching Sam watch us ~

Sadie, at five months, is still a puppy in spirit though not in body and loves to climb in my lap for lovin'. Abigail thinks we're being silly, she's probably right, but it's a small thing to bring such JOY into our lives! We're looking at Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent, who is on the floor, and wondering why he's been left out of the cuddle.

~ Sam, explaining why the wrong dog is on my lap ~

~ Ever watchful Sadie ~

Sadie is a registered Rhodesian Ridgeback and, originally, bred in South Africa to hunt lions, guard the farm and herd cattle. Keniba Kennels is her breeder and they have excellent examples of the breed and breed for conformation and health. They haven't been breeders quite as long as we've had a Ridge but we found them to be quality folks with incredible Ridges and we're thinking of another Ridge in the spring. Krazy. Yes, I know. But, once you've had a Ridge all other dogs are simply canines. Even my beloved Abigail, a Jack Russel Terror, with her huge heart cannot compare to a Ridge. In a word, a well bred Ridge is simply magnificent and Sadie is all that and more! At five months, every fiber in her body screams Champion but we're not show people. We don't care about showing, we hate the politics, nor are we interested in breeding; we only want Sadie as a beloved family member. We've been blessed with two such Ridges, Shaddie was a Champion and, more than once, protected me and the farm from what could have been a bad situation. Shaddie was willing to attack for me and, eventually, Sadie will do the same. God willing, she'll never be called upon to do more than stand her ground and protect us but there's no doubt in my mind, should she be called upon to do more than that, she'll be ready.

~ Thistle Cove Farm, a great place to be a dog! ~

I surely hope you don't tire of my farm photos; I know I never tired of the scenery and it's just outside my door. Our lives are, pretty much, contained on these few acres. My charity work is such that I can make things on the farm and then give them away either in the community or via mail. I leave the farm for Thursday evening quilting bee, Sunday church and exercise classes; other than that, it's, mostly, home. Perhaps once or twice a month I'll make a wild trip to Joann Fabric for sewing supplies or Wal-Mart for groceries or go to the feed store in town for salt minerals for the horses or sheep. Usually, during the year we'll have a vacation but, thus far, that hasn't happened this year. Both our families live quite a distance away and the majority of our years were spent elsewhere so we're not quite as connected in the community as folks who have always lived here. Nor did we have children so were never involved in school activities. My dearest friend lives six hours away and I bemoan we're not close enough to spend time together even monthly. Still and all, Thistle Cove Farm is the right place at the right time for Dave and I now. And I am ever grateful

Until next time,

Blessings ~ Ridgebacks ~ Canada Geese ~ ears to hear the flying geese ~ family ~ friends ~ rural traffic jams ~ puppies ~ dogs ~


  1. Thistle Cove Farm does seem perfect for you and just about anyone. You look so joyful cuddling with your sweet dogs on that chair.
    So what does a Ridgie need to protect you from on such a peaceful safe farm, such as yours?

    Wouldn't it be fun to dress in sheep's clothing just so you too could wander among the geese?


  2. Always love the photos...keep them coming. For my situation I cannot live the lifestyle that you have, but I can feel a part of it through your pics and your blog.
    I have a little dog, Zuni and though she is small she "protects" me with all her might. She gets so protected that her short hair stands up from her neck down to her tail. She is truly my friend.
    Have a sweet day...blessings

  3. i think taking photos of the amazing animals was a great reason to be late for zumba and yoga!
    love your photos

  4. Your home looks like ours! Pets everywhere..and I wouldn't have it any other way!
    A resounding NO! No, I never tire of the farm pics. Keep um coming!
    We don't leave home often either. I have everything I need here. If Walmart delivered..well, I'm just saying!The horses get their feed delivered, why not us!

  5. i strained to see the geese in the picture, but couldn't, ms. sandy!!! i am blind!! but i love the pictures ~~~ hey, i finally see you! ~~~ and the stories!! i echo what everybody says - keep 'em coming!

  6. "Still and all, Thistle Cove Farm is the right place at the right time for Dave and I now. And I am ever grateful"

    And that is what make it so beautiful.

  7. I like the picrure when you have Sadie in your lap and and Sam is on your otherside...They are so lovely dogs! Perhaps you need a bigger armchair... :o))!

  8. Keep the pictures coming Sandra. Sadie is beautiful and she is doing what she was born and bred to do..and she gets to do it with people who love her. She is a lap full , isn't she?

    We are trying little by little to cut out a lot of activities that take us away from home so often, but it is still the rare week we spend most of our time at home. I suppose that is because with s large family there is always something to attend, or be involved in.

  9. I won't tire of your Thistle Cove Farm pictures. It is such a beautiful place. The Canada geese are neat walking around with the sheep.

  10. No way to be tired of the farm photos! Awesome about the geese!

  11. I loved what you said about "where it's beautiful one day and perfect the next." That about sums up my feelings for our farm.
    I will never, ever tire of your beautiful farm photos.
    I think Rhodesian Ridgebacks are wonderful dogs but doubt there will be any in my future as we have 7 very happy canines at the moment.
    Anyway, I enjoy spending time at Thistle Cove Farm.


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